We live in a bleak moment in human history. Such cannot be denied.

Perhaps the world should adopt the Key West mentality. Live in Key West time as Howard Livingston recommends. Peoples should take things as they come. Not make a federal case out of everything. Kumbaya everyday.

Last night was supposed to be dinner with Jenna. I canceled. Probably foolishly.

I am enamoured with Jenna. She, with me. It thrills me to have dinner with this lovely statuesque 27 year old beauty. All 79 years of me!

Yesterday afternoon, I went back to Growing Up Italian. I am writing two books at one time. The other is Greece, The First Time. The words were flowing. My thoughts right on. I did not want to stop to dine with Jenna.

Foolish, I agree. Sometimes my priorities are misplaced.

I was disturbed with a Michelle Obama news release yesterday. Many of you will be also.

It was announced that Michelle Obama was teaming up with Monsanto to promote children’s food. Monsanto has introduced a 5 year $50 million program to market healthy (?) genetically modified food to children. Most of the world opposes and fear Monsanto’s genetically modified organisms/seeds. Not a well thought out move on Michelle’s part.

Love Turner Classic Movies. Woke this morning at six to Julius Caesar. The 1953 movie starring Marlon Brando as Mark Anthony. I quoted part of Mark Anthony’s words in a recent KONK Life column…..The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones.

When I was writing the column, I was not sure whether it was Mark or Marc. I went with Marc. A bit of a twist. A spelling I thought Shakespeare would have used.

I was wrong.

Shakespeare spelled it as Mark throughout. Anthony he used two different ways. In some places, he refers to Mark Anthony as Antonio. The reason for whatever way spelled by Shakespeare appears to be the Latin spelling of Mark Anthony. Marcus Antonius.

Always learning.

Enjoy your day!



3 comments on “KUMBAYA

  1. Lou, the story about Michelle Obama and Monsanto is a complete hoax. Google it, and you’ll see that it was a media hoax that quickly went viral this week.

    Several websites that reported it are already posting apologies to the First Lady.

    Glad to know that this one isn’t true!

  2. Bull.. She did partner with Monsanto. Edward Thomason from Monsanto was the liaison with Ms. Obama and the company. It went bad online and everyone rushed to squelch the story.
    Additionally, you turned down a dinner with Jenna? Sorry Lou but..l Fool:))

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