Kill filibuster or kill democracy. It’s one or the other.

Our government is failing. Wait too long to make the decisive move and it will be too late.

With the filibuster gone, certain things will unquestionably happen. Like police reform, voting rights, $15 minimum wage, and an infrastructure bill passed that will accomplish everything desired. And yes, will cost $4 trillion to $6 trillion.

Lets stop band aiding the country and do what is right.

Whether the Elks Club or a nation, most operate by majority vote. Our government at the present time does not.

One more than half. The requirement for a 60-50 majority ridiculous. As ridiculous as believing bipartisanship will occur.

Keep in mind, Biden can accomplish little of significance if the 60-50 vote continues. Sufficient legislation will not occur either.

The Republican Senate no longer seeks reform as its legislative goal. It is power it wants. And the Republicans seem to not to care how it is achieved. So far in the Biden era, the Senate is using the filibuster to obstruct the popular will. Biden’s will.

The filibuster permits minority rule. Our Founding Fathers were confronted with the problem when the Articles of Confederation were being drawn. Alexander Hamilton wrote, “To give a minority a negative upon the majority (which is always the case where more than a majority is requisite to a decision), is, in its tendency, to subject the sense of the majority to that of the lesser.”

Such the reason why Hamilton and his fellow Founders set up both Houses of Congress to work by simple majority.

It was when the Constitution was drafted that the door was opened to a filibuster. Inadvertent? Meant for another purpose?  Article 1, Section 5 holds that each Chamber could construct its own rules.

The opening to the filibuster was born. Legal! The minority could suppress the desires of the majority.

Used infrequently, the filibuster enjoyed a minimal life till the mid 1840s. Then it became the tool of both parties to be used, if so desired,  when its party was in the minority.

Some consider the filibuster a sacred cow. It is not. It has already been used 161 times.

Time to put philosophical leanings aside. The filibuster can be a danger to governance. We must be rid of it!

A majority vote in Senate would be required. There are 50 Democratic Senators. Add to it the Vice-President’s vote and the majority of 51 votes is reached.

Democrats John Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema must be made happy to vote in support of getting rid of the filibuster. Give each something that will make both happy. To Manchin, Virginia added onto West Virginia. To Sinema, New Mexico added onto Arizona.

I appreciate I am being facetious. Perhaps illegal in thought. However, the point I wish to make is something has to be done to satisfy both. It should be clear thus far that our government is not working. We can wait till Hell freezes over, and McConnell will remain adamant and not permit bipartisanship.

Another solution might be Democrats begin opposing Republicans in the same fashion as they fight the Democrats. Down and dirty.

Democrats are always reluctant to play government in the gutter on occasion. The Republicans never so. If such is what it takes to save the country, so be it.

Democrats, get dirty!

Enjoy your day!


  1. and in three years with republicans in power, all of it will be reversed. This unending cycle will destroy the stability of our republic and lead to its downfall. This is why, despite unlimited opportunities, Senators have retained the filibuster as a stabilizing influence as opposed to taking the “nuclear option” as President Trump called it. The Democrats used the filibuster over 800 times to thwart President Trump’s legislative agenda.

    Note: Lou, with a 100 member Senate winning by 60-50 would be an impossible burden in a fair vote, not to say that Chuck Schumer couldn’t make it work.

    • FAKE news John, the Democrats used the filibuster 314 times during Trump’s regimen and most of that were with regards to federal judge nominees or the Border Wall legislation.

      That is of course a lot, but not NEARLY three times that number you quoted.

      Why do you need to make up sh*t like that? No wonder no one can believe ANY of the crap you idiots bring up!

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