Boog Powell! A Key West baseball hero. Went on to play professional baseball. Distinguished himself, especially with the Baltimore Orioles.

On this day in 1959, the Key West High School baseball star signed a contract to play baseball with the Baltimore Orioles.

Boog returned to Key West in retirement. Lives in Key Haven. An avid golfer.

Heavy rains yesterday and last night in South Florida. Roads closed, flights grounded.

Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Naples hit hard. Eight to ten inches of rain.

Key West experienced light intermittent rain yesterday. Poured big time all night. Kept waking me. Don’t know about Key West flooding yet as I have not been out this morning.

Judges Alito and Thomas appear to have strong powerful wives. Husbands and wives influence each other. It’s the nature of the relationship. Query: How much have their wives influenced their decisions?

Alito’s wife tough. Distasteful, also. Spit on a neighbor’s car she disagreed with.

The Republican Majority in Congress conducts itself in every fashion other than governing. Their goal is to “get” Democrats, embarrass them.

Their latest ploy is they held Attorney General Garland in Contempt of Congress yesterday. The reason therefore so stupid not even worth elaborating on.

Garland will never be prosecuted. The Republican House is directing the Democratic Department of Justice that Garland heads to prosecute him. Won’t fly.

“Game playing” is not governing. Our Nation continues down a hazardous path as long as Trump and Republicans “play games” rather than governing.

Canada thinks we are heading for a civil war. Are we?

A written document 1,600 yeas old has been described as the oldest writing detailing Jesus’ childhood. It has sat unnoticed for decades at a German University.

Now described as perhaps the “oldest surviving written copy of a gospel detailing Jesus’ childhood.”

Thomas is the attributed author. The work is called the “Infant Gospel of Thomas.” Thought to be originally written in the second century A.D. Parts of Thomas’ writing have been incorporated in the 1,600 year old document.

One of the stories in the work is that of a 5 year old Jesus playing near a stream molding clay which he finished in mud into sparrows. Joseph scolded Him and asked why He was doing it on the Sabbat, the day of rest. Jesus clasped his hands and the figures came to life.

A busy afternoon yesterday. A smoothie. Followed by a pedicure and manicure with Tammy. Then shopping at Publix.

Today a haircut. Rather long. Three weeks since the last.

Enjoy your day!

3 comments on “KEY WEST’S BOOG POWELL

  1. Lou, it’s not just Republicans in congress that are more interested in “getting back” or “embarrasing” Democrats, than governing. It is also Republicans everywhere. Like that idiot who seems pretty disappointed that inflation is less, that he crying about coffee prices dropping has ruined everything!

    What a matter with America nowdays

  2. Hey Lou, I’ll leave the insults and name calling to the mean spirited liberals. Carol, I’m hopeful you are a lot nicer when you’re not hiding behind the keyboard. My reference to coffee being recently pulled out of the CPI by the Bureau of Labor Statistics was and example to show how the current administration is using its power to fudge numbers and deceive people to make things look better than they actually are!

  3. EYW – you remind me of Patrick, a few years back. Forever provoking with nonsense and then, complaining about being picked on.

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