Late tuesday, Federal Judge King decided the legal challenge to Key West’s New Year’s curfew.

The Key West law stands. Constitutional challenge by Andrew Day for temporary restraining order was denied.

Judge King decided the case on its merits. I thought he would throw it out on technical issues like “standing” and/or “no damages.”

Instead the Judge immediately went to the heart of the matter.

Judge King ruled Key West has a “substantial government interest in preserving and protecting the public health of its citizens.” Further indicating the prohibition is not indefinite. Merely New Year’s eve weekend for a total of 24 hours.

In an early morning article yesterday, the Miami Herald identified Day as a bartender. The Miami Herald in its late afternoon news release identified Day’s wife as a bartender also.

Day’s claim was that he lost his job due to the coronavirus pandemic.

I compliment the Mayor and City Commission in taking a position they believed correct and standing by it. In previous conflicts with bar owners, the Commission would rule and then back off or water down its original order. This time the Mayor and City Commission stood tall.

Some things are hard to believe. Gallup does an annual survey to determine the “Most Admired Man in America.” This year’s winner Donald Trump.


Obama had previously been the Most Admired for 12 consecutive years.

There is a “Most Admired Woman in America” category also. Michelle Obama was the winner for a third consecutive year.

Does anyone tell the truth? We know Donald does not.

Two prominent nations and their leaders have joined the liars group. China and Russia.

A China CDC study revealed Wuhan’s coronavirus infections were ten percent higher than reported.

Russia admitted its coronavirus death totals were three times higher than reported.

Trump’s friends Xi and Putin must be upset by the revelations. As Trump has in the past. Florida Governor DeSantis joins the pack. He tried to fudge the number of cases. Wanted a lower the number reported. The  civil servant told to do the dirty deed was terminated or quit when she refused. The matter went public.

Today’s blog is shorter than normal. I have a doctor’s appointment this morning.

I am beginning to think that between doctor visits and hospital testing I support the Key West medical community. Not directly. Actually Medicare and my supplemental carrier.

Enjoy your day!


  1. All else aside, I do think that Trump must have the thickest of skins to be able to withstand all of the negativity and hate that has been directed at him these past 4 years and appear as if unfazed.

    • Since when is accurate reporting about Donald Trump lying, or saying something dishonest, called negative or hate? Since when calling out Donald Trump for being nasty to a handicapped reporter, or calling other elected officials derogatory names in public, called negative or hateful? Since when is criticizing Donald Trump for lack of leadership and ineffectual policies called negative or hateful? Since when is calling out Donald Trump, or any other president for spending so much time playing golf or not doing his job, to the degree as done by Donald Trump considered hateful or negative? Since when reporting that Donald Trump has threatened anyone for not agreeing with him, is considered hateful or negative? And this could go on for pages.

      Besides, How can you or anyone else say or even suggest with any kind of straight face that Donald Trump has withstood ANY of this unfazed, considering all of his outrage and retribution on this very subject?

      …or are you trolling (with a little “t” ?

  2. Once again Trumps bull sh*t is costing us. He’s bragged that the distribution of many Cvid Vacine was going to be a wonder and how “the military was being mobilized, so at the end of the year, we’re going to be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly.”

    The truth is that’s not happening. He’s handed over all distributions to the states, not the military, with no federal coordination or guidelines. It looks like there will only be somewhere around 12 million doses available, half what he said would be. At this rate, according to experts, it will take over a decade to vaccinate even just 80% of the population.

    One more F-up with this president, who doesn’t seem to be able to get anything remotely close to his predictions and rants.

  3. Gallup does an annual survey to determine the “Most Admired Man in America.” This year’s winner Donald Trump.

    Who in their right mind admires such a low quality “human”?
    Who would raise their child to be that damaged?

  4. Mitch:”The Senate is not going to be bullied into rushing out more borrowed money into the hands of Democrats’ rich friends who don’t need the help.”

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