The stock market in recent days up and down. Dramatically. So too Key West weather. Mid 70’s by day, low 60’s in the evening. A couple of nights as low as 60 degrees.

Then days and evenings in the 70’s. The weather “adjusting.”

Evenings in the 60’s cold! Outside and in bed!

The Turtle Hospital in Marathon continues to be savior to ailing turtles from everywhere.

Cold up north. Cape Cod waters freezing. Turtles can’t take it. Many washing up on shore. Stunned by the cold.

Thirty two sick Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles afflicted.

The turtles were flown to the Turtle Hospital. They will survive. Guaranteed. Best turtle care in the world!

Irma occurred September 10, 2017. Fifteen months ago. Recovery still ongoing. Much yet to be done.

The Matecumbe Sandy Cove Condominiums in Islamorada went down. Needs to be removed, not rebuilt. Finally ready to start now. Problem: Bureaucracy. Took this long to get the necessary permits.

Three Big Pine Parks took a beating. Directly in the path of Irma when it hit as a category 4. Money finally available to repair. $579,000.

There is much more yet to be done.

Money the problem. Primary failure falls on the shoulders of the federal government. Not remitting funds timely. I suspect broke because of all the natural disasters the federal government presently is funding.

Trying to move my ass. I have a dental appointment this morning. Per custom, because I am in a hurry everything going wrong. The platform people changed how I do things here completely. I am not adjusting well. Just lost 1.5 hours because I must have hit a wrong button. Thank God Sloan was at home!

Looking forward to tonight. Sons and Daughters of Italy Christmas Party. Always fun! At La Trattoria Beachside. 

Watched the meeting involving the President, Pelosi and Schumer in the Oval Office yesterday. Trump is losing it. Pelosi’s experience and ability evident.

Trump insists he will close the government down if he does not get the monies for the wall.

He further claims most of the wall already built. Can’t be so. Needed $25 billion. Only $1.3 billion appropriated in the past. How did he build it? 

Fact Check says wall not built. Trump was referring to fencing, not a wall, erected decades ago.

Trump keeps screwing around with countries all over the world. The Russians benefit. Venezuela an example.

Putin’s genius evident. Friendship with Trump, also.

Six months ago, Trump threatened to invade Venezuela. He was concerned for the poor there. Who was he trying to kid? Trump wants Venezuela’s oil reserves. The largest in the world.

Maduro responded strongly.

A couple of days later threatened to move from the petro-dollar-to petro-currency. Such would hurt the U.S. economy, weaken the U.S. dollar.

Russia and China are pushing the petro-currency.

Two days ago, Venezuela announced it was moving into petro-currency. 

Yesterday, 2 Russian bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons landed in Venezuela.

Trump and Pompeo upset. Putin assuredly smiling in the background.

Another job well done, Donald!

On December 10, a Climate Change Conference was held in Poland. The largest climate conference ever. Purpose to find ways to resolve global warming.

Trump’s handpicked man at the meeting representing the U.S. Wells Griffith. He spoke and said the U.S. supports fossil fuels. He was mocked with laughter by those present.

The U.S. is having its problems. Certain European counties dramatically worse. France on the verge of revolution. Germany replacing Merkle. Theresa May may not survive a confidence vote later this afternoon.

I am the product of a Catholic education. Grammar school, high school and college. My Church has disappointed me over the years. Especially with the pedophilia problem.

Nuns taught me in grammar and high school. Lovely women. Even at this age, I think fondly of them.

Appears the Church’s contamination has inculcated the nuns.

Not sexually. Thievery the problem.

Two nuns at the St. James Catholic School in Redono Beach, California, embezzled $500,000 in school funds. Took the money from tuition payments, school fees and donations.

The good ladies used the funds for trips and casino gambling.

Parents are shocked. The nuns over the years made the parents believe the school was operating on a shoestring budget.

Is everything screwed up?

Enjoy your day!


  1. Trump is a master of reality TV. Trump incorporated his skill into his campaign show and found the pulse of his “base”. The Wall, “lock her up”, “swamp” all grade school level -school yard offerings by a con artist and, guess what, they worked. It speaks more to the quality and maturity of Americans than it does Trump. Americans lost.

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