Progress/forward movement occurring on the lower end of Duval.

Free WiFi. Lower Duval and Mallory Square. Refer to Connect Key West. Purportedly available to locals only.

Irish Kevin’s has an upstairs. Recent grand opening held. If half as much fun as downstairs, it is a winner.

I am not sure an upstairs to a popular bar works. Sloppy Joe’s opened one several years ago. I have not been in years because when I went it was dead. I am not sure how it is today. It may not even be open.

Erika proving fickle. A tropical storm. Now predicted will turn into a hurricane. All indications are it will come over Key West. Several days from now. Locals will not be concerned yet.

My blog talk radio show last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. One problem after another.

I sat down in my recliner at 5 to watch the news for a half hour. Fell asleep. Woke at 7:30. Meant no dinner at Roostica.

Took me 10 minutes to connect with the studio. Technical difficulties at the studio end. Frustrating. I finally was live on air at 9:10 rather than 9.

There was a sign on the computer screen telling me the studio was experiencing technical difficulties. Went on after I was on the air.

It was my option to proceed or shut down. I opted to proceed because some times a problem is miniscule and the show can be heard.

Not last night. I was not aware during the show what a disaster it had become. Reception terrible. Lot of cracking. Almost impossible to hear. I received a number of comments afterwards to the effect.


The only saving value is that most of the material can be used next week.

I was especially disappointed that three topics could not be heard. The rise of Neo-Nazism in Germany, whole bodies being sold by Planned Parenthood, and Mama Bear and five Cubs enjoying a family pool in New Jersey.

My yesterday pleasant. Walked Duval, lunched at home, fine tuned last night’s show, and spent some time working on the love story. I am not sure it is love. However, it is interesting. I am questioning whether the final product will be worthy of publication.

The Donald Trump/Jorge Ramos situation last night proves a point. At least from my perspective.

I watch MSNBC. Following the confrontation, the MSNBC news talk shows were all down on Trump. This morning on Morning Joe, Joe, Mika and everyone else were on Trump’s side. Forgiving. Morning Joe is an MSNBC show.

Is this the media controlling the news? Influencing what we hear? I believe last night’s pundit comments were legitimate. This morning’s not. Between last night and this morning, I fear the powers to be sent out the word. Soft pedal the Trump thing, don’t beat Trump up, etc.

Another disappointment was that very few of the reporters took up Ramos’ cause in subsequent questions to Trump. Cowards? Fearful?

One of Trump’s security skillfully escorted Ramos out of the room. A big guy. Ramos small in comparison.

Megyn Kelly returned to work yesterday. Trump issued a statement referring to her as a “bimbo.”

Similar actions occurred in the past in other countries.

My concern factor is on the rise. Trump may be dangerous.

Enjoy your day!




4 comments on “KEY WEST UPDATES

  1. Its simple. Trump was right in how he handled the situation. Ramos was wrong. Ramos was invited/brought back to ask his questions. Watch the complete interview. When even msnbc is on Trump’s side, there should be no question.

  2. Ramos has a lot to learn about journalism in this country, (at least how it’s SUPPOSED to work). If he is a journalist, then he poses questions, then lets the interviewee answer. Ramos’ job is to ask questions and wait to see how they are answered, or not answered. Then let the citizens decide what they think.

    Ramos did not do that. He badgered Trump, didn’t let him speak, let his bias show big time. He was disruptive. Trump was right to show him the door.

    Trump also showed a good side (if he has such a thing), by letting him back in to ask questions. But again, Ramos held the floor for five minutes. That is not journalism. Ramos was making the story about himself, and showing how much disdain he has for Trump.

    Mental exercise…how would you have perceived the interview if some journalist had badgered Obama to the point of disrespect?

  3. Ramos was rude, and was talking over another reporter upon whom Trump called to ask a question. Not only did Ramos not wait his turn, but also he wasn’t even asking a question; he was making a rather long-winded statement. When Ramos returned, he was allowed to ask questions, and Trump answered them, whether Ramos liked the answers or not. Basically, Ramos is an activist for illegal aliens masquerading as a journalist. I’m liking Trump more and more every day. Also, did you know Ramos’ daughter works for Hillary. Yep she does. Look it up.

  4. Yep, ramos really isn’t a journalist he is just a far left commentator. I hope his daughter realizes that hillary pays her female employees only 80% of what she pays her male workers for the exact same work.

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