Key West #1 in three Travel Advisor categories. A WOW!

Most Excellent Place to Travel Worldwide, Most Excellent Cities for Restaurants, and Most Excellent Cities in the World. Described as “cream of the crop” re Most Excellent Place to Travel Worldwide.

I frequently complain too many people, tourists, cars and bicyclists. Whatever, Key West is doing it right as far as tourists are concerned.

Congratulations to all who make it so.

Last night Dueling Bartenders at Aqua. Tom and Rick singing. Tiffany guest performer. Tiffany is this year’s Fantasy Fest Queen. A beauty with a marvelous voice. Always a smile.

Then to Hot Tin Roof for dinner with Dorothy and Carmen. They were to have left yesterday. Decided to stay an extra day. Dorothy called and asked that I join them for dinner.

Excellent food, excellent company.

Carmen originally from Costa Rica. A typical Latin beauty. Hair pulled tight. Lovely complexion. A bright smile.

Tonight’s the night! My podcast show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. A multitude of topics to discuss. The week has been busy. Nine my time. Join me for a quick moving half hour.

The hurricane Beryl has fizzled as was expected. Remaining some extra rain for certain areas over the weekend.

Poor Puerto Rico got hit by Beryl. Just enough rain and wind to cause some power shortages and water damage. Normally would be considered nothing, except that Puerto Rico is still recovering from last year’s hurricanes.

A new hurricane. Chris. Stronger than Beryl. Expected to turn and fail to hit land.

Brett Kavanaugh Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. An ultra conservatist. His appointment guarantees a conservative court for the next 30 years.

Not right. Supreme Court Justices were originally appointed because of judicial/legal ability. Not political philosophy. The Court can no longer be a neutral arbiter that checks the two elected branches if political philosophy controls.

Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life. A good job! One problem. “Life” when the Constitution was framed different from life today. When the Constitution was framed, life expectancy for a free white male was 35 years. Today, 70-80 years.

Someone should take a look at the historical difference. A solution considered. Instead of life, make the appointment for a specified number of years. Like 18, for example.

We should be true to the Constitution in all respects.

Marlow Nance in a recent Opinion piece wrote in discussing Trump, We’re “on the cusp” of “losing the American constitutional republic forever.” He added in another section, Putin is Trump’s “handler” and we’re in a “Benedict Arnold moment.”

Two professors in a recent Times Opinion asked, “If the Supreme Court is nakedly political, can it be just?”

Justice is supposed to be blind. Lady Justice stands blindfolded. Not anymore.

Think about it.

The Thailand cave rescue complete. As of this morning, all 12 boys and their coach rescued. Three Navy Seals and a doctor yet to be removed.

A marvelous result! People gathering from all over the world to pitch in. Reportedly 1,000 helpers. Politics not involved.

Trump left on his European trip this morning. One of the stops is London on July 12.

Trump is less than loved by the English people. London’s Mayor is allowing a giant orange balloon depicting Trump as a baby in a diaper. It will be flown close to Parliament. Part of a “Stop Trump” protest.

Several years ago, I wrote a KONK Life column re the Scopes Trial. Also known as the Monkey Trial.

The trial began on July 10, 1925. It took place in Dayton, Tennessee. Scopes was a young school teacher charged with teaching evolution in violation of Tennessee state law. The law forbade teaching man evolved from the ape.

The trial became a big deal. International notoriety. Clarence Darrow defended Scopes. William Jennings Bryan appeared for the prosecution.

The trial was a fraud. The Dayton city fathers were looking for a way to publicize their small town. Increase business. Perhaps a tourist business. They arranged the scheme. Everyone involved was in on it, except for the two lawyers.

I fail to understand why when the trial is mentioned these days, rarely is the fraud aspect disclosed.

“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” Winston Churchill, July 10, 1940.

Hitler began the Battle of Britain 3 1/2 months earlier. Night time bombing raids on London. He thought he could bring England to its knees. He thought wrong.

The English had 600 planes and the Germans 1,300 at the start of the Battle. The English beat the hell out of the Germans. After 3 1/2 months, Hitler had enough. He was losing his air force. He had not thought it possible. Just like that he ceased the night raids. Sent his remaining air force to the Russian front.

Winston Churchill’s words complimented the bravery and talent of the English pilots.

New York City has a new attraction. Called glamping. Those participating, glampers. Locals and tourists alike.

New York City took a part of Governor’s Island and made it into a tent city/camping ground. Top shelf, first class. Great tents, real beds, etc. The tents go from $220 to $850 per night. The air clean. The night time view of the City spectacular.

No BOB again today. I cannot continue blaming BOB. My fault. I have so much other information to share that I do not get around to finishing the Bum Farto story. Soon, I promise.

Enjoy your day!





  1. Trump believes that Putin and him can be bff’s, that Russia and the USA can do kumbaya together to make the World a better place for all. Sounds good to me, how about you?

    • Let’s see. Trumps says it’s a good idea, and just about every credible expert on earth says it’s insane. Why do you call for ANY discussion? Are you a Russian bot?

  2. If Hillary had won, we would now have a mostly liberal SC. Would there still be this gnashing of teeth from the left about how political the court is?

    There is no guarantee that the new pick will always side with one side. Look at Roberts…we have Obamacare because of him, thought to be a strong conservative when appointed. Kennedy as well, changed sides often. Souter was a huge surprise to the conservatives.

    You never know.

    I prefer that the justice picked follow the constitution, not make decisions based on “feelings”.

      • The Presidential election is won through the electoral college, not popular vote. Hillary knew this going in and ran a lousy campaign. She lost.
        If you don’t like the electoral college, change the constitution. Good luck.

      • True. I must point out that if Trump won the popular (which he supported long ago as the only democratic way to elect a president) but lost the EC to HRC he would be crying like a baby about the rigged system and how the will of the people was lost in the swamp.

    • The Supreme Court is where the constitution is interpreted by an appointed judiciary, almost always in cases where there needs to be a final decision as to what the constitution intended, relative to an issue at hand. That YOU prefer “the justice picked follow the constitution, not make decisions based on “feelings”” is at best naive and more likely a “troll” on this blog, given the long history of the Supreme court’s findings being increasingly biased and politically partisan. Your ‘cherry picked’ examples, ignoring Scalia and Thomas’ hyper partisanship, withstanding.

  3. Britain had a radar network that alerted them to where and when the Germans were on the way, the RAF could sit on the ground and wait for just the right time to take off and meet them, saving fuel and maximizing flying time. The Germans never did much about destroying the UK radar, big mistake.

  4. Mr Trump won 304 electoral votes to hillary’s 227. i think I’ll continue to say that Mr Trump won and hillary lost. There is a reason, a good reason, that we have the electoral college.

    • Patrick – Once again you got it wrong. The official vote totals were Hillary 65,853,514 and Trump 62,984,828. That’s Hillary with a nearly 3 million greater number of votes in the 2016 election. Trump (who actually didn’t win the election) gained the presidency by the actions of the electoral college. You just can’t seem to get anything right, can you?

    • Caught again Patrick? Gloating does not make you right, it only further reveals your hateful nature. Better you keep your mouth shut then look like the fool.

      • I would think kenny and mickey look like the fools and should be the ones to keep their mouths shut. Mr Trump, like it or not, is your President. Its really not that hard to comprehend.

        • Interesting coming from someone whose praise is constantly focused on someone (TRUMP) who so publicly considered the previous president OBAMA, illegitimate because of a totally false argument that he wasn’t born in this country. who’s the fool, fool!

    • Had the table been turned– I think I’ll continue to say —Trump would have cried RIGGED ELECTION. He opposed the EC many times in interviews and once again displays he lacks the character when it benefits him.

      • That’s a rational thought about a totally irrational man. He cry’s “wolf” on just about any side of any issue as it suits him. He definately the kind of guy you don’t want next to you in a fox hole.

  5. Didn’t Trump say words to the effect that the electoral college was a bad idea and part of a “rigged system”, as in,” The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.” Of course that was before he used it to take the election win away from Hillary who had way more popular votes than him.

  6. Is not the winner of a Presidential election the one who is voted into office. ??
    It’s like a baseball team who gets more hits then the opposite but fewer runs.

    • No Steve, not in America. In America, the presidency is actually determined by a group of delegates, collectively known as the Electoral College, who themselves are based on the number of each state’s overall Congressional delegation. This convoluted process is too complicated to accurately detail here, but suffice to say it doesn’t always directly reflect the actual election vote totals. In fact, over the years, there have now been five instances where the candidate who actually won the most election votes by all Americans, didn’t become president because of the quirks of this peculiar “Electoral College” system. Interestingly the last two Republican presidents (Trump and “W” Bush) both did not have the higher number of overall votes by all Americans. In Trumps case his margin of loss in the general election (overall votes) is by a wide margin, somewhere near five times greater than any abnormally before him.

      • I think you missed Steve’s point. The election is very much like a baseball game…the team with the most runs (electoral votes) wins the game, not the team with the most hits (popular votes).

        • No, The election is not at all like a baseball game and that is precisely the point. Your defense is forced to make this point and ether uninformed or shameful, by doing so. A baseball game is played all at once on a scheduled day in front of the public and with their participation and approval, this part is similar to the election and takes part on what is known as “election day.” That’s it, nobody replays the game a few days later to determine the actual winner. With our presidential the “Electoral College” meets a few days later and does their thing. This part has no equivalency in baseball, it just doesn’t happen.

    • I think Patrick and his pseudo alias army are trying to justify Trump’s ascendancy to the presidency by way of the Electoral College. Clearly this is an insecurity issue not a true legitimacy issue. Trump did not win the popular vote, the one by all Americans who voted, each with their own voice. His presidency was gained by the perfectly legal actions of the (peculiar) Electoral College. It is just absurd for those who want to obfuscate by implying (dishonestly) that he won the election itself, which he didn’t. Why can’t he just say “Trump is our legal President” and just be done with it? What’s the constant need to be so disingenuous and misleading?

  7. Who doesn’t think that the people of the World need to work together to help solve the deadly problems of climate change, overpopulation, diminishing natural resources like fresh water and sand, and the rising cost of cable tv?

  8. “Mr Trump won 304 electoral votes to hillary’s 227. i think I’ll continue to say that Mr Trump won and hillary lost. There is a reason, a good reason, that we have the electoral college.”

    This is what Patrick wrote. Cleary a fact.

    Whether you like it or not, the electoral college is how we elect POTUS in this country. If you don’t like that fact, change the constitution. I will wait while you do that.

    Nowhere did Patrick write in that paragraph, that Hillary lost the popular vote. You attackers need to bone up on reading comprehension, or get some therapy for your unhinged reaction to whatever Patrick posts on this site.

  9. Here, I’ll make it easy for Michael and his minions…

    The election of President and Vice President of the United States is an indirect election in which citizens of the United States who are registered to vote in one of the 50 U.S. states or in Washington, D.C. cast ballots not directly for those offices, but instead for members of the U.S. Electoral College, known as electors. These electors then in turn cast direct votes, known as electoral votes, for President, and for Vice President. The candidate who receives an absolute majority of electoral votes (at least 270 out of a total of 538, since the Twenty-Third Amendment granting voting rights to citizens of Washington, D.C.) is then elected to that office.

    • Patrick – Your post are pedantic at best and unnecessarily torturous (and forced) as to trying to make any given point. They are also extremely misleading and condescending. Most of us know you are trying to be clever in making your point.

      Some portion of the American electorate knows about the Electoral College, but few know exactly how it works and NO ONE votes for the electoral college directly, as you might infer, regardless of how that works. No American can ever determine or even guess how their own vote would effect the Electoral College, they only know which candidate they are voting for, PERIOD.

      The Presidential ELECTION is held in public on the fist Tuesday in November. The American public overwhelmingly voted for Hilary Clinton in the 2016. That cannot be denied. The Electoral College however, because of the quirks in the way this works, rightfully determined a few days later by THEIR mandate/vote, that Trump be president, contrary to the actual public vote in the only part of the ELECTION the American people participate in.

      People may be unhappy about that, but no one is disputing it and few people are even talking about that, particularly not on this blog, apart from YOU. What everyone, apart from you and your alias’ ARE talking about is that Hilary Clinton actually won the ELECTION and every attempt by you to obfuscate that fact for your own apparent twisted gratification, is nothing more that a cheap trick and clear insight to your willingness to push your own agenda. Get over it – you HAVE the presidency, even though you did NOT win the election. And to put this into terms the rest of us will understand, you are just being a jerk about this.

      • I am not Patrick. Michael, there are a few people, (I know it surprises you), but there are a few people who don’t agree with you.

        Your response to what is the actual definition of the Presidential electoral process is bewildering. If “few people” know how the EC works, perhaps they need to tune into the enormous amount of news coverage, which has a running tally of ELECTORAL votes during the evening of the vote. Then when a candidate is declared the winner, it’s because he/she won the electoral majority.

        If “few people are even talking about that”, then perhaps they should also educate themselves a little bit. Trump WON the election. He lost the popular vote, which does not matter.

        • OK “not Patrick” why are you answering my response to Patrick?

          … and no, you don’t know what “surprises me” that’s quite presumptuous of you.

          and yes, I agree, more people should know educate themselves about civics here in America. Perhaps then, they won’t be so “bewildered” including present company.

          • This back and forth has all been between you and me. Patrick was not involved. Patrick signs his name to all his posts.

            That is why I said you are surprised, because you can’t seem to get it into your closed mind, that there are other people posting on here that agree with Patrick. But we are not Patrick.

        • “He lost the popular vote, which does not matter”

          Well he seemed quite miffed by it…even pulled out the old “three million illegal votes” act.
          It may not be needed to get you elected but it does show the will of the majority and some will argue the mandate in general.

  10. Mickey and his ‘minions’ love to be jerks about most everything. I doubt that will ever change. A plain simple fact can be stated and they can’t stand it so they then try to twist things to satisfy themselves and puff themselves up.

    Once again, I only post under my name. But, keep right on denying that which continues to ruin what little to no credibility you have.

  11. Ron on July 11, 2018 at 3:54 pm said:
    Looks to me more like you’ve run out of BS arguments and just retreating with a cheap shot.
    end quote /reply key

    Cheap shots are all some of you understand and are incapable of accepting differing views and good arguments with facts.

    • Patrick, I feel for you. Posting under your own name has made you a target for these loons, especially Michael, who seems to have some kind of personal grudge towards you.

      I stopped posting under my name for just that reason. Michael & the Minions (great Rock band name), are typical of liberals these days who want to shut down any discussion that doesn’t agree with their beliefs. It’s becoming a big problem in this country.

      Hang in there. I know you are acquainted with Louis, as am I, unlike Michael…who Louis does not even know. I suspect he is some sort of troll who patrols websites, looking for opportunities to “teach” people.

      Louis enjoys the discussion his topics create on the comment page. So keep posting under your own name and ignore the chatter.

        • Nope, I’m not Diana or Patrick. As I said, I used to post under my own name but refuse to do so now that the crazies try to attack anyone with a different opinion, i.e., Not-liberal.

          Patrick is about the last hold out, other than Diana who always posts under their own names, and takes the flack for non-liberals who post here. In fact, watch em go after Patrick again after I hit send. Very funny to watch.

          • Rs and Cs do get chased from here by the ‘crazies’. That term fits.

            I too happen to like Diana. She did quite a bit of research for Lou at one time.

  12. Anonymous on July 11, 2018 at 4:47 pm said:
    Patrick, I feel for you. Posting under your own name has made you a target for these loons, especially Michael, who seems to have some kind of personal grudge towards you.

    I stopped posting under my name for just that reason. Michael & the Minions (great Rock band name), are typical of liberals these days who want to shut down any discussion that doesn’t agree with their beliefs. It’s becoming a big problem in this country.

    Hang in there. I know you are acquainted with Louis, as am I, unlike Michael…who Louis does not even know. I suspect he is some sort of troll who patrols websites, looking for opportunities to “teach” people.

    Louis enjoys the discussion his topics create on the comment page. So keep posting under your own name and ignore the chatter.
    end quote/reply key

    I’m pretty sure Lou does enjoy our ‘discussions’ as you state. It increases his readership.

    The name for a band is a good one, but, I think it would give rock a bad name. Maybe metal, grudge or some other horrible noise would be more appropriate.

    I don’t know how mickey could ‘teach’ , I think his preaching would become tiresome to even those on Duval St that I know.

    I should have taken Gary’s advice long ago. I like the new movement of many millennials and am thinking of borrowing the name of it for a second and Walkaway.

  13. Wow Patrick, again more of your self delusional posts using an asumed alias? This time self congratulatory and so gratuitous?

    And you keep repeating yourself. This time more familiar phrases you have used before, like the part about me you previously posted on January 26th, “who Louis does not even know” (your exact words, then and now), or that you are the only person using the word “teach” in several of your past posts, at least for the past eight years. And then there’s your use of Lou’s past (favorable only) references to you, etc., as if that is something Lou would actually reveal to you, or is even relevant in any way. And I could go on….

    I wonder how Lou feels being set up this way? And glad-handed by your sugary “acquainted” comments? What a brown nose!

    Patrick “feels for Patrick” – really? Pretty cheap claptrap, big guy!

    Go ahead and deny this (tears in your eye), even as blatantly obvious as it all is, until you are blue in the face. But don’t bother wasting your time. I think we all know it’s just you, desperate to justify your devious hate based existence.

    Invite your alias buddy to weigh in too, if you want, cutting and pasting your own denial would suffice (actually that’d be hilarious). Attacking me is probably your best way to change the subject instead of having to justify your trolls.

    Oh, and we’re looking forward to you showing up here again this fall, but I suggest you don’t order the soup.

  14. You guys can feel any way you want, I don’t care. I’ll not say it again, I post under my name only regardless of what you couple morons think. I’m sure I’ll be in EYW this winter and normally wouldn’t consider looking for you [even though I’m pretty sure we ended with you as our incompetent server on Front St]. I may make an exception next time and I’ll be sure to save this post and give it to the health dept after I find out which diner you and your friends work at. I should WalkAway and let all of you revel in your liberalness.

    • Boy, you are really one paranoid dude and unless your name is “Patrick Anonymous” I’d say you are one big lying dude.

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