Key West is known for its funky ways. That is why people visit. To enjoy, to dance to a different tune, to let go in ways not accepted back home, to have fun!

Two new activities available. Add to the funkiness of the island.

One is Tutu Tuesdays Forever. Wow! Everyone can enjoy. Male or female. Merely wear a tutu. A short fluffy skirt. Already common at certain Key West events where as many males as females wear them.

No more waiting for a special event like Fantasy Fest. A weekly party. Beginning tomorrow, January 1. At Sunset Pier where Duval meets the Atlantic. From 2:22 pm to 5:22 pm.

Don’t ask why the strange times. Common in Key West. Several Happy Hours for example have off the hour odd number Happy Hours.

Food and drink available.

Going to be a big deal. Barbara Grob, who is involved in everything, brought it to my attention. Key West’s new Mayor Teri Johnston has endorsed it.

Buy a tutu and join in the fun!

Hangovers not uncommon in Key West. A ready made remedy now available. Intravenous injections to hydrate the body.

For real!

Called Hangover Hospital.

Procedure simple. Telephone a number to schedule an appointment. Any time of the day or night. Night time the busiest.

A “professional” comes to you immediately. You stay where you are. Treatment provided. Intravenous directly into the blood. Forty five minutes to relief.

Hangover Hospital advertises…..”Give hangover the finger!”

Last night a busy one. Enjoyable.

Began with Aqua’s Hot Dog Church. The lovely Laurie Thibaud bartending. Laurie hosts the radio show I guest on thursday afternoons at 4. Station 107.5 FM.

Enjoyed a drink with some lady friends and left for the Gardens. A short walk down the block.

Packed! Snowbirds in town.

Entertainment special. Debra and Patrick. Two lovely people. Appeared for years at La Te Da. Then moved on to another venue. Not sure if they are back in town for good or for the holiday. They are working La Te Da evenings while here.

Debra an outstanding voice. A capturing smile. A sweet woman.

A kiss and hug for Gardens owner Kate Miano. Jean and Joe Thornton there. Chatted with them a bit. Ran into Joe Pace. Have not seen him in years. Looks younger than when I last saw him.

The Chart Room next. John bartending. A personality! He is a draw in his own right.

As I sat, a lovely lady came by. Laura. Told me we had met 5 years ago. I apologized for not recalling. Husband Gary with her. They reside in Richmond, Virginia.

We chatted a while.

This is their third trip to Key West. Gary is retired. He was involved in something nuclear. I was impressed. Laura still working. In sales. They are staying at the Pier House.

Gary and I had a tie-in. He grew up in Syracuse. I attended Syracuse and maintained a law office there for years.

Bill Cody from Marietta, Georgia was seated to my right. He works for Lockheed. All he could tell me was F-35s. Originally from Hapeville, Georgia.

Second time in Key West. First time, 19 years ago. We talked about the changes.

The bar was one happy family. It was Bill who brought Hangover Hospital to our attention.

Chuck and Jina Carrick came in. From Greensboro, North Carolina.

I liked Jina immediately. She was Italian. Her maiden name Amori. A lovely lady with an equally lovely personality.

Chuck has a financial planning firm. Their 32 year old son works with him.

Jina engaged with a bank. Responsible for mortgage services.

Chuck showed an interest in possibly purchasing a second home in Key West. I shared with him my knowledge and experiences.

Chuck and Jina had taken a bi-plane ride in the afternoon. Went over what we suspected was Ballast Key. Built by and entertained at by Key West major benefactor, David Wolkowsky. Ballast Key out in the Gulf 16 miles west of Key West.

The history of the Chart Room came into play. John asked I share my knowledge. I have become a half assed historian re Key West lore. Everyone attentive. Questions asked.

It is too bad so little is known about David Wolkowsky. Modern Key West would not be were it not for him.

An interesting bar.

Kentucky David and his wife Marilyn enjoyed a second home in Key West for years. Irma bothered them, as it did many. They were reluctant to go through another hurricane. Sold. Now, vagabonds. Traveling the world.

David, a Kentucky sports fan. I, Syracuse. Occasionally, we would watch games together at Jack Flat’s. The Syracuse game on one screen and the Kentucky game on the screen next to it.

No more. I miss those rare times.

David wrote yesterday that Rick Pitino was now coaching in Greece. I googled the subject. He arrived in Greece wednesday. Coaching the Panathinaikos team in the European continent’s top tier pro league.

I knew Pitino in his coaching days. He was a friend of Jim Boeheim. Met him through Jim. Pitino was also into horses. Owned and ran them in August in Saratoga. I used to frequent Saratoga.

Attended the horse sales one night when Pitino bought 2 very expensive horses with the blink of an eye. My son and I also played several summers in a Pitino run golf tournament. A fundraiser. Pitino’s brother had a rare disease for which a cure was still being sought.

I know Greece. I have been there several times for extended periods. Greece will love Pitino! And Pitino will love the Greeks! They are made for each other. A perfect fit.

In all my travels, I have found the Greeks to be the most friendly to Americans. One meeting and you were family.

Al Cotoia spent many years in Key West. Then left for some where up north. Missed. He is anti-Trump as I. He wrote a comment to one of my blogs…..The greater the degree of guilt, the greater the need to blame others!!!!!

Life can be tit for tat. Russia has detained an American citizen in Moscow on spying charges. The arrest December 28. A criminal case has been opened. No other details available.

Donald, your friend Vladimir does everything to make you look good.

Tonight the night! Happy New Year at midnight. I will be at Terri’s On Broadway show at 8 at the Little Room Jazz Club. With Andrea and Joe. Following the show, we will be on the street. Duval will be tightly packed. Our goal is to watch Sushi drop in the red shoe at midnight at the Bourbon Street Pub. Fortunately, a block from where Terri will be performing.

I am not sure I will make it to midnight. Late for me. I am generally in bed by 9 each night. Age takes its toll.

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your evening!


  1. IVs In The Keys (531 Whitehead) is highly recommend ed . They also do house calls . Owned and staffed by true professionals. Treatments not only for hangovers! For instance, you would have benefited from IV with vitamins, etc during your GI illness over Thanksgiving!

  2. “Hangovers not uncommon in Key West. A ready made remedy now available. Intravenous injections to dehydrate the body”

    Hydrate Lou, or re-hydrate.

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