I am 87 years old. Think I have learned all there is to know. Not the case. Living and learning continues.

I am a product of a Catholic education. Grammar school, high school and college. Studied the Bible in college for a whole year. Two semesters of the Old and New Testaments. Yet it was only yesterday I learned the real name of the Lord’s Son was not Jesus. It was Yehoshu’a or Yeshua for short. His real name having been lost in translation.

History teaches the following. Which is based on language in the Bible and history of how translation affected Jesus’ name.

The Bible was first written in Hebrew. Jesus referred to in that Bible as Yehoshu’a. The first biblical translation was from Hebrew into Greek, not English. The Greek alphabet does not have an “sh” sound, however. An “s” was substituted.

The Romans got involved next. They “Romanized” the Bible. The Romanized version was Lesous. Lesous when translated into English became Jesus. That is how we who speak English refer to God’s Son as Jesus. Again, any confusion the fault of translation.

Historians agree with the translation line presented here.

How about “Christ?”

Complexity here also.

In Hebrew, Yeshua Bar Yehosef means “Jesus, son of Joseph.” Or, Yeshua Nasraya meaning “Jesus of Nazareth.”

Actually, the addition of Christ to Jesus’ name came from the Greek word meaning “anointed one.”

Reaching Jesus’ name a wild trip! 

Today a special one. Mother’s Day.

I miss my Mother. It has been many many years, yet I think of her almost every day. Too bad mothers cannot lock in at a certain age and remain with us all our lives.

Things are changing in Key West. Returning to where they were.

Pre-COVID, Key West was a seasonal community. Three to four months beginning in January. Ending Easter Sunday. Traffic an abomination during that time. Tons of tourists. Reservations difficult in restaurants. Bars packed tight.

Following Easter Sunday, it was as if most of the people in town had died. It was quiet. Little traffic. Always a table available in a restaurant.

Then came COVID. People who wanted to vacation and were limited where they could go, came to Key West. The crowd did not disperse however following Easter Sunday. They kept coming. Through the summer. Every month packed.

I hated it. My home town was not the island I had enjoyed for many years.

Change has arrived again, however. Easter Sunday is behind us. Key West is quiet. Like the old days. I can go anywhere in town in 10 minutes by car. During the COVID years, it took 20-30 minutes.

God is good!

There was a saying pre-COVID that Key West from July through September was so desolate you could throw a bowling ball down Duval and hit no one. I am curious to what those month will be like this year.

Enjoy your Sunday! Those that have mothers in town, enjoy them. Your time together is not forever.















  1. The true translation of Jesus is not in the bible because, like almost everything else in the Christian religion, the “Church” didn’t want that. It had nothing to do with religion or truth. The “church” is a business Lou, you are just naive, and have drunk too much cool-aide.

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