A simple day yesterday. Some doctoring and writing. A lot of TV watching…..the Presidential race is heating up.

Had my echo cardiogram test at the hospital. Kelley the technician. We chatted through out the procedure.

I will know no results till next week when I meet with the cardiologist.

This morning a stress test.

Arnold Horshach died. The name sounds like it came out of a Smuckers ad.

Horshach was the TV character name of Ron Palillo. The TV show was Welcome Back Kotter. A hit in the mid 1970s. Horshach was a nerd. Talked funny.

The star of Kotter was a young John Travolta. It was Travolta’s introduction to stardom.

Travolta played a cocky italian-American. Black leather jacket, black pants. The collar always up on the leather jacket. Travolta was the leader of the gang. The gang included Horshach/Palillo.

Today is a most important day in history. It marks the end of World War II. The day is also known as VJ Day. The day Japan surrendered.

Everyone went crazy that day. I was a young 10 year old. I recall that as soon as the news broke over the radio, people poured out onto their porches and the streets. Yelling and screaming. Crying. Waving the flag. Hugging asnd kissing.

My eyes fill with tears as I recollect the moment.

It was the second war to end all wars. World War I was the first. What a joke!

I have to get ready for my early morning stress test.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hi Lou,

    My girlfriend and I follow your blog and enjoyed your European travels. Given you you took a keen interest in the political turmoil in Europe and particularly the ‘strained’ relationship between Greece and Germany, I thought you might find the attached article interesting.

    Cheers, Paul

    P.S. we will be in Key West for 5 days beginning Aug 26.


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