Welcome to August!

The year moving too fast. More than half gone already.

A portion of a James Bond movie was filmed in Key West and the Keys. License to Kill.

On this day in 1988, filming began. The name of the movie at the time License to Revoke. Name changed post production to License to Kill.

It was the 16th James Bond movie.

Key West and Keys locales involved included St. Mary Star of the Sea Church. Bond and the groom parachuted to the Church in time for a wedding. In addition, Route 1, Key West International Airport, the Hemingway House, the then Thai Restaurant at Eisenhower and Palm, and the Garrison Bight Marina.

Gender neutrality existed in Key West in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Women and men treated equally. The Navy  had an ax to grind with B-girls, prostitutes, and gays alike.

I have written many times re bars and clubs closed because of B-girls and prostitutes. Now, one for homosexual men. The Navy was involved as with the ladies. The Navy did not consider it healthy for sailors to hang out with gay men.

The bar was the Duval Club on Greene Street. Also referred to as the Silver Slipper.

The bar was declared “off limits” by the Navy.

The bar in 1958 became Captain Tony’s. As far as I am aware, Tony Tarracino was not part of that related.

Amazing how things change! Today gaiety not even a consideration. Key West has a lesbian Mayor. A homosexual is running for President of the United States.

The new Farmers Market opens today from 10 to 2 at the Truman Waterfront. I hope it is a success. Even I enjoy a farmers market! If it fails, it will be because of the location.

Three important war events occurred on August 1, though in different years.

In 1914, World War I erupted. Twenty million soldiers and civilians died.

In 1943, Lt. John Kennedy’s PT-109 was sunk. Two of the crew killed immediately. Eleven survived. Many with serious injuries. Kennedy was instrumental in saving them.

In 1944, the Warsaw Revolt began.

A new term in the making. Monday, Burger King will introduce its Impossible Whopper. Everywhere in the U.S.

Its significance is that it is plant based. A plant based protein. They grow the “meat.” The patty meatless.

Supposed to taste like a regular Whopper.

The cost of the Impossible Whopper $5.95. One dollar more than the regular Whopper. Both will be available for sale.

The President speaks again tonight at a rally in Cincinnati. His first rally since the “Send her back” cry arose on July 17 in North Carolina.

Media reports Trump does not want to hear the words. If they occur, he supposedly will speak out against them.

Lets see what happens.

I left last night’s Democratic Presidential Debate for last.

Better than the first. The participants probably more comfortable.

Most beat up Obama and Biden. Biden, ok. Obama?

Seemed like everyone was after Biden. Understandable. He was under a must have a good evening. Not quite. He did scrape by, however. A week or two from now, it will make no difference.

One of them will run against Trump. It was forgotten last night. They were after Biden.

Issues involved the splitting of hairs on legislation and activities that occurred years in the past. The best they could do in attacking Biden.

I must be frank. I was all for Biden before the debates. Now, I am not certain. His responses in most instances slow. Must be more volatile. Destroy the enemy! They were all his enemy last night.

I have come to the conclusion I do not consider Kamala Harris Presidential material. She took down Biden in the first debate. Hit him hard last night, but nowhere as she did in the first. She threw a lot of punches. Landed few.

Her attitude leaves much to be desired. She is all over the place. Talks too much. Too emotional. Seems to lose it during her responses. Reminds me of Trump. Not as volatile. Never the less so.

Cory Booker. Needs maturing. His attacks on Biden more than too much, more than a step too far.

Where was racism? It should have been discussed and explored at length after what has arisen in the past 2 weeks.

Again the enemy was Trump, not Biden. They could have hit Biden a bit and then crushed Trump.

The infighting plays into Republican hands. Yet the infighting was that which provoked much of the evening.

I understand it is early to project who will come out on top. However let me stick my head out. Not hard. At this time I see Biden, Sanders and Warren leading the pack. One will be the Democratic candidate..

Enjoy your day!




  1. “At this time I see Biden, Sanders and Warren leading the pack. One will be the Democratic candidate”

    If you reverse the last two I think you have the order, most to least likely.

  2. So it will come down to two old white men and a woman who advocates programs with astronomical price tags and no way to pay for them? Is this really the best the dems can muster? There must be someone better than this to represent the party.

    • Start with- there must be someone better to represent the Republican party and then we can start the conversation. Deconstructionism, chaos, divisiveness and by the seat of the pants economics is no way to set the pace for a nation. Fortunately Barack Obama set the foundation that seems to be holding up so far despite the efforts of the WH. Frankly I’d rather have high cost policy that benefits the majority of the people. This policy benefited the wealthy and the corps at the expense of the majority and future generations.

    • Why is it the always the republicans who want to rail and rant how Democrats are the ones who always want to spend too much with wild ideas, when the facts show that every single Republican regime going back many years now has been bigger and out spent Democrat regimes, nearly always leaving huge deficits and much greater debt?

  3. My question wasn’t about the glorious accomplishments (or lack thereof) of either party. I’m simply looking ahead to the inevitable debate between Donald Trump and the Democratic candidate. Let’s just speculate that it will be Joe Biden. Joe entered public service in 1973 when the price of a new home was $32,000 and a gallon of gas was 40 cents. Over the decades he has not exactly become an energetic fountain of fresh ideas or innovative plans. He would not fare well in a debate against Trump. So my question remains, is this the best person the dems can find to represent their party?

  4. Maybe Not, but is he so bad. Sure he entered politics when new homes were $32K, but he is the same age as Trump who didn’t enter politics until just recently and he’s NEVER actually lived in a new home he’s purchased, only taking some space in building he’s owned. He has no idea what new homes cost, only what casino’s cost.

    My point is, and it’s a good one, that EVEN Joe Biden (who isn’t my favorite candidate), is a far better choice as a president, than reelecting Trump. Joe Biden has shown he better understands how proper government works, and like EVERY other candidate now running would be a better choice.

    Don’t forget, Donald Trump didn’t win by campaigning, Clinton had a double digit lead going into voting day, Trump won with help from Republican voter chicanery and Russian interference. And that is the ONLY way he’ll win again!

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