Island Rinse a weird title of sorts. Sounds like a movie header.

Not so, however.

It is raining today. Pouring. Strong winds. The Key West Citizen weather report says rain today and tomorrow. We can use it.

The Citizen has a practice of printing beneath its weather report of the day a quip. Usually humorous. In recognition of the rainy day ahead, this morning’s quip is “island rinse.”

Great phrase! Fitting!

Dueling Bartender’s last night unusually good. Terri White sang. Joined by Rick Dery.

Liz at the bar with her usual entourage. Joe was with her. I met Joe about 2 years ago at Liz’s home. He was her house guest. If my memory is correct, Joe is a law school Dean. In her other life, Liz was Dean of 2 law schools.

What a woman!

Afterwards, Terri and Donna joined Barb and I at Antonia’s for dinner.

We got there a bit earlier than Terri and Donna. Enjoyed a drink at the bar. Nicolle bartending. One of my favorite Key West people.

When I had the book signing for Irma and Me, Nicolle came. I was surprised to see her. She had already purchased the book through Amazon. Brought it with her for me to sign.

I was touched.

Sitting next to me at the bar was Sherry. A first time meeting. She has been in Key West 2 years. Sherry is a bookkeeper. Her husband a bartender. Works 3 places: Little Room Jazz Club, Smokin’ Tuna, and 801.

Sherry and her husband were married 2011.

Children? No children, she said. Three dogs.

Enjoyed our brief conversation. Look forward to running into her again.

Terri is a wonder. Whether watching her perform or sharing dinner conversation, you would never know she is blind. The woman amazing in every respect.

Safewise recently did a study which was posted on its website. The study ranked Florida cities based on violent crime and property crime per capita.

Key West ranked #77 out of 142 cities.

Not very impressive.

Actually, I question the ranking. In my many years here, I have found Key West to be a relatively safe community. Never have I had any concern day or night for my safety, for example.

The Key West Police Department interesting in its own right. I would describe them as…..rarely seen, always there.

It’s tuesday. My podcast tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Join me at 9, if you can. The show can be quite interesting when I get wound up and begin ranting and raving about this and that.

Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro is sitting at the moment with Trump in the White House. The place for him. He and Trump birds of a feather.

Bolsonaro elected in January. In the short period of time he has held office, it is obvious what the man is. Trump’s moralistic twin.

He has been described as a fascist, has attacked the LGBTQ community, attacked women and people of color. He has curtailed personal rights, privatized public services, and has opened the Amazon to business exploitation. Re the Amazon, trees are being cut down for their lumber sale value. Mining for minerals also underway.

The claimed purpose of the meeting three fold.

Brazil borders on Venezuela. Trump wants Brazil’s help in whatever plans he has for Venezuela. The other 2 topics involve military assistance and economic aid.

Bolsonaro will walk away from today’s meeting enriched with American money and all kinds of military equipment. In return, he will probably assure Trump he stands with him on any plans he has for Venezuela.

To support my conclusions, I share John Bolton’s statement re the meeting: “An historic opportunity.”

Anything Bolton likes cannot be good. The man is a warmonger.

Michael Snyder is a syndicated writer. I read his columns religiously. The man sees what others do not.

The title of Snyder’s column published today is “Why Does The Main Stream Media Purposely Ignore Mass Killings of Christians Around The Globe?”

I really never gave the topic any thought till today.

One of Snyder’s examples involves the shooting of Muslims at 2 mosques in New Zealand this past week. A major news event.

Christians are being killed because of their religious status world wide. Last year, 4,136.

Why no U.S. publicity? Snyder believes the mainstream media consider Christians to be one of the main obstacles to “progress” in the U.S. The media does not want Christians to be viewed sympathetically. Nor positively.

I do not know if I agree with Snyder in this regard. I take a wait and see attitude. If the preceding paragraph is accepted by me as accurate, I will have joined Trump in his position as regards the press. Can’t be!

Christian prosecutions are up in Asia. Especially China and North Korea.

Trump’s love brother Kim may be one of the worse villains in history. In recent years, Christians have been nailed or tied to crosses and then laid over burning fires. Others have had a steam roller run over their bodies.

Trump continues sucking up to Saudi Arabia. They have his number. They know how to play him.

Yemen. Horrible atrocities. Under siege daily. Famine. People dying in significant numbers each day.

Saudi Arabia is bombing the hell out of Yemen. The bombs dropped are U.S. bombs.

A new book became available for purchase today. Certain to make the New York Times’ best seller list.

The book “Kushner, Inc. Greed. Ambition. Corruption.” By Vicky Ward. Reveals Jared and Ivanka’s actions, thoughts, lifestyle, etc.

I read a rather lengthy excerpt from the book this morning. I suspect it reflects the book’s contents: “Most people go into government for public service. They do seem to have gone in for self-service.”

Enjoy your day!





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