I spent yesterday lying around.  Taking things slow. Concerned about my health. Probably not that bad. In my head. But, that’s me.

As a result of a do nothing sunday, I have no Key West goodies to share. Today, a political blog.

The Presidential campaign makes me ask whether this is my country? Your country? Our country? It is so different. Destructive. Sick.

Is democracy so fragile? I would not have believed it. Disagree, yes. Threaten violence and move to violence, no.

Gabriel Schoenfeld shared some thoughts re Trump this weekend in the New York Daily News.

He referred to Trump as a moronic Pied Piper. Hard to argue with. Many are blindly following Trump.

Schoenfeld stated our democracy is fragile.

Further and most scary, as Trump’s campaign flails, the violence and threads of violence multiply by the day. Bloodshed possible/probable.

Bloodshed, a heavy word.

Saturday night, a local Republican headquarters in Hillsborough, North Carolina was firebombed. The headquarters was also spray painted with a swastika and the words: Nazi Republicans leave town or else.

Trump responded to the event with a tweet stating the event was perpetrated by…..Animals supporting Clinton.

I find it hard to believe the event was Democrat caused. Hillsborough and the county it is a part of is 3-1 Democratic registration.I sense a set up by Republican supporters creating a situation to blame the Democrats for.

I could be wrong. It is a gut feeling.

Trump tweeted re Saturday Night Live yesterday morning. He is now anti SNL. He has lost his sense of humor.

He referred to SNL as a “hit job.” Said it was “time to retire the show.” Finally, Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of him “stinks.”

Sensitive! He can hand it out, but cannot take it.

That is all for this morning. Enjoy your day!


14 comments on “IS THIS MY COUNTRY?

  1. Soooo…if it turns out to be Dems who firebombed the office, what happens to your narrative? It’s okay if Dems do the violence? It’s still Trumps fault?

    Do you remember the destruction and rioting in Chicago at the DEMOCRAT convention, caused by Dems? Were you as worried then?

    I’m not a Trump fan, he ruined the chance of Republicans taking back the executive branch. But “democracy” is not supposed to be like this, where the media colludes with one party to maintain control. That is what’s sickening to me.

  2. “Sensitive! He can hand it out, but cannot take it.”

    He is an egomaniac narcissistic and that personality type can’t take any criticism at all whatsoever. Apparently many in big business and CEOs are this personality type. It works well in the cut throat halls of big business where the only objective is to make money at all costs and without any moral compunction. It would not work so well in the Oval Office I fear.

    I am also no fan of Hillary but at this juncture in our democracy she is better than Trump and that is really a sad statement to utter.

    I believe that our population has been assaulted daily for years by all the incessant social media, technologies from fiber optics to cell phones to tablets and incessant in your face news cycles. I do not believe the human brain evolved through the millennia to deal rationally with all this sensory overload. For millions of years are only concern was to avoid being eaten by a tiger and also to try and not get sick or injured. Pretty much limited our day and the ability to worry about what was happening across the forest let alone continent or world.

    We just can’t take all this crude thrown at us daily and process it rationally. So we end up with the world of today. I am not so sure it is really all that much of an improvement.

      • What? I said millennia which is a 1000 year period for the evolution of the human (homo sapiens) brain. However, our hominid ancestors from which our brain evolved have been avoiding tigers for millions of years. Hominids first appeared almost 6 millions years ago and split into our direct ancestry line about 2.5 million years ago. I have a degree in a field related to the “research” you suggest so maybe you should read up on human evolution, there is a good article in Smithsonian magazine concerning it.

        Also, your timeline for Homo sapiens is incorrect, our species evolved about 250,000 years ago when Homo Erectus became Homo sapiens. Oddly, enough, modern humans share much more DNA with each other than is typical for most animal species probably because we all are descended from a very small African population.

  3. Louis, you say that Trump is anti-SNL? And so I am. SNL is no longer funny as it was in the 1970s. It is plain hateful. It must be a libdem-liked show. haha

  4. Diana, as Kate McKinnon, playing HIllary Clinton, said on a recent SNL in reference to women (like you) who support Trump: “Bitch, ya brain broke.”

  5. Diana, I have to agree with you about SNL. It is totally unwatchable now. Hateful, snarky and as if they have a lock on what’s “correct”.

  6. I’m going to go out on a limb here, Tom and Diana, and guess that you are both at least 55-plus, probably 65-plus. This isn’t supposed to be mean, but SNL isn’t for you. It’s not meant to appeal to you, the jokes aren’t targeted at you, the musical guests aren’t selected to hit your demographic. It’s like saying you don’t think Saturday morning cartoons are funny. Of course you don’t, they’re for children. I’m 32. I think SNL is funny as hell. On the other hand, I think shows like NCIS, anything on CBS and Fox News are unwatchable.

    And Tom, media collusion, the Chicago riots. The backdrop of the Chicago riot was the Vietnam War. To act like the entirety of civil unrest associated with that situation was limited to the 1968 DNC is disingenuous. Chances are, probably was a fringe liberal who did the firebombing. As you won’t see reported by Louis or a lot of the U.S. based media, the Democratic party immediately started fundraising to fix this building. The Trump camp certainly didn’t. What does that do to your narrative?

  7. Steven,

    I mentioned the Chicago riots because of the violence surrounding a national presidential election, which was Lou’s point.

    My age should not be the point. Half this country leans conservative, half lean liberal. When a show like SNL or other comedian acts, continually target one side with their “humor”, they risk alienating the other half. Not a good business strategy.

    I am not a Trump supporter by any means. I already voted and it wasn’t for Trump.

  8. Steven,

    To follow up on my viewing preferences…I don’t watch news shows during election cycles. I watch no network evening television at all. I avoid watching any show that has commercials I can’t buzz through on my Apple TV, or DVR. My favorite shows are usually found on Netflix and HBOgo. I laugh hysterically at South Park, Family Guy- both “cartoon” shows.

    Generalizing is a tricky maneuver Steven.

  9. Steven – age is not an SNL thing – Louis surely gets a kick out of it the libdem that Louis is. Does Louis stay awake that late is the question. haha

    • Louis doesn’t watch (other than porn and sports) or do anything. He regurgitates what he reads in the local and national press, then passes it off as his own original thoughts. At this point in the history of his blog, the comment section is far more interesting than the actual blog.

  10. To expand on that, just read the Citizen, then read the blog. Like all the turtle stuff. He doesn’t give a shit about turtles. It’s just a recurring feature in the Citizen that he taps when he thinks the blog is too short. All of the events and things he mentions, he never goes to them. For someone so anti GM mosquitoes, I’d bet every penny I have that he has never gone to any of the relevant public meetings that have been happening every month at least for the past six years.

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