The cartoon on the editorial page of this morning’s Key West Citizen has boldly written thereon Welcome to “In Season” in Key West. No question, the season has arrived. Tourists everywhere. Walking and driving difficult. Everyone happy. Why not, they are in Key West!

Twenty six years ago when I first visited Key West, the  “in season” was February 15 to Easter Sunday Monday. The first two weeks of January were dead. The next two weeks a smattering of tourists. Things picked up the first two weeks in February a bit. Then the avalanche began on February 15. It was like a water faucet had been turned on. People gushing all over the place.

Things have changed. Most certainly. And for the best! Key West is a vacation town. Its only business is tourism. Better closer to 12 months a year than 2.

I felt like a man lost in the desert yesterday afternoon. I wanted to watch the Syracuse/Clemson game. The plan was to meet Dan and Lisa at Jack Flats. I got there early. No Syracuse game. Jack Flats did not carry ESPN 3. Hustled over to Don’s Place. He gets everything on his TV sets. Again, no game.

David came in while I was complaining and explained to me that ESPN 3 only airs on the internet and certain cell phones.

I learned something.

Never got to see the game.

Probably for the best. Syracuse got whipped by Clemson 66-53. Prior to yesterday’s game, Clemson was described as the worst shooting team in the ACC. They found the range yesterday!

I have no further comment re the game.

The weather was a surprise yesterday. The weather report said 70 in the afternoon and 68 in the evening. Cold for Key Westers! It was cold cold on my deck overlooking the water. The ocean breeze always adds to a  cool day.

I dressed accordingly. Long pants, which I hate to wear, and a heavy long sleeved shirt.

When I got out of the car in Key West, the temperature was 78. I had to walk several blocks to Jack Flats and back. Sweating! It was a shorts and tee shirt day!

I mentioned yesterday hearing from some Greek and Italian friends about four jihadists hiding somewhere in Greece. One of some importance. Later in the day, they were arrested in Athens. The leader was Abou Omar Soussi. He was arrested in Omonia Square. Just behind the Square sits the Monastiraki. A Greek restaurant where I spent some afternoons sitting outside and enjoying a drink and bite to eat. I sometimes sat there a couple of hours. A great place to people  watch.

The world seems to get sicker by the day. Generally in Africa and the Middle East. Yesterday, on a road in South Jersey. A baby was found on fire in the middle of the road. Suffered severe burns. No further news was available.

My apologies for ending today’s blog on such a sick note.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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