“In Flanders Fields where poppies blow…..Between the crosses, row on row.”

The words created in the early stages of World War I. Authored by Lt. Col. John Mc Crae.

Today is Memorial Day. A federal holiday to honor those who died in the service of the their country. The United States of America.

Cemeteries committed to the war dead are special. You immediately know when you see and feel one.

I have been to Arlington National Cemetery twice. The experience the same each time. Emotional. Extremely so.

Many years ago, I was on a one month vacation in Italy. A family trip. My wife, three of my children and my parents. Rented a villa on the

Mediterranean in Livonia some 40 miles outside Rome. Livonia is near Anzio. Anzio the place where Allied troops effected a major landing

during World War II.

One day I was out alone driving around the area. Saw a cemetery. No question, a military one. The crosses lined neatly row after row. The grounds and shrubbery neatly trimmed.

It was a British cemetery.

I walked row after row. Read the captions on the crosses. Age, rank and name included. I was amazed how young most were. Highly ranked at an early age. Dead at an early age. Majors 24 years old.

Then I came to a series of crosses that bore a singular description: Known To God Alone. I immediately started crying. The tears came fast and heavy. I was so moved.

Flanders Field was written during World War I. The war to end all wars. Unfortunately, we have experienced many since. How many more will we experience? The handwriting is on the wall. It is obvious there will be more. Sadly stated.

A Harvard student Commencement speaker went off script to rip Harvard for refusing to graduate 13 who had been involved in disruptive anti-Israel encampments. Hundreds of graduates followed her speech with a supportive walkout.

The 13 broke Harvard’s rules. They claim they exercised free speech. Their right. However, resulted in conflict. One which required the 13 to pay a penalty for violating Harvard’s standards. The way of the world.

Such is life! Do what you want and say, but be prepared to pay a price for the conduct if such is warranted.

Life is difficult for many. Some cannot handle it and resort to suicide. Such was the way of 30 year old PGA Golf Pro Grayson Murray.

May he find in death that which was unavailable to him in life.

Why? Far right Israeli settlers stepped up attacks on aid trucks bound for Gaza. The trucks loaded with aid were passing through the West Bank. Their actions blocked food from reaching Gaza. The result, the Palestinians in Gaza are sinking deeper into famine.

I am proud to say for a number of years this blog has had followers from Papua, New Guinea. 

A recent slide has buried more than 2,000 people. Many children. Several villages totally buried. Survivors are digging with their hands to locate and rescue those who might still be alive.

Thousands are displaced.

Pope Francis continues to have a difficult time keeping the Catholic Church together. He is constantly persecuted. The man amazes me how he stands up to the conservative right who are anti-Francis. Those who oppose him seek political glamour and gain, not the love of God.

Even some nuns are against him. Sixteen Spanish nuns announced they are placing themselves under the authority of Pablo de Rojas Sanchez-Franco, a self-styled bishop who was excommunicated in 2019.

An issue causing the schism involves Francis’ support of same sex couples. Francis has given priests the power to bless same sex couples.

Experts say COVID variants will be here this summer. May be a significant problem. We hear little about it from the government. Many of these same experts believe the American public will be unprepared under the circumstances.

Trump tells wealthy donors behind closed doors that he will crush pro-Palestinian protesters, deport campus demonstrators and, support Israel’s right to continue “its war on terror.”

Many of the donors were of Jewish extraction.

Justice Alito’s flag flew upside down. Are his ethics?

Enjoy Memorial Day!


  1. One has to wonder if those 13 students had Trump’s Lawyers, would they have been punished so hard for basically just exercising their civil rights.

    One also wonders why you single them out so much, week after week, yet let others get away with soooo much more. I don’t remember you going on for weeks and months about those MAGA people who violently attacked the capitol, not then nor after each of their court appearances, with the kind of distaste you seem to have for these kids. Yes, you spoke out against them, but not with the venom you have for these students. What’s with you Lou? I have never seen this kind of hate from you.

  2. Just visited Gettysburg. Son is on military leave and we decided to take a road trip and tour the Gettysburg National Park. Even after over 150 years it is Incredibly powerful!! Highly recommend it!!

    • I share your thoughts. I visited Arlington with my granddaughter to visit her daddy’s memorial (there was no grave). She lost him in that Veitam war. We sat and cried with thousands of others who came this day. Everyone of us wondering why he died in a phony war that never should have been.

      You can get all overwhelmed, if you want, just don’t go to that glory bullshet part, OK?

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