Anna in Novara, Italy e-mailed me yesterday about New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany.

A thousand men surrounded and were in the Cologne railroad station. Immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East. Average ages 20-35.

They raped and fondled breasts, the vaginal area and butts of women. Tore clothes off women. Hugged and kissed them.

Authorities believe the attacks were staged/coordinated. Similar though smaller episodes occurred in Hamburg, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf.

Merkel’s opponents are calling for her resignation. I doubt it will happen.

What has happened however is what many predicted would occur. A crime increase, including rapes.

My yesterday began as usual with the anti-gravity treadmill.

Then to Walgreens. I share a personal aggravating story with you.

I have been taking a particular heart generic for several years. For some reason, the prescription got screwed up. Two weeks ago, I went to pick up the renewal which my doctor had called in. I was told there was a problem. I asked for and was given a 5 day supply till the problem was worked out.

Went back five days later. Problem still unresolved. Received another 5 day supply.

Returned yesterday. Still a problem. I very politely explained the background, my returning, etc. It took a bit of time, but the pharmacist worked it out. I thank her.

I was given the prescription. Note, it is a generic. Cost, $2 for a 30 day supply. All the running back and forth over a $2 item. No one seemed to care. The drug store, insurance company, medical profession, etc., except for the pharmacist at Walgreens yesterday.

I fine tuned my blog talk radio show. Two environmental issues hit me wrong.

One had to do with Flint, Michigan’s water supply which contained lead. Michigan’s Governor declared a State of Emergency yesterday and the U.S. Attorney’s office got involved.  The whole thing has to do with money.

I discussed the Flint/lead water problem four months ago on Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

The other with male bass experiencing sex changes in the waters of the northeast. Eighty five per cent of small mouth bass had developed eggs where previously testes had been located. The same with 47 percent of large mouth bass.

Dinner at Roostica.

Watched Chris Matthew’s interview of Hillary Clinton at 7. Did my blog talk radio show at 9.

I am being interviewed today on KONK News re last week’s KONK Life article Political Sexcapades. 104.9 at 12:30.

Tibetan monks visiting Key West this week. Visiting everything. Some spending afternoons at St. Paul’s meditating and other things.

Clemson beat Syracuse in overtime last night 74-73. Oh!!!!!!!! Hard to take. I never thought I would see a bad Syracuse basketball team. It happens, I guess.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Things are finally bad enough in Germany that not even the leftist government and media can cover it up. Yes this was predicted. Finally the politicians admit there are no go zones. (Donald Trump is vilified by our press and govt twits when he points this out, but he is the only one telling the truth). The invaders have brought their beliefs with them, that includes raping women — now german women are being told to modify their behavior or risk assault by the Muslim hoards. This is so f’d up. The german government has totally failed it’s people. Merkel needs to take her rose colored multi-cultural glasses and step down or be removed. Her job was to protect german citizens. She has failed miserably. I’m sick of the liberal governments and media that make excuses for this behavior. By the way, these attacks have been going on in Sweden for some time, the state and media are complicit in suppressing news of it. This is why a Donald Trump may be triumphant this Fall — we the people are fed up with the pandering to these invading mobs — it’s time for people to take their country back from corrupt lying politicians who will destroy them in exhange for votes and power.


    Its good to learn something every day. As a fisherman [ although not a bass fisherman] I should probably have known this.
    I didn’t know Sea Bass are all hatched as female and some change after a few years. Some freshwater Black Bass are now changing. I’d like to know how ‘they’ know that. Maybe they all start as female too. Interesting subject.

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