After 11 days of home confinement, Trump was “back on the road again.” Shades of Willie Nelson.

He was in Sanford, Florida. Now his “home state.” A rally of thousands at the airport. Chanting USA! USA!

Donald’s people. Most maskless.

Pure unadulterated adulation emanating from their lips.

Trump said, “I’m immune!” Followed by he was willing to come out into the crowd and kiss the men and women. He had met the enemy coronavirus and defeated it. He was invincible.

No social distancing. Thousands of prospective Covid-19 challenging the virus to attack them. Their god Trump clear indication their was nothing to fear.

Yesterday’s news re coronavirus not good. The virus is up by at least 50 percent in 5 states. In one week! An obvious resurgence.

The States involved Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Vermont.

The numbers were up in 31 other states in one week also. Though not to the 50 percent level.

Yesterday was Columbus Day. Brought to mind the rhyme we were all taught back in grammar school: “In fourteen hundred ninety-two / Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”

Heard from 2 separate couples I have not been in touch with in several months.

Saturday it was Larry and Christine Smith. Christine Cordone her professional name. Still Key Westers. They have purchased a home somewhere in Pennsylvania.

They are snowbirds in reverse. Still maintain their Key West home.

The reason for the Pennsylvania purchase was Larry’s mom. She is on in her years and living in an assisted living facility. He wanted to be close to his mother who he visits every day.

Coronavirus affects how they meet. There are 2 barriers between he and his mother.

Larry mentioned something of interest. He said It was Trump country where he lived. Tons of Trump signs. One house after another.

Tom and Fran Dixon from Buffalo are in for a few days. A board meeting. Tom owns a small piece of the Ocean Key House.

I have not seen Tom and Fran in over a year.

They thought I would be out on the town with them. Told them no way! I have been self quarantined for over 200 days. I also chastised them for traveling during these times. They are in their 70’s.

Good people.

They insisted on seeing me. We worked out a deal. They would drive to my home and stop for a few minutes in the street. I would stand on my porch. We would laugh, communicate and have a few minutes of fun.

Fran has been my benefactor over the years food wise. She always brings me homemade meat sauce with pork and meatballs. About a dozen bottles. And I won’t see her! I am ashamed, but correct.

This trip no sauce. Instead Syracuse face masks which she made herself.

Love the girl!

That’s it for today. I am scheduled to appear on Guy de Boer’s KONK radio show at 8:22. Don’t laugh. The topic is Amy Coney Barrett and yesterday’s Senate Judiciary hearing.

Enjoy your day!


14 comments on “I’M ON THE ROAD AGAIN

  1. Why has the WHO changed it’s stance. They now say that the china bug will not last long and Trump has been doing the correct thing?

    • Sandy is a troll and a pest who frequently posts factually wrong and misleading information, sometimes vulgar and racist. His posts are mostly meant to start arguments and is thought by many to be part of the Russian disinformation effort.

  2. Build the wall faster.

    Authorities at the Otay Mesa Port of Entry in San Diego discovered more than 3,100 pounds of methamphetamine and other drugs hidden in a truck delivering medical supplies from Mexico.

  3. Sandy is a troll and a pest who frequently posts factually wrong, poorly written and misleading information, usually off topic and just to start arguments. It seems most of his topics come from RT, The Russian International Network.

  4. You post the same words each time but with out proof of you comments. Maybe you could start with this ” RT” you site and lead us to believe you are knowledgeable of it’s statements. Please explain how the stopping of 3100 lbs. illegal drugs in to this country is related to this “RT” group. “Off topic” here in Key West, drugs. Maybe you could ask the RT were the illegal drugs come from or were the RED CHINA bug came from. I Never claimed I am a writer of note, but why do you want to remove my right to state my thoughts? Or if miss leading please show us were a truck with 3100 pounds illegal drugs entering the US is not misleading.

    • Sandy is a pest and a troll that only posts on Lou’s blog to start fights. He makes false and dishonest statements almost always about topics known to be Russian memes. He is usually foul mouthed and always argumentative. Never helpful, rarely on topic and never clever. He confuses word grenades for thought. It is also worth noting that he has serious problems with the truth. He also thinks Popeye’s Chicken is edible.

      He also thinks everyone is trying to forbid him from posting and cries about that all the time.

        • I don’t know that this has anything to do with keeping score, besides Sandy knows he has no credibility any more, even on this blog. He has worn out his welcome beyond repair with so many falsehoods and so may lies that nobody takes him seriously anyhow. The fact that he sticks around where he’s obviously not respected make that even worse

          Bad behavior is telling and he’s the kind of guy who can’t find anybody to buy him a drink at the VFW anymore, even if he offers to pay.

          He’s even got his Russian handlers laughing at him.

  5. Trump continues to use the Hitler “Big Lie” strategy of repeating the same falsity over and over that says the election was rigged if he loses, hoping that people will think it is true. They probably will, it has worked before in history.

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