A major Keys industry is lobstering. Spiny lobsters constitute a multimillion dollar business. China being its biggest customer.

Traps built specially to capture the lobsters are required. An industry unto itself. Ian blew away/destroyed 80 percent of the traps. Traps were blown as far as 7 miles from their settings. One fisherman estimates he lost 1,500-2,000 traps.

Traps presently cost $80 and more a piece. Two years ago, $40. The increase attributable to Ian. Two wood mills which make the traps are located in Arcadia, Florida. They were flooded. The cost pf rope has increased also. First, last year. More this year due to Ian.

The final and new cost involves aerial reconnaissance. Planes are being utilized to search for traps blown away. They can be recovered and most used again. Planes were used for the first time following Irma.

The expense getting the lobster industry back on its feet an expensive one. Federal and state assistance will be required.

I have to smile when I read the criticism being heaped on Fort Myers for purported delay in calling for a mandatory evacuation. I have no idea whether Fort Myers did wrong.  My initial reaction is in any disaster someone is sought to blame. Fort Myers may be such a victim. It called for mandatory evacuation after adjoining areas did. Less then 24 hours involved.

Let me share my thoughts re mandatory evacuation.

Few leave.

The residents have been through hurricane warnings for years. In many, told to evacuate. Initially did. Nothing happened. The hurricane missed them or was insignificant so they could have remained. People get tired of leaving and nothing happens. No easy task evacuating.

Then there are those who cannot afford to leave or have nowhere to go.

Assume all heed the warning and evacuate. They can’t. Insufficient gas available. No question about it.

Those that do leave find themselves bumper to bumper for hours. Stopped because of accidents, too much traffic, emergency vehicles, etc. Traffic does not move fast. I recall Georges. It took me 17 hours to get to Miami. Three hours to get to Big Pine alone. Big Pine 30 miles north of Key West. The traffic signal at the main intersection was working. Traffic was two lanes north. The south bound lane had been made north bound. The cross roads in Big Pine had next to no traffic. However the north bound traffic on US 1 was held up by the light. People stupidly stopped for it.

Judge with a grain of salt.

Everything/person Trump touches he destroys/corrupts. The court system next. Including the Supreme Court. The Mar-a-Lago documents case an example. Now he is trying to get the Supreme Court involved. Believing of course his friends like Thomas and the others he appointed owe him and will rule his way.

The court system was not and is not intended to work that way. Justice supposedly blind.

Congratulations to New York Yankee Aaron Judge. He broke Roger Maris’ American League home run record yesterday. Maris’ record of 61 home runs had stood for 61 years. Judge hit #62 last night.

Barry Bonds hit 73 home runs in 2001. However it was discovered he used steroids. He has yet to make it to the Hall of Fame. His last chance comes this December. I do not believe he belongs. He cheated.

The Daily Correspondent 10/3/22 reported: Archeologists In Greece Unearth ‘Larger-Than-Life’ Statue of Hercules.

Two thousand years old. In a dig in the town of Philippe located in Northern Greece.

I’m not surprised. I have spent much time in Greece. As long as two months at a time. Traveled the country a bit. Everywhere I went, they were digging. Unearthing whole cities, neighborhoods, artifacts, etc. Greece is antiquity itself. Worth seeing.

Lunched at Roostica yesterday. Limoncello wings. Always delicious!

Today plan on lunching at Harpoon Harry’s. Turkey special. Thanksgiving dinner. Always delicious, also!

Lunching out today because of voodoo massage at 4. Vast improvement since begun. Not sure if it will ever be complete.

Enjoy your day!




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