A school board budget committee in Bellevue, Virginia voted to eliminate fourth grade entirely. The committee decided it was “the best path forward” announcing: “We believe the school’s budget will be much healthier if we cut all fourth grade students entirely.”

A school board spokesperson said, “A clear choice. Each of the 500 fourth graders cost $10,000 a year.” The spokesperson added, “Sadly, with each fourth grade student sucking up valuable finite resources like teachers, textbooks, lunches, and desks, we’ve been operating in the red…..eliminating an entire elementary school grade will improve our school for the remaining  first, second, third and fifth graders.”

The spokesperson added after the board saw the improvement in test scores that eliminating fourth grades had achieved, the committee also opted to cut all students at the school as well.

Published in The Onion last night. Popping up all over the internet this morning. Written in The Onion and here with tongue in cheek.

Florida has been suffering a housing crisis of significant magnitude. Ian has made it worse. Dramatically so.

Key West suffered its third fire in a week. At the Roosevelt Garden Apartments. Displaced 14 persons. Six units involved. Two totally destroyed. Four inhabitable, but will have to be repaired first.

The fires a contribution to Key West’s housing problems.

Steve Thompson, Logan’s Lobster House, Alaska, and Jimmy Buffett.

Logan’s Lobster House was at the end of Simonton Street. I enjoyed Stu Logan when I went there to eat. Steve was a big man and he loved to talk. Live lobsters in a tank for everyone to gawk.

He said he spent his summers in Alaska every year, but the rest of the time he was here. I told him my brothers were commercial fishermen there. After that we had many stories to share.

Stu hired Jimmy Buffett to play. I’m sure it was his busiest day.

Latest Mar-a-Lago news of interest.

The Washington Post reported that in February Trump attorney Alex Connor refused Trump’s request that he advise the National Archives all documents had been returned. The Washington Post also reported Trump himself packed the boxes with the documents himself at the White House prior to their being shipped to Mar-a-Lago.

Two evidentiary points that will assist in burying Trump.

Trump is sue crazy. He keeps the courts busy. Fortunately, the court system is free. Probably why he uses it so frequently.

Trump brought a new lawsuit. He filed a $475 million defamation lawsuit against CNN. In all likelihood, a waste of public dollars in the final analysis.

He should be charged for ALL costs for abusing the free court system, judges and staffs. The man is eating up tax dollars like crazy. Does not phase him in the least. Recall how many times he bragged he was too smart to pay taxes.

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  1. Your recap of the Onion’s story about eliminating 4th grade in Virginia was great. The Onion has has all kind of stories like this about the 4th grade and backwater school boards. They would all be just as hilarious if they wern’t so scary and ominous.

    We are seeing for real school boards all over the country dumbing down their local schools. In upper Wisconsin they are considering eliminating some advanced math clases as “not needed” for locals. Same thing for things like physics and chemistry in more rural areas or Tennessee and Georgia. These things might sound good to locals, but it isn’t so good for the rest of America in the long run.

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