I have spent 26 years with hurricanes in Key West. Left for most. Would never stay for more than a 2. Was hoping track was going to bend. Does not look like it. I am leaving in about an hour. Could not get a plane. Getting in my car and driving straight north. No particular destination in mind.

Plan on writing blog every morning.

I will not be doing my podcast tonight. Need my home line to do it.

To those of you who have written or called, thank you for your concern.

7 comments on “I’ M LEAVING DODGE

  1. Good call on your part. I’d stay away from the east coast. Just sayin’. Hurricanes are fickle, as you well know. What about Lisa and family? Are they leaving as well? Hopefully. Batten down the hatches, leave it and hope it is all for naught and it’s intact when you return. Safe travels, Louis.

  2. Its probably a good move to leave. I’d offer our place for you and whoever you take with you, but, that monster of a storm is now projected to hit the middle Keys and head straight up into the mainland. It doesn’t look as though anyone in Florida is safe at this point.

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