Parts of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech were improvised while the speech was being delivered.

A formal speech had been prepared the day before. The text reduced to writing. King had it with him and was reading from it as his speech began.

During his reading of the seventh paragraph, something that can only be described as extraordinary happened.

Mahalia Jackson shouted out “tell them about the ‘dream.'” Few heard her. Ted Kennedy was one.

King pushed “the text of his prepared remarks to one side of the lectern…..shifted gears…..gave himself over to the spirit of the moment.”

King than improvised the second half of his speech which included the “I have a dream” refrain. It included in thought, though not in preciseness, similar words spoken by him 2 months earlier at Cobo Hall in Detroit.

Those words now frozen in time.

It will be a bit warmer today. Though 7 at the moment and only 54 degrees in Key West, the temperature will rise to 70 today.

Facebook ran a cartoon today re the cold blanketing Florida. Someone asked while standing by a refrigerator: What’s in the freezer? An old geezer sitting in a rocking chair responded: Florida!

Came across a statement applicable to me on Facebook: “I have reached an age where my mind says I CAN DO THAT. But my body says, try it and you’ll be sorry.”

Learned by me the hard way!

I watched the Miami/Buffalo game yesterday. Fully expected Buffalo to devastate Miami. Began with Buffalo quickly going ahead 17-0.

The game ended with Buffalo winning by a mere 3 points 34-31. Obviously, it turned into a very exciting competitive game.

Nature is destroying our planet. Man causing nature to do so, of course.

The destruction a constant one. Radical storms a yearly happening. California flooding and hurricanes in the east reflective of the trend.

Many are its effects. Side repercussions. Insurance company failures will be one. There will not be enough money in their tills to meet their contractual obligations.

The U.S. has had what might be described on occasion as days not its finest. One this day in 1919, the 18th amendment was ratified banning alcohol consumption.

On this day in 1412, the Medici family was appointed official banker of the Papacy. Like making Al Capone Secretary of the Treasury.

Enjoy your day!


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