Tuesday night at 9 is my podcast show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I spend all day tuesday preparing for the show. Never leave the house.

Everything was ready to go at 8. Everything hooked up, notes on the desk, etc. Needed only 30 seconds to make everything operational.

I laid on my bed to watch TV till show time. Fell asleep!!! A no no!!!

Woke and Rachel Maddow was on. Her show starts at 9. It was 9:02. Rushed to my office, did the necessary, and was on the air 3 minutes late.

I was still half asleep. The first few minutes were a disaster. Even got a coughing jag.

I have not looked at the finished product. Some will write me today and tell me how it came out, ask what was wrong, etc.

Florence is bothering me mentally. I attribute the problem to Irma. Amazing!

Spent 60 percent of the show discussing hurricanes. Florence, Maria and the Labor Day 1935 Hurricane.

Trump had the audacity to speak of Puerto Rico yesterday. Trump said Puerto Rico was the “best” job the U.S. did. Described the help provided as fantastic. Closed with the assistance provided as “an incredible unsung success.”

What does he smoke?

Trump deludes himself. Puerto Rico a failure if there ever was one. Almost 3,000 dead as a result.

I buy the President is not mentally stable.

Re Florence, he says we’re ready. FEMA ready. A good job will be done. I hope so. However, I am willing to bet he will blow it here also. No one at Trump or FEMA’s level seems to understand what is coming. The devastation Florence will wrought.

Florence is a monster racing to the coast. The Carolinas in danger. Perhaps even Georgia. Hurricanes are fickle. All wind is fickle. Some experts believe Florence could turn left, move south, and not make landfall till it hits Georgia.

Whatever, rain will be torrential. Twenty inches or more. Surges 18-20 feet. Flood waters estimated at 4 feet.

The Carolinas have not been subjected to such a storm since some time in the 1950’s. I read somewhere that Eisenhower was President and Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe were newlyweds at the time.

My car is sick. Does not start immediately. At the garage. Not the battery or starter. Mechanic thinks it is the ignition.

The car a Volkswagen Beetle. Ten years old. Only 40,000 miles. Should be good for another 10. However, the past two years it has been costing me money. One thing after another.

Terri sings tonight at Blue Macaw. Larry and Terri. A big event. First time she will be paid by Blue Macaw. Beginning this evening, every wednesday a paid performance.

My working lady!

The Southwest Point. A very popular tourist stop. Purportedly the most southernmost point in the U.S. Not really, but accepted as such.

Tourists line up a hundred at a time by day to stand in front of the red, yellow and blue monument. They wait in line so their pictures can be taken standing in front of the monument.

When I finish my night at Blue Macaw, my way home takes me past the monument. Ten at night, there are still people waiting in line to take a picture. Not many. Ten to twenty. Interesting. Definitely a popular tourist attraction.

Pythons a non-resolvable problem for Florida. The State waited too long to deal with them. Now estimated to be more than 1 million. Present goal is to contain the pythons, not eradicate them.

The State periodically runs eradication programs. Hunt down pythons and kill them! Not very successful.

The Irula tribe are born and raised in India. Their specialty is killing poisonous snakes. Male children are taught how to do so beginning at age 3.

They are in Florida now at the invitation of the State. To hunt and kill pythons. I am unaware as to what they are being paid.

The federal government was severely criticized in 1935 following the Labor Day hurricane in the mid Keys. A category 5. Close to 700 World War I veterans were sent to work on U.S. 1. Lived in tents, etc. The hurricane killed 485, most of whom were veteran workers.

The criticism levied against the government was for sending workers into the Keys during hurricane season. Turned out Washington was not cognizant of hurricanes or their season.

A somewhat similar situation occurred recently.

This is hurricane season. Florence on the way. Unquestionably a biggie! This summer Homeland Security took $10 million from its hurricane budget and transferred the money to ICE. ICE was in need of additional funding for immigrant detention and deportation.

Another Trump administration screw up! After Florence departs, Trump will be crying how much money the government needs to help Florence victims and how it does not have enough.

Washington values are misplaced.

Enjoy your day!


22 comments on “I FELL ASLEEP

  1. I was here for Irma. Afterwards there was no sign of FEMA around me except for a station set up at a local school where food and water was available, but not ice. That place was crawling with National Guardsmen but that was the only place I saw them. Thank God for the Big Pine Winn Dixie which re-opened soon after Irma and basic foods like milk, bread, eggs and canned goods were available, also ice and batteries. There were police from all over the Country running up and down the highway, sometimes in packs, but that was the only place I saw them. Our great local Sheriffs guarded the subdivision highway entrances. Basically though you were on your own, except for friends’ help. There was no power or water pressure for a while.

  2. Tyrant & dictator Benito Mussolini, head of the National Fascist Party in Italy 1922-1945, told the people that he was responsible for making the trains run on time. He knew he was “blowing smoke”, but was sure the Italian people would believe him because he was “Il Duce.” The trains never ran on time. Trump seems to have the same belief… that we’ll believe any BS he spouts.

    Mussolini was summarily shot and hung upside down from the roof of an ESSO gas station in April 1945.

  3. OK Kathy. I’m sorry, I misspoke/typed by typing ‘your’. TDS was a big subject here a for a week or so. It means different things to different people.

      • No kathy, lou’s blog is not all creeps there are some really good people here many with wonderful things to say and some with truly great sense of humor you just ran into the one guy who is the blog bully and always seems to want to pick a fight. just ignore him he has real problems.

  4. The apology was sincere Kathy, if you chose not to accept it, thats fine.

    If you had been reading this blog for the past week or so then the two definitions of TDS used here would be known. If not then my version is easily found on any search engine, the other version can only be found here by reading comments of some of the other ‘ladies’ here.

    You are right about this blog having its share of creeps. I’m sure I’m thought to be one.

  5. I would have to consider Linda a bully as I remember her starting the insults toward Patrick. He can exchange opinions but doesn’t back down from insults.

  6. Conservative definition of a bully, someone who picks on perceived weaker individuals or groups and can be backed down by equal force.

    Liberal definition of a bully, someone who uses facts to state their position and doesn’t back down when attacked with emotional outbursts based on nothing.

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