Good company, good food, good drink. More a person could not ask for.

Last night was one of those times. I dined well. At Donna and Terri’s. Donna cooked, Terri sang and I enjoyed. Donna is a superior cook. Terri bursting into song cannot be excelled. I was the perfect sponge. Absorbed everything.

It amazes me how well Terri looked. She had a chemo day thursday. Last night, you would never know she had the chemo nor cancer.

The weather continued to be bad yesterday. Poured off and on. Big time. Last night, especially. Supposed to rain into next week. Unusual. Summer is upon us. Rains every day. Like 5-10 minutes. Not pour. This is crazy!

Pride Week. Big goings on. Today, a street festival. 700-900 blocks of Duval blocked off. Through midnight. Tomorrow, Pride Parade. Five pm. The length of Duval.

Key West is a writer’s paradise. Not only novels and short stories, poetry also. Poetry writing significant.

The Key West Poet Laureate for 2017 has been announced. Flower Conroy.

In addition to national recognition, her work has been locally acknowledged. She won the Tennessee Williams Poetry Contest, the Richard Heyman Award, and is the recipient of a 2017 grant from the Anne McKee Artist Fund to produce an anthology of poetry for the five day workshop Conroy recently lead at the Key West Library.

Bobby Nesbitt and Skipper Kripitz. Two outstanding Key West entertainers. Two nice guys. This wednesday evening, they will appear for the last time at The Room. A recognition “the season” has ended. They will return in the Fall.

The Key West City Commission declared a new activity. Several months late in beginning. Third delay of its start announced.

I am referring to the Duval Loop Bus. Part of a plan to reduce traffic and congestion on Duval.

A 16 stop free bus service. I have to smile. Needed parking spaces will be eliminated to accommodate most of the bus stops. The bus itself when stopped will delay traffic in many instances.

The bus was supposed to be ready for operation in December. Unable to. Not enough drivers. Second time, bus wraps (whatever they are) and promotional materials had not arrived.

Bus drivers have been hired. Still cannot use them on the Loop service. The third delay has been announced. Something about a 3 inch wide pole not yet finished. The poles are required at the stops. Hurricane problems require a bigger pole. Not normal. Special manufacture apparently.

In the meantime, bus drivers must be paid or the City will lose them. They are filling in on City buses.

Sounds like money wasted to me.

Not strange. Not unusual. Everything the City does is late and one way or another costs more money.

Did you notice? Trump never mentions Russia and its intrusion into our election system. Why not? It is the key reason for the investigation.

I continue the Trump emboldening Saudi Arabia kick.

After Trump’s visit, no question Trump and Saudi Arabia asshole buddies. A logical conclusion if Trump is close to Saudi Arabia, then the U.S. must be also.

Saudi Arabi is on Qatar’s back for spreading terrorism. Makes me laugh! The Middle East’s biggest supporter of terrorism has been Saudi Arabia.

Trump yesterday announced the U.S. would no longer provide “high level” support to Qatar. He forgets we have a major military base in Qatar with 10,000 military personnel stationed there.

One hour after Trump’s statement, Tillerson announced Saudi Arabia should lift its blockade and talk things out with Qatar. His opinion being that the Saudi/Qatar conflict was affecting the war on ISIS.

Trump and Tillerson messages not in sync. Typical however of what we have come to expect from the Trump administration. The left hand many times does not know what the right is doing. Described another way, the President went off on his own without consultation with his Secretary of State.

The Belmont today. Some of the excitement lost. Neither the Kentucky Derby winner nor the Preakness winner are entered.

Enjoy your day!

20 comments on “I DINED WELL

  1. You have mentioned being with Terri a few times lately, I assume you have not asked her.

    You’re right about the city. The majority of what they do is not thought through very well.

    ‘The left hand many times does not know what the right is doing.’ end quote
    That statement is appropriate for more than just this present admin.

      • I know she wouldn’t remember me, but, I’m pretty sure we had a chat and a drink at one of the NYC joints. I’m thinking it was Roses in the village. It was a long time ago and I don’t know if the place is still there.

        • You’re a winner, Patrick! So is Terri. She worked at Rose’s 14 years. Her eyes went up when I mentioned your name and physical appearance today. I remember him! The two of you had a drink together. Bet you were a charmer in those days!

          • Well, I hope her eyes went up with a glint/spark and not of disgust. [smiley face]. I remember the time as enjoyable, I think she is a great gal and as mentioned before I wish her well. Glad you remembered to ask, thanks.

            ‘Charmer in those days’ . Heck, didn’t I charm you in the waiting room that day. [another smiley face] I thought we had a good chat.

  2. Louis, every blog has a paragraph or 2 of your libdem anti President Trump remarks. I expect that of you. So do all of your many libdem blog readers. However, I am not one of those libdem blog readers as you know. However, I am just fine with everything that President Trump and his team do and say. The team is now making American great again unlike the past 8 years adm. I’m feeling happy.

    • Diana – wouldn’t you think it better you remain silent on this subject at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and we move all doubt of it?

    • Because you’re a fucking idiot, Diana. Same reason you ran a pathetically received campaign for city clerk in bumfuck Michigan. That’s why. Louis, I know you know this lady is a toxic piece of shit. She’s aggressively stupid. Please don’t follow her down whatever line of bullshit she is feeding you regarding a book.

  3. One must ask why Saudi Arabia continues to get a pass from the US government. They continue to support radical islam and abuse many of their citizens. Something is wrong here.

  4. Louis and Jarles who is probably really Charles – Jarles might be paid by Soros too with typical ugly angry incorrect comments about moi. Soros money I smell here….

    • Diana, since “Jarles” has posted quite a few times it is most likely intended. How many times can you repeat the same mistake when typing?. However, speaking of mistakes, Trump is a failure and will continue to be so. His declaration to the rise of Nationalism is already laughable. France first, Theresa May second, oh so many will not support the Trump/Bannon agenda, here and abroad……in politics sometimes a burp is just a burp, like America embracing Reagan’s trickle down theory. Fear not Diana, Trump is nothing more than an unfortunate occurrence, a broken jar in an aisle of the grocery store. A little effort and determination and it’s problem solved. Let the cleanup begin!

    • Diana, it’s a fake name. We’ve met several times. That’s why I’m confident in my assessment of you as a stone cold dumbass. You’re a classic upper Midwestern moron whose face looks like someone kicked a hole in a wet paper bag. The fact that you reproduced amazes me; I enjoy how you constantly refer to your daughter as kid or the kid. That only tracks in the sense that you are similar to livestock. You’re a stupid, dull person with no personal or professional accomplishments. Side note, Ms Millikan, if I were you, I’d rethink my passwords and other authentication mechanisms. I’ve restrained myself thus far. The response you get out of me is neither angry nor incorrect. The fact that you feel empowered enough to speak with other people and comment on the internet makes me embarrassed for you and hopeless for humanity. You’re a dumb, ugly person inside and out. I invite you to reply.

    • Haha. If your butt ugly daughter speaks to you the way I do, you’re a failure as a parent. I sound like a millennial because I’m a 30 year old. Diana, I have two advanced degrees, work about 80 hours a week and have been pulling mid six figures since I was 23. You, personally and abstractly, disgust me. My hard work pays for your social security, public services and I’d bet healthcare. But I’m happy to do it because I’m a libdem. And because you had the gall to respond despite my suggestion of caution, look for a nice surprise on your credit score.

  5. Louis, blog commenter Jarles (faux name) appears to be a pathetic liar loser. Let’s ignore him, want to? He/she/it seems to not offer any positive comments but rather just incite non libdem commenters of which I seem to be the only one. Just saying….

    • Since I’m a liar, I’ll send 10 more hard inquiries into your credit. Usually lowers total score five points per inquiry. You’ve got 20 coming at you now. Care to increase it? Based on what I saw, you’re not in a position to lose 100 points.

  6. Louis – re Diana – I am now sending an additional 10 hard credit inquiries for a total of 30. I’m further considering what to do with her social security number, bank account info, property records for 200 West Brady Street in Chesaning, Michigan, and some of the other information she had casually left around the internet. Stay tuned.

  7. Jarles – geeze, you sound like a right wing nut case full of hate. Are you some kind of undercover troll? Diana is a fool and chooses to regularly prove it with her self revealing destructive posts. I say she’s her own worst enemy and the fun part is she keeps digging her own grave with her ridiculous remarks, bad grammar and VERY poor communication skills. You’re just obscuring her self imposed stupidity spotlight, with unnecessary bile.

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