I am concerned. Not about coronavirus directly. Rather whether the Republican Senate will do the right thing tomorrow night when it votes on the Emergency Relief Aid package the House passed Friday night.

I trust neither Trump nor McConnell.

Notice Trump stayed out of any direct negation with Pelosi. He worked through Mnuchin. I am confident Mnuchin communicated with Trump along the way. I do not trust Mnuchin either, however.

My gut tells me there will not be a Senate vote Monday night. Certain Republicans will find fault with certain portions.

Also, if the Republicans considered the vote important (as it definitely was), they would have remained in Washington Friday night to vote.

I fear it is part of a game plan involving Trump and the Republican Senate. By keeping himself out of direct negotiations, Trump can claim he is lily white. He agreed to what the House passed through Mnuchin. His claim will be he cannot control everyone. The Republicans bucking the bill did what they did on their own.

I hope I am wrong. We need the emergency aid like yesterday.

Why are people hoarding bottled water? Little mention of the hoarding. I caught a brief few seconds about it on one of the news shows last night. Something about the virus could end up contaminating the water supply.

If so, the American people should be clearly told. Amazing how little is shared with us.

At one of the Rose Garden “shows” last week, my recollection is we were told testing for 1 million would be available by Sunday evening.

If my recollection is correct, the White House has remained silent since that announcement.

Today is Sunday.

It would be horrible if the government failed to meet its most recent deadline.

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson remain in quarantine in Australia.

An interesting couple. They are communicating their present existence. Turns out Rita has a huge sense of humor.

Two days ago she said she only “wanted Corona from Mexico in the future and then only to drink!” Yesterday, she came up with “Quarantunes.” Songs she put together that reflect an isolation existence. Thirty two of them. Like All By Myself, I’m So Tired, and Survivor.

Interestingly, Tom and Rita have been married 31 years. Obviously a good marriage, especially for Hollywood.

When ebola was the international health scare in 2014, ministers on the religious right blamed Obama because God was unhappy with the way he was treating Israel.

Now comes coronavirus. The same minsters are telling us to worry not. It will pass. God will not punish us. The reason being Trump’s position on Israel and abortions.

Politics and religion should never be joined.

Dr. Fauci said yesterday that as many as 1.7 Americans possibly could die because of the virus. He added however that such was “unlikely.”

Tino back!

Tino e-mailed me. Movie and TV productions in Chicago where he lives and play acts are shut down till further notice. Coronavirus responsible. So his pics will be few, if any, for a while.

Tino sent me a photo from a show he did earlier in the year. It is from the Amazon PRIME TV series Fargo. A hoodlum/mafiosi series.

The photo has 5 men sitting around a table. The time the 1930’s. They are Chicago gangsters planning the overthrow of a group of Kansas City mobsters.

The 5 around the table are playing Italians. Tino is of Mexican origin. Four the the 5 are of Mexican origin.

Key West is beginning to lose cruise line business. It is anticipated to increase. Many cruise lines have suspended operations for the next 30 days.

Publix is reacting to the virus by cutting hours. Two hours a day. Will close at 8 in the evening. The reason advised is to give employees time to restock produce and sanitize shelves.

I joined the Publix home delivery service a month ago. Shopped in store yesterday. Forgot to get several items.

Since I have opted to go into some form of quarantine, I used the service this morning. Delivery expected between 1-2. Will let you know how it worked.

My “form of quarantine” is motivated by my age 84 and various maladies I have. Better safe than sorry. Not sure how stringent “my quarantine” will be. I see it as a day to day thing.

Hispanics have become a large voting block in the U.S. Most are Catholics. Hispanics make up 40 percent of all U.S. Catholics.

If the Democrats wish to win elections in years to come, the party better begin working to change the Republican Hispanics to Democrats.

One more political bit. The Biden/Sanders Democratic Primary Debate is this evening. No audience. The debate will take place in a studio. The candidates going at it face to face.

Sponsored by CNN. Eight this evening.

Enjoy your Sunday!

15 comments on “I AM CONCERNED

  1. Since I am bunkered in I am self testing. If I don’t get sick I don’t have it. If I do get sick I may have cornhola.

  2. KW is a military town and tourist town. Retired military can stay on base housing for a very low charge. They can also fly around this country and the world at little or no cost. A returning retired military personal coming from Italy has returned with the china bug and was on a military plane. They were in their town for several days before coming down sick. Is military screening for these flights at the same level as commercial planes? And we also get a number of privet jets in KW. Are they also checked? No word on TV news.

    • What makes you think ANYONE here is getting checked? We simply don’t have the tests to test. There are countless reports of airlines still coming in from Europe and the p@ssengers reporting that they were departing without ANY checks at all.
      Where have you been?

    • Duh…

      Well “just asking,” I can answer your questions since I am retired military.

      1. Retired can’t stay in on base housing in KW. There is no availability for them. Active duty has first priority and they occupy all the base housing.
      2. Yes, if someone was in the Military for 20+ years they can fly on military aircraft if there is space available. The military flies it’s mission first and the reality is, there is very little space availability.
      3. The couple you mentioned flew commercial. The Military planes have been full carrying active duty and mission essential, not retired.
      4. The military is screening much more than commercial airlines. They don’t want the military turning up sick in huge numbers. They had full scale checks far ahead of commercial airlines.
      5. Private jets? Duh… which agency do you think checks the rich folks. Let’s say they land in Marathon and have a car pick them up. Yeah… the limo driver is checking them… DUH.

      So what’s the answer since KW is will certainly be crawling with all the 3300 people in the US in a day or two. The answer is to be like Lou… stay at home and hunker down.

  3. So today on FOX news, Devin Nunes, Ranking Republican Congressman from California, urged Americans that “it’s a great time to go out and go to a local restaurant, likely you can get in easy.”

    What is a matter with him, what is a matter with Republicans?

    These are difficult times and we have dimwits in charge? This is NOT a political issue, this is an emergency issue. We MUST improve our elected officials, or we could all end up dead!

  4. If only Donald Trump, our president, had Not disbanded the NSC Pandemic unit that Obama had put in place, the one “experts” praised!

    If only Donald Trump, our president, had handled this better!

    If only If only Donald Trump, was NOT our president!

    • Maybe we would have had test kits in stock and be able to test on a wider basis
    • Maybe we would have been testing for the last several weeks or more
    • Maybe we would have had masks in reserves in at least reasonable amounts
    • Maybe we would have actually been working on a vaccine already, we knew about this a year ago.
    • Maybe we’d have had airport plans in place
    • Maybe we’d have had hospital plans in place
    • Maybe we’d be a little better prepared
    • Maybe the public would know better what to expect and what to do
    • etc, etc….

    • If we had truly known about COVID-19 a year ago, most of the preparations you list might have been in place much earlier . Everything I read says the first cases were reported in Wuhan, China in late December 2019. Can you cite an earlier origin? I can’t find one. Thanks.

    • The scenario is always the same, poor planning leads to an emergency situation. We, as a nation, need to spend less time saying we are the best in the world and more time proving it.

  5. who in the swamp forced all lab work go through the CDC lab?
    The Germans had the code to developing an antibody 3 days after the china released the DAN cod of the vires. But members of the swamp held it back. Time will tell us.

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