I have had a bad week with the computer. Certain facts must be understood.

I am not computer literate. I am of that generation that does not deal with machines well.

Some have asked where was my backup. I try. Understand I write this blog read by thousands world wide from a desk in my bedroom. I am not NBC or the New York Times.

My backup hardware when I have a problem is to go to Lisa’s and use her computer. This I did. I knew I had a virus. The virus showed up immediately as I used Lisa’s computer. I shut it down immediately, of course. Whatever my problem, it had to do with the program I use.

I did not want to share the virus with all of you. It took this long to get everything resolved.

I am back! Hopefully.

The highlight of my week without having to do a daily blog, weekly newspaper column, and weekly blog talk radio show, was meeting Patrick. That Patrick. Not as bad a guy as he sounds when he comments. We had an enjoyable half hour conversation.

Last night was Happy Hour at Martin’s with Jenna. More than a month since we had been together. She is more beautiful each time I see her. We enjoyed great conversation and small lamb chops, brie, crab cakes and sushi tuna.

Martin’s Happy Hour is the best deal in town.

Sherry is a loyal blog reader. I forget from where. She wrote several months ago asking if I could help her daughter Cassie get an internship in communications, TV, etc. I spoke with Jenna. Jenna interviewed Cassie and took her on. Jenna has told me several times what a find Cassie is. She is better prepared than other interns who have worked with Jenna.

Cassie is a student at Ferris State in Michigan. Jenna believes the school was instrumental in Cassie being as job ready as she is.

David Wolkowsky and I have become friends over the past several months at physiotherapy. I wrote a column two weeks ago in KONK Life titled David Wolkowsky. The man is Mr. Key West. Now, 96. David built the Pier House and Reach. He gave Jimmy Buffett his first paying job.

David is aware I broke my toe. A nice guy. He had delivered to me today at big sponge cake with fluffy white frosting. Written in blue on top: A Place For The Toe. Thank you, David.

Tom Oosterhoudt is a well known man about town. Conch Color is his production.

Tom’s back got screwed up a couple of years ago. He has had several heavy surgeries. Conch Color is a weekly. Tom does an editorial each week. This week he made mention that while he was in Miami for the last operation, Randy Roberts visited him. Randy washed his hair and face.

I have never seen as many tourists as this season. Town packed. Sidewalks so crowded it is difficult to walk. You flow with the crowd.

Syracuse did not make the big tournament. I suspect we will play in the NIT. A disappointment. However, I did not expect Syracuse to make it. A horrible season! Every now and then it happens.

Trump is a danger to our country, democracy, and way of life. I continue to compare him to Hitler in the early and mid 1930s in Germany.

If he becomes President, the country will be in far worse shape than before the election.

Elizabeth Warren recently commented on the Republican Party and Trump’s candidacy.

She said the Republican Party has welcomed every radical group into the party over the years. Now, they are taking over. They have the party by the throat. She believes the Republican Party will pay the price for its own extremism. Her conviction is the Republican Party has only itself to blame.

I agree with Warren.

The U.S. owes China roughly $1.5 trillion. China is also buying businesses in our country. The most recent acquisition is the historic Hotel del Coronado near San Diego. A Chinese insurance company paid $6.5 billion for it.

We are selling ourselves to the Chinese.

I hope this blog appears today. My frustration and exasperation will know no end if it does not.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Yea! You really are back this time, Lou! Sorry for your computer problems last week, but it seems to have been resolved at long last. Good to read you again!

  2. Elizabeth ‘ you didn’t build that’ Warren ! Hmmmm. Well, I guess for once she is right. But, I think both parties are to blame for what they’ve done to themselves.

  3. Welcome back. I was checking the obits and was glad not to find your name listed. We never would have had a trump if not for the deviseness and race bating of obama and his cronies. We are now going to reap the bitter fruit sewn by 8 years of obama. Had to laugh at Elizabeth Warren’s comment substitute Hillary and the Democratic Party in her diatribe and then you have an accurate sentence.

  4. “We are selling ourselves to the Chinese.”

    Fortunately, China is imploding economically now too. And with 4 times our population, they can never, ever, make them all happy and prosperous. Any nation with say, 400 million or so, mad as hell people is in for a rough ride down the road. Maybe the Chinese Communists are looking to expatriate to the west in the not so distant future and that is why they are using their cash now.

    The only down side I see, and it is a very real one. Is a nation in trouble like China often looks to start a war to rally the peeps round the flag. After all, in a nation of way over a billion, what easier way to slough off say 20-25 million mouths to feed bu tin a “Great Patriotic War”? I just hope the war is not with us and over their sandbars with missiles in the South China Sea.

  5. Syracuse is playing Dayton vs Syracuse on Friday. The game is in St Louis. I really believe they have a chance in the first two rounds. But after that is a major stretch.

  6. Cuse did make it. Im surprised this doesnt appeal to your liberal “everybody gets in” mentality. Please refrain from quoting Warren. Shes a boob who wont even support someone. An absolute fool.

  7. May I suggest that you use the cloud to back up your files?

    Carbonite, Dropbox, Idrive, Google Drive, and many Internet Service Providers have similar offerings.

    I use several for different purposes and it’s easy. (and dirt cheap when you need extra space or features!)

    Yell, if you need help.

  8. The Florida media must not like or broadcast about the North because as stated by others, Syracuse does play in the NCAA Tournament and has a winnable first game against Dayton. Good luck!

  9. Jenna got Martin’s last night.
    I got Hot Tin Roof last week.
    Louis chose both places.
    I even let Louis order for me.
    What I’d really like –
    An invite to Louis’ Key Haven home
    to see Jack Baron’s. That’s what I’d like.

  10. Lou! You are a wonderful man! Cassie & I owe you a huge debt of gratitude for helping her and Jenna meet. I only hope to be able to find a way to pay you back for your kindness! Next time I get down you and I will have to be in good shape so we can meet! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart! Sherry/Michigan

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