Home again! Never want to leave again! For medical reasons, that is.

It was not the best of times. Five weeks. Just under one month in Miami’s Mount Sinai Medical Center. Two pacemaker surgeries, one heart valve surgery, two lung procedures. The real problems, the ones causing me the most pain and discomfort, involved the gout I developed in both feet for 3 weeks and constant ass pain from old beat up mattresses in the hospital.

Slept in my own bed last night for the first time. Seven hours. A record. Only slept decent in the hospital one night. Generally averaged 0-3 hours sleep a night. Drove the nurses crazy moving my body around looking for pain free comfort.

This blog will be short. Though it feels good doing a blog again.

Another joy is to have a computer available. Missed the computer.

A step back in history with today’s podcast. Seven years old. Goes back to Hurricane Irma. I had escaped to Jean and Joe Thornton’s home in Birmingham for 12 days. I did the blog seated in a chair holding my cell phone in my bedroom there.



A visit with Dr. Norris later this morning. Important. Involves the drug Eliquis. A story unto itself which I will share another day soon.

Jaqueline is picking me up 3 Monkey Smoothies early this morning from Date & Thyme. I have missed them. Will be my breakfast this morning.

Need food. The softest. Still need an upper plate. Recall I lost mine when I got sick in the ambulance the first night I passed out the last day in January. Difficult to eat/chew without an upper.

So much for today. Starting slow. Thrilled to do even this little this morning.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Wonderful!! Been thinking about you a lot wondering how you are doing. Glad to know you’re ok and back at home. Welcome back! We’ve missed you!

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