I am trying to move slow. Get back into things a step at a time. So far I have only been home two days. Effort! Big time! No rest. So bad that yesterday afternoon, I said screw it and went to bed at 2 pm. 

Today’s blog a number of hit and miss items.

Came home to a flat tire. The way to start my home return.

Needed to see Dr. Norris. A necessity with my return.

A new pill was added to my regime in Miami. Eliquis. Twice a day. A story unto itself. For another day, however.

Other than getting tired and staying tired, I feel good. Sounds strange, I know. The sun is shining, I am shining. I can already feel the effects of my new aortic valve. Made from a pig’s ass. Medical science is amazing!

Sleeping well in the evening. Needed it! Sleeping at Mount Sinai the worst. Mattresses older than me. An actual pain in the butt the entire time I was there.

It seemed like the whole world sent me greetings one fashion or another. Several times a phone call from my Greek friend Theos. Two or three times from Jean Thornton who was calling from Hawaii where she and Joe were vacationing.

Heard yesterday from a friend from the past. One familiar to many of you. Marty Leshaw. There was a time for many years we met every night at the Chart Room and went to dinner afterwards. It was good to hear his voice again.

Can’t get away from medical people. Norris I mind not. Yesterday, a nurse appeared. I will be doing rehab for a time with her organization. I want it. Learned in Miami the value of rehab. Told here I refuse to actually start till thursday or later. I needed time to rest first.

Where is Trump going to get all the money he needs? Interesting! I would question the bond he recently purchased to cover the defamation judgements. Would have been a hell of a lot cheaper had he kept his mouth shut.

Today’s podcast is some 6 years old. Begins with the joy of Goombay and ends with Trump’s bad ways back then. Enjoy.



My grocery delivery girl Jaqueline took a bad fall at Publix. Wet floor. A ceiling leak. She has been out of work 2 days and probably will be out of work even longer.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is not his father. Not even close. I knew his Dad, admired him. His namesake is a first class nut. The best way to describe him.

He is running for President. As an independent, perhaps a Libertarian, or whatever. He has no chance of winning. Probably will not be on the ballot in all states. He will be a spoiler. Could hurt Biden more than Trump.

Again, his father he is not. His running is an example of poor erratic judgment. The kind neither his father nor Uncle Jack would ever engage in.

This Robert Hur is a nut also. A Republican and appointed special counsel to investigate Biden and documents. He appeared before Congress this week. Took the position he did not exonerate Biden. I thought he did. His testimony was so bad that bipartisanship appeared. Certain members from both sides of the aisle took him on.

Republican Congressman Ken Brooks is resigning. Not at the end of the year. Soon. Does not make sense. He must have an axe to grind. An anti-Republican one. His loss will decrease the Republican voting majority to two votes. 

Read an article this morning I found hard to digest. Understand. The U.S. is plagued with high home prices and and high interest rates. The solution suggested. Actually presented as a fact which will occur is not lower home prices. Rather longer mortgages. Suggested were 100 year mortgages.

Beyond me. Found it difficult to comprehend.

Enjoy your day!


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