Hitler had his Jews. The world swore it would never happen again. Unfortunately, it has happened somewhere many times since World War II.

Always an authoritarian despot.

China’s bad guy is Xi. Germany’s Jews of yesterday are China’s Uyghur Muslims of today. The Chinese have disliked and disapproved of the group for years.

In February 2016, I wrote as part of a blog China’s involvement in human organ sales. Big time!

Most of the organs being sold by China were removed from the live bodies of Uyghur Muslims. Generally anesthesia not used. Most died on the operating table while the removal was being done. Their bodies thrown into incinerators. Those still living were thrown with the already dead into the incinerators.


In yesterday’s blog, I referred to Chinese organ harvesting. Actually merely in passing.

This morning an article concerning China’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims. Totally incidental.

A Chinese official appeared on a sunday morning BBC news program. He was shown a video taken one year ago in China at a railroad station. The scene terrifying.

A huge group of Uyghur Muslims could be seen kneeling, handcuffed, blindfolded and heads shaved. They were waiting to be put on a train and taken to “reeducation camps” or “detention centers.”

Most to be murdered in one fashion or another. Simple execution or organ removal.

Shades of the Holocaust!

Secret police in Portland. Trump’s military. Different from Hitler’s Gestapo.

A comment to yesterday’s blog made an astute observation. Those in Germany at least knew who was arresting them.  In Portland, not.

Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire world wide. Especially in the U.S.

The U.S. has 4.5 percent of the world’s population and more than 25 percent of the world’s coronavirus cases.

Since the first U.S. coronavirus death in February, 1,000 people a day have died. U.S. deaths now exceed 140,000.

The U.S. leads the world in number of cases and deaths. Not a record to be proud of.

The nearest competitor to the U.S. re deaths is Brazil. The U.S. has more than two times the number of deaths than Brazil.

Florida a disaster. I write of Florida specifically since it is the State of my residence.

Florida has had 10,000 plus new coronavirus cases for 5 consecutive days.

Forty five Florida counties have no more ICU beds. All occupied. Monroe County my home has 9 ICU beds. All occupied.

Numbers reveal the problem better. Florida has 6,252 ICU beds. Presently occupied, 5,035. A mere 19 percent of ICU beds left available at a time when Florida’s number of cases is spiraling upward.

Unquestionably, Trump is the blame for the bad situation the U.S. is in. He refused to acknowledge the seriousness of the virus and provided only minimal assistance.

Trump is not done in failing to do what should be done.

A new coronavirus relief bill is before Congress. Supposedly this week is the one where Congress will do what ever it considers right and then send it onto the President.

Trump wants to remove remove significant funding from the CDC and NIH. He also wants to remove ALL funding for testing and contact testing. Zero funding!

He’s crazy! Inept and incompetent! Fails to understand the needs of the people. Hurts way more than he helps in every respect.

Finally, the Trump/Fauci relationship continues to deteriorate. Trump says, Fauci is an “alarmist.” He seeks to destroy Fauci because not only does he speak truth, but he speaks truth to power. Something very few do today.

Two unusual occurrences reported this past week. Babies born with coronavirus. Not supposed to happen. A surprise.

One was a baby born in India. When doctors became aware of the fetus’ coronavirus condition, a premature caesarian was done at 36 weeks. The baby has recovered and is doing well.

The other involves triplets born in Mexico. Two have recovered. The third continues to have breathing problems and remains on a respirator.

The affluent in our country do not seem to want to help the less than affluent as they once did. The issue unemployment benefits.

The number of unemployed bcause of coronavirus is astronomical. In the first stimulus package, the unemployed received $600 a week in addition to their unemployment check. The program ends this week.

The Republican Senate wants that number dropped $200-400.

Will hurt big time. A drop in the bucket. $600 was a help. Made being unemployed less hurtful. It costs money to feed a family, pay rent, etc. Something Trump and his Republican cohorts do not understand because being poor not part of their lifestyle.

Those receiving stimulus assistance require every penny.

Protests and demonstrations becoming commonplace. All over the U.S. Seattle and Portland still in the news. New York City entered big time this past weekend.

People are not happy campers. Those participating and those not. Our country is screwed up. The people have had it. Whether the protesters are right or wrong is immaterial. The end of the line has been reached. They want to shout out what they deem to be the wrongs that have accumulated in our society.

Trump no help in putting out the fires. He continually fuels them.

A history of adverse policing contributing to the protests.

“Secret police” in Portland no help.

The U.S. not the only country having protest demonstrations. Russia, too.

Russia periodically has them. We do not hear either because the Russians keep it quiet or the U.S. media opts not to tell us.

Recognize that Putin has not been in a secure position for at least 5 years. Russia has economic problems. Coronavirus ones also. Russian young are maturing and do not agree with their elders as how things should be done. Putin an “elder.”

Recently, a demonstration occurred in a Russian government entity called Khabarovsk. Involved was an election for governor. Sergi Furgal won. Long a Putin adversary.

He was arrested soon after his election for multiple murders that occurred some time ago. His arrest 2 months ago. Following the arrest, he was immediately flown to Moscow.

He has been in jail the entire 2 months.

The people of his area are upset. Apparently Furgal is respected and liked. The citizenry believe his arrest based on phony charges. They want him released. Before he is killed!

The key to this Russian story is that the demonstrations have occurred several times and the numbers protesting. Each time, tens of thousands.

Trump is not the only one having problems.

A without thinking act of heroism. An off-duty Florida police officer jumped in the water and pulled a boy away from a passing shark.

Cocoa Beach Officer Adrian Kosicki was was walking the beach with his wife. He saw a 10 year old boy boogie-boarding. At the same time, he saw a shark approaching the boy.

Kosicki ran into the shallows off shore. People yelling “shark” as he ran. He grabbed the boy and dragged him through the surf to shore. The shark was “dangerously close” as he rescued the 10 year old.

Witnesses and a video someone took indicate the shark was “within just feet of them.”

God bless Kosicki. There are some good cops.

Last but not least, my Happy Birthday greetings to Lynda Frechette. Thirty going on 29. She and husband Bob the best of the best. I treasure their friendship.

Enjoy your day!



25 comments on “HOLOCAUST REVIVED

  1. Several credible outlets are calling the Federals in Portland “Police” because at least some of them have that (and only that) on their garb. Aren’t we supposed to be a nation without a Federal Police Force. Isn’t there strict laws against that?

    Many of these same outlets are calling them “Secret Police” and several are saying they are making unlawful arrests, some even ridiculing their “bumbling” approach to what they seem to be their for.

    Are we now a police state?

  2. They are federal officers from DHS and from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Their stated role is to protect the Federal buildings in downtown Portland.

    • Says who? Is there any such official authority? Is this a congressional mandate? A presidential edict? A press release? Proper or improper policy? Or just something you thought up?

      It would seem there needs to be something official before this was proper.

      • Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf on ABC’s Sunday program “This Week”. He stated that the federal officers were DHS, and they would remain in Portland to protect federal property as long as needed.

          • Is their mandate open ended and without ANY restraints? As an example can they detain anyone NOT on Federal property? Can they disrupt, shoot, or tear gas anyone not on Federal property or if on Federal property not in any way threatening that property?

            • Not according to how most prudent people would read the statute. Which is why there was considerable concern how Trump got away with clearing the area around the Church in DC a few weeks back. And why the good people of Oregon are so up in arms about Trumps goons roaming the streets of Portland, rather than protecting the Federal properties they are only supposed to be protecting.

              • I can see now why Democrats were very concerned about DHS becoming something we would live to regret, back in 2002 when it was created by Republicans. Trump is now using the mandate of the power given to the DHS, to create a Police State, way beyond it’s intended purposes.

            • Here’s where someone chimes in with how Trump has created a national secret police force to protect him in case he loses the election. Wait for it………..

              • That would be a reasonable response, given his history and the unfolding circumstances. You sound like you’re worried that is the real truth Serge. Most predictions about Trump have been spot on. It is you suck ups who have been wrong about almost everything so far.

    • If Trumps stormtroopers are “federal officers from DHS and from U.S. Customs and Border Protection” why aren’t they in those uniforms and identify as such, with name badges and everything else that is required of them within their usual duties? Seems to me they are trying very hard to be a secret police, why?

      • Maybe because it’s easier and safer to approach violent radicals on a city street at night, as opposed to showing up in bright white helmets with lots of flashing red lights on a high profile vehicle?

        • The political right seems to want to identify protesters as violent radicals so that they can call for heavy handed knee on the neck responses. Truth is the only real violence is when the white supremacists show up or when the cops overreact and lob tear gas and rubber bullets at anyone who they don’t like, particularly if they’re black.

          Truth is following the law and doing things correctly within the parameters of the law is what is required, not what FOX news says they should do. This whole problem is because the police have been acting outside of what they should be doing in the first place.

  3. Trump abruptly flips his mask position, like he instantly flipped his stance on Obama’s birth. Will he flip on Hillary too?

  4. I find it ironic that Donald Trumps best idea on how to make America Great Again, is by making it into a ‘Police State’

    • The whole “Trump’s secret police” trope really isn’t very convincing as a conspiracy theory. It needs more jazz. Now if you add black helicopters and a secret base in Nevada, you might be on the right track. Y’all should work on that.

      • Hey Sergey Feet – The “Trump’s Secret Police” ‘trope’ as you call it, is not a conspiracy theory and therefore there is no reason to ‘jazz up’ the truth, to make it something that needs false attention. That would be a FOX news and it’s followers thing to do, attempting to make a silk purse out of dung. You blind and obedient syncopaths are so use to being told lies, you a$$ume everybody else does the same. Awful truths do not need to be embellished with lies.

  5. Saw where Mitch McConnell went to the White house today in a tan suit. Remember a few years back when Obama was attacked unmercilessly by right wing goons, for having worn a tan suit to work? Those were the days, nowadays the right wing goons are too busy trying to explain away real problems and covering up for the correct and inept leadership of their own making. Strange how things turnout sometimes.

  6. I guess no one wants to comment on Lou’s topic about the slaughter of the Uyghur Muslims in China. It is happening, and it is horrific. Hopefully, our State Department will become more active in exposing this modern day holocaust.

    • Kind of hard to criticize China for suppressing it’s population without drawing attention to our own behaviors, now is it?

    • I think Lou did a pretty good job on the subject and don’t really have anything to add. I azzume you are just setting things up so that you can pontificate, as usual?

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