America is dying. The U.S. is on a precipice. Waiting to fall.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are on the move. War and Plague already have arrived. War being the protest conflicts occurring on the streets of America. Plague, coronavirus.

Conquest and famine not far behind.

I was chastised in a comment today for mislabeling BORTAC. I referred to it as the Border Patrol Military. Its correct name is Border Patrol Tactical Unit. Technically, a tactical unit of the U.S. Border Patrol.

Not conceived by Trump. Actually began in the mid 1980’s. Trump has found a new toy. He uses the force whenever he can.

BORTAC is not that large. A mere 220 members. Specially trained. My concern is that BORTAC also has part time members all across the U.S. To be used as and when needed.

Trump discovered them and is using them, whether full time or part time.

I would like to know how many part-timers.

I refer to BORTAC and ICE as Trump’s Gestapo. Some as Hitler’s storm troopers. The name immaterial. Their function important.

Perhaps a compromise is in order. Hitler also had brown shirts.

The important thing is to recognize Trump is using and developing certain groups detrimental to the democratic way as Hitler did.

Organ harvesting a big time business. Chinese astute business people. China recognized several years ago the market for human organs.

They are doing well at it.

A Chinese group is known as the Uyghur Muslims. China defecates upon them. Arrests frequent. In the dark of the night generally. Taken to concentration camps where, among other things, their organs are removed for purpose of sale to others.

A big dollar business.

Chinese doctors believe 28 year olds are the best candidates for organ removal. The estimate is 25,000 organs a year are removed. China derives an income of $10-20 billion a year.

China’s organ business is the largest in the world. In one fashion or another, China is involved in 60,000-100,000 transplants annually.

A portion of a blog I wrote in February 2016 dealt with China and organ harvesting. The article’s title: Sunday Writing. Organ harvesting a small part of the blog near the end.

Part of what I wrote is as follows: “China and body parts. China and the harvesting of organs.

Human life is not respected and cherished as in the the United states. China does a big business in harvesting and selling human body parts.

Recently, Newsweek published a detailed story concerning the issue. The article was written by several well respected journalists. I point this out because what I am about to share is so far out.

China removes body parts for resale from prisoners. Especially political ones. By the thousands. Livers, corneas, and kidneys.

No anesthesia is used. The person generally dies during the removal. The person’s body is thrown into an incinerator.

Some live. They are thrown alive into the incinerators with the dead.

China denies the story.”

Lets take a quick look at the coronavirus numbers.

U.S. deaths exceed 140,000.

Monroe County reports 810 cases. Six died.

One problem. Monroe County has only 9 ICU beds. All occupied at the moment.

I am not sure of the Key West numbers. Somewhere in the 60’s or 70’s. I expect them to surge upward a bit next week when the July 4th weekend infections come into play.

Trump refuses to accept responsibility for the conoronavirus. In any fashion. Especially now when the numbers keep climbing.

He want’s out.

He wants legislation pushing responsibility onto the states. His attitude is to let the states take the public relations fall, not the President.

Trump also rejects national standards. Such would impose responsibility for what happens on the President, also.

I can hear Donald now: The states failed, not me!

There are still good things in life! Today is National Ice Cream Day.

The man responsible Ronald Reagan. In 1984, Reagan declared it a national day of recognition. The entire month of July was declared National Ice Cream Month. The third Sunday in July, National Ice Cream Day.

When my children were small, gong out for ice cream was a big deal. Is it still the same today? I wonder if supermarket selling of ice cream in large amounts has dome away with the happy family event.

William and Matilda’s baby is not yet well. Starving. Matilda’s milk and goat milk insufficient.

William wrote in his diary this day in 1855: “Being awake in the night by the baby whose milk had curdled and who had nothing to fill herself and would not go to sleep.”

I feel sorry for Baby. Starving. Mother and goats not even close to sufficiently helping. Thank God we live in a world today where there is always a can of milk at the supermarket a baby can ingest.

Enjoy your Sunday!

20 comments on “AMERICA IS DYING

  1. Trump refused to say if he would leave the White House if he was outvoted in November when directly asked on Fox News.

    • Actually he said that he (apparently only he) “will have to see” if he will if he will accept the 2020 election results.

  2. Lou, do you, or does anyone, really know if Trump’s ‘secret police’ in Portland are actually BORTAC and or ICE forces mis appropriated from their stated duties to work at what ever Trump and apparently Trump alone has rea**igned them to do there? I have seen no announcement to that being true, only speculation that’s who it is, them and/or maybe concentration camp guards, too. However it could however be something totally different, couldn’t it? We also don’t seem to have any clue under what authority they or anyone else have to be there and do whatever they are doing, do we?

    Isn’t there some permission needed, or at least official notice needed or proclaimed, just like there needs to be permission for the president to start a war with a country that hasn’t invaded us. Oregon has plenty of ways to defend itself, including a State Police, County Sherifs and local police as well as the governors right to activate the National Guard. How can it be that one man alone, the president of the United States (Donald Trump) can send in a bunch (we don’t even know the sizes of his secret force) of armed soldiers without permission or notice, under no known specific authority or stated purpose?

    How can this happen? How can this be? How can we as a nation allow this to happen?governors right to activate the National Guard. How can it be that one man alone, the president of the United States (Donald Trump) can send in a bunch (we don’t even know the sizes of his secret force) of armed soldiers without permission or notice, under no known specific authority or stated purpose?

    How can this happen? How can this be? How can we as a nation allow this to happen?

    • So we don’t know for sure who these guys are in Portland, but we can a$$ume they are from a federal agency. Okay, I’m good with that. But why are they there? I know in advance that I will be flamed for this, but I want to bring up something that is not being talked about.

      The protesters/rioters/anarchists have done a lot of damage in downtown Portland. In most cities that would be for local police and civil authorities to take care of. In this case the most targeted and most damaged buildings are:
      The Hatfield Federal Courthouse
      The Pioneer Federal Courthouse
      The 911 Federal Building
      The Edith Green-Wenell Wyatt Federal office building

      Yes, the primary targets are all federal buildings, meaning they belong to you and me. And they have been under nightly attack since May 29th. Portland’s civil authorities have not stopped these attacks as they continue on now past the 50th day. So now there is someone (Trump?) who has decided to move in with federal forces to protect federal property. Most of you seem appalled by that, but I don’t have a problem with it. I would feel the same way if federal forces were used to prevent an attack by radicals on one of our military bases. It’s our property. Leave it the hell alone!

      • You are making a$$umptions directly contradictory to published facts and yet want to deflect any responsibility for spinning things by wining about being flamed?

        The Mayor and police chief of Portland, The Governor of Oregon and several other officials in the area are all on record saying that everything is under control, etc., etc. and they do NOT want this intrusion, which they are screaming has been made worse, NOT better since Trump’s goons have arrived.

        It’s bad enough that Portland has had SOMETIMES out of hand protest, but to misrepresent things further only make’s it worse. What on earth is your motivation to completely distort what is really going on?

        This intrusion is nothing but a political stunt with grave implications. Instead of being so worried about being flamed, why not be better informed and a little less controlled by the perverted right wing talking machines.

        • I agree with Ron and you deserved to be criticized for your post. If Trump had really wanted to protect federal property from being vandalized, he should have followed the law and proper procedures and sent in the National Guard to PROTECT those properties, not some ragtag, unidentified, untrained, stormtroopers, who have no authority, apart from Trump’s blessing, to do just that, PROTECT federal properties, not roam the streets and strike where they see fit.

          This IS nothing but a political stunt for the easily persuaded base.

          • For Ron and Andy, I offer two facts (yes, facts that are not in dispute).

            (1) The federal courthouses and office buildings I listed have been attacked and damaged by persons acting with intent to damage those federal properties. This is a clear violation of federal law.

            (2) Federal law enforcement has jurisdiction over crimes involving federal property. this is not up for debate. It is an absolute fact.

            If the mayor and governor have a problem with the presence of federal agents in Portland they need to take it up with Attorney General Barr. Good luck with that.

            • They HAVE taken that up – they’ve sued.

              This would be a different discussion, had Trump sent in the National Guard to PROTECT and Federal building, even just that ONE Federal building with Graffiti. However that’s not what happened. Trump alone sent in what can ONLY be described as a Secret Police force, of an undeclared (or known) quantity and quality, with unknown orders to do an unknown job and an unknown authority. Furthermore, they are known to be active nowhere near any Federal property.

              That’s the issue.

  3. I think maybe the Governor of Oregon should consider calling up the Oregon National Guard to protect the good citizens of Portland from Trumps secret Police.

  4. Yes unfortunately true, but when it happens elsewhere, like lately in Hong Kong, where people are being abducted anonymouzly off the streets by unknown ‘police’ we in America are aghast and vocal about how that can happen and needs to stop. However here in America when that same thing is happening, like in Portland, there are plenty of people on the right that are more than willing to make quick excuses for that and even willing to praise the president for doing so.

    What’s wrong with America?

  5. Secret police?
    We seem to be in agreement that the unknown agents in Portland were sent there by the Federal Government. So they would be US Marshals, FBI, or one of dozens of law enforcement agencies already located in hundreds of cities across the country. Each of those agencies was created by Congress or with Congressional oversight in open session and in full view of the public. Every American can read the legislation that created these agencies where their numbers, mission and authority are clearly defined. They are nothing like a secret police force. So please stop with the “secret police” conspiracy theories.

    • No, they ARE secret police. If they were one of the groups you mention, they would identify as such. Removing ALL identification, including their names, any rank, etc., is an obvious attempt to make them stealth and secret. Their vehicles are unmarked. Furthermore, they refuse to identify when confronted and will not say why or for what they are detaining anyone. Some are being held with no reason given and no explanation when released. So please stop with the ‘excuses’ and get a grip on what’s really happening.

      • So when confronted by street thugs they refuse to offer any explanations? And they detain certain people? And their vehicles are unmarked? Yep, clearly signs of a secret jack booted, goose stepping gestapo. If I were one of them, I wouldn’t feel obligated to explain myself to a rag tag bunch of anarchists either.

        The Portland police know who they are, and so does Oregon’s Attorney General.

        Secret police? Conspiracy theory.

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