On this day 1933, Ernest Hemingway was fishing with Captain Joe Russell. Russell was one of Hemingway’s best friends and owner of Sloppy Joe’s.

Hemingway caught a marlin measuring 12 feet 8 inches and weighing 468 pounds while they were fishing in Cuban waters.

Malaria is becoming threat in Florida. At a time when DeSantis has two top public health positions vacant.
This is the first time malaria cases have occurred in Florida in 2 decades.

The two top health positions have been left unfilled for quite a while under DeSantis. The two vacant positions involved are for persons to track and prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Health experts say the vacancies leave Florida facing a “serious health crisis.” Six malaria cases so far. All in Sarasota County.

The 1945 Christmas Carol…..Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful. Still popular today. Frank Sinatra recording a Christmas time favorite.

Refers to snow. Not hot humid summer heat. Substitute “Let the sun shine” for “Let it snow” and the song has a 2023 summer application.

Yesterday’s weather. Hot in Key West, though not as warm as some other parts of the country. Went out at 5 yesterday afternoon. Temperature 92 degrees. Five hours later on the way home, the temperature had dropped to 87 degrees. Still warm.

Pope Francis named 21 new Cardinals. They will be instilled at the Vatican on September 30.

Trump’s downfall coming. What is amazing is how many others he has taken and will continue to take down with him.
Rudy Giuliani represents the downfall of a former U.S. Attorney and Mayor. He “lost it” in his senior years. He wanted to be a “bigger man” and jumped on the Trump team to achieve the goal.

Foolish! Non-sensical!

His challenges to the 2020 election results were “utterly false” and “recklessly so.” A D.C. Court of Appeals Committee so said and recommended his disbarment to the D.C. Court of Appeals.

Giuliani already has had his license to practice law in New York temporarily suspended.

Last night a pleasant one. Steve Thompson and I enjoyed the Chart Room and Brady’s.
Drinks first at the Chart Room. Not too crowded.

Four middle aged men were partying. Respectful appearing. Obviously tourists. One bellowed “this place is a dive” and that they were waiting for two 24-25 year olds they had met to meet them there.

The ladies never showed.

The “dive” comment irritated me. Though I have been unhappy with the Chart Room of late, never in my 20 years of frequenting the place have I ever considered it to be a “dive.”

Dinner at Brady’s was good. Steve was excited. He enjoys Brady’s liver and onions.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. The ChartRoom is now staffed with a revolving door of bartenders and too many tourists and not enough travelers and locals.

  2. I think that guy you overheard call the Chart Room a “dive” is just one more example of how things in Key West have changed. You reacting is just ‘you’ catching up with what so many of the rest of us have been saying for a long time now. The type of people coming to Key West nowadays is making Key West a different place. Gone are those who appreciate the quirkiness, charm and quality of this little island paradise and in it’s place is the cheap, aragoant and hateful nastiness that is the true nature of MAGA Florida, nowadays.

    Not sure we’ll be back anymore.

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