Everyone has problems!

An interesting brief in Slate: “I Want to Chat…..I am in a monogamous relationship with a lesbian, but I’m more and more missing men.”

Dahlia Lithwick’s article in today’s Jurisprudence describes the Supreme Court perfectly in one word: “Arrogance.” The title: “How To Sum Up The Supreme Court Term.”

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, condemned Chief Justice Roberts yesterday for failure to reform the Supreme Court saying: “The highest Court in the land should not have the lowest ethical standards.”

I agree.

Time to make rules for the Supreme Court and clean house where warranted.

Alaska, too!

Steve Thompson’s twin brother Rich and his wife Linda e-mailed Happy Birthday greetings yesterday. Rich is a salmon fisherman in Alaska. Met he and Linda in January when they were visiting Steve and Cindy. He brought salmon from Alaska, cleaned and cooked it for our dinner. Delicious!

John Simonton at one time owned all of what in 1826 constituted the island of Key West. He brought a master carpenter from Baltimore. The rate of construction doubled following the master carpenter’s arrival.

In 1962, the movie PT-109, the story of President John Kennedy during World War II, was being filmed on Munson Island. Today, Little Palm Island. The movie starred Cliff Robertson as Kennedy.

Years later, I met Robertson at a fund raising event at the Mel Fisher Museum. He was serving as National Chairman of a fund raiser for the Museum.

Nothing wasted.

Old replaced concrete electric poles are being accumulated to be repurposed as a new artificial reef off the Florida Keys. The plan is to gather 37 of the concrete polls which stood 55 feet above ground to make the reef.

Involved is the Florida Keys Electrical Cooperative.

Two healthy robust sea turtles will be released today at noon at Higgs Beach behind Salute.

The Turtle Hospital will release Curly and Tutu. Curly a 15 pounder rescued in November off Big Coppitt Key. Tutu a 50 pound turtle rescued in October off Key West. Both were treated for fiberopapillomastosis and are ready to return to their home.

The public is invited.

Enjoy your day!

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