Key West’s tax revenues for 2020 came out yesterday. Today’s Key West Citizen made a comparison between 2020 and 2019.

COVID-19 was with us in 2020. Not at all in 2019.

Guess what? Tax revenues for 2020 were higher than 2019. Amazing, isn’t it. Which means the  bar, restaurant owners and other merchants who were complaining should not have.

If tax revenues were up, bar owners, etc. had to be making a big buck. The bars, etc. are a significant source of tax revenue for the City.

The people of Key West were played for suckers. There was little if any truth being spewed by the bar owners, etc. They were crying wolf. Foisting on the politicians and public there was a problem when there was not.

For shame!

If the tourist level had dropped, why have 2 airlines recently advised they have added Key West to their routes?

Jet Blue announced last year it would begin Boston and New York routes beginning 2/11. Today’s Citizen reported Allegiant Air would begin Key West/Nashville 6/2.

Airlines don’t fly where business is down.

Coronavirus data all over the country continues to be screwed up. Trump’s fault at the national level. State and local health departments also responsible for inconsistent figures.

The Monroe County Health Department reports it received only 1,300 vaccine doses. The Official State Vaccine Report advises the Keys received 1,507.

The Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo is for the rich and famous. Very affluent members.

They are getting far more vaccine doses than elsewhere in the Keys. Why?

The Monroe County Health Department does not know why. In the meantime, many are without.

The right hand does not know what the left is doing. And I at 85 and many other seniors have yet to get a shot.

The swastika painter has yet to be apprehended. On the loose since 1/6.

A tough criminal for the police to apprehend. The culprit was wearing a face mask. The mask covered a good 75 percent of his face. The police have a film shot of him at one of the places he was defacing. So far, it has been no help in catching the vandal.

Now to the national scene.

The House voted to impeach Trump yesterday. Means he has been charged. The Senate’s responsibility is to try him. A date has yet to be determined.

I would have not impeached Trump. I appreciate as Americans we want blood for what occurred on January 6. And it will come in due course. Does not however have to be by impeachment.

I want Biden to be able to jump in on January 20 and do what has to be done from that point forward. He has many Trump caused problems to correct.

My fear is Washington is going to get tied up in the impeachment trial and the Biden’ program will not receive the 100 percent attention required.

Trump will get his. Beginning this year. There will indictments. Beginning with the Manhattan DA and New York Attorney General’s offices.

An avalanche will befall him.

Thousands of U.S. military in Washington and more on the way. Twenty thousand total in the end. To protect Biden and the Inauguration. Also, to provide protections against any significant problems which might arise before then.

I reported last week that Trump may not be able to reside at Mar-a-Largo. The problem is the legal papers permitting him to operate the business Mara-a-Lago does not allow it.

When the ceiling falls, it falls on everyone. Ivanka and Jared spent $31 million on a lot to build a house on in Billionaire Bunker in Miami. They will have to look for another location. Billionaire Bunker blackballed them.

Trump eventually turns on everyone who has tried to help him. The newest person on his “screw you” list is Rudy Giuliani.

Trump is irritated at having been impeached again. He told his staff not to pay Giuliani’s legal bills.

Before the January 6 investigation is concluded, we are all going to be surprised at the people involved.

Claims are being made that certain House Representatives engaged in “suspicious behavior.” The claim is certain Representatives took certain insurgents on a tour of the Capitol the day before the attack on the building. Those providing the information to authorities described the walk around appearing to have been a “reconnaissance tour.”

I am unusually tired today. I have decided to have a Louis afternoon. Read a bit, watch a movie, and take a nap.

Enjoy your day!

17 comments on “HAS KEY WEST BEEN LIED TO?

  1. Lou- you need to read entire article in Citizen before lashing out about tax revenue. While some month to month 2020 to 2019 are up, the entire year is not up.
    No not know who you are referring to that lied to us but some business are hurting- just get our of your cocoon and look at closed businesses around town.

  2. The incoming VP has admitted to raising money to pay for rioters of this past Summer where 34 cops were killed, a Federal court house was under attack and set afire. Sounds like the same thing Trump just got impeached. Thst makes Me think that the day the VP takes the office she should be put on trial. Just change the Trump name to Harris. And MW told every one to get in the face of elected officials.

    • I should agree with Sandy, Lou’s resident hate troll, IF the incoming VP actually did raise money, azzuming it was illegal, for the rioters of this past summer where 34 cops were killed, and only if it were true – and that Sandy agree that same degree of culpability was applied to those who raised money to help the rioters who attacked and actually killed 5 people, during the capitol insurrection this January.

      But Sandy, as always, has his facts all wrong to begin with and would never keep any bargain anyhow, Sandy being the scumbag troll he is.

  3. So now it comes out that Ivanka and Jared refused to let any of their Secret Service detail use any of the six bathrooms inside their D.C. home, forcing our government to spend $3,000.00 a month, since 2017, to rent out nearby space with a bathroom.

  4. Over 100 statues have been removed or “cancelled” as a result of the Black Lives Matter Protests in 2020. Even, the man who freed slaves, Abraham Lincoln, had his statue torn down.
    When are any of these folks going to be cough?

    • None of these people, including several state and local municipalities need to be “cough” (whatever that means) as Sandy questions, nor need they be. Sandy however, ignores mentioning the wilful destruction at the Capitol building, encouraged by the president of the United States, Donald Trump, probably because he doesn’t care about that in any way, only distorting the mostly peaceful protests by the BLM peoples.

  5. Yes we have been lied to. Duke University operates a joint-campus in China with Wuhan University, a public university that repeatedly carried out cyber attacks on behalf of the Chinese military. But by who?

    • Hate China much Sand? And what on earth does Duke University have to do with their Joint-campus with Wuhan University (if that’s even true) or anything Lou is writing about on HIS blog? And why did you not include the other more than sixty external universities and institutions, it also has connections with? Is it that you let your HATE for Duke University cloud your senses overcoming any understanding of the reality of your thoughts.

    • Yes, let him go. If he stays and is convicted, the next Republican President could then Pardon him. If he flees, but then tries to return, he would be arrested. That could not be Pardoned.

  6. Trump should be arrested and charged with sedition, insurrection and murder. That attack on the Capitol was much worse than some GOP frat boy panty raid.

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