A President who enjoyed a morning shot of Old Grand-Dad? Harry Truman!

Key West. Truman rose at 5:30. His first breakfast consisted of orange juice and a shot of bourbon. Old Grand-Dad. Less frequently, Wild Turkey.

Then his walk along Key West streets.

When he returned to the Little White House, he completed his breakfast. An egg, slice of toast, slice of bacon, and glass of skim milk.

The same sequence in Washington. The orange juice with a shot of Old Grand-Dad upon rising. His walk. Followed by the one egg, a slice of toast, etc.

Sometimes the time of the walk was interrupted. On the occasions he had a full staff early morning breakfast meeting, he would walk in the evening.

Truman unapologetic about his morning drink. And the one or two he had in the evening while playing cards.

One of our greatest Presidents. A man who made major decisions affecting the whole world. Started his day with a shot of Old-Grand.

“Today’s the day!” It was! Finally after 15 years of searching. It was on this day in 1985 that Mel Fisher found the mother lode of the Spanish galleon Atocha.

God bless him, his family, and Key West!

I was out and about everywhere thursday evening.

First the Chart room. Lovely Tammy bartending.

Ran into Jean Thornton and Cori Convertino. First time Jean and I have been together during her present trip. Cori I had not seen in a while. Two interesting people. Intelligent.

After they left, I sat at the bar next to Rich. First time meeting. He is a fourth generation Conch. I was impressed.

He was in the Chart Room to visit Tammy. He knew her from the Bull and Whistle when she bartended there. We agreed she was an unusually nice person. Special.

Then I was off to Aqua to meet Mary.

Mary was late. About 45 minutes.

While I was waiting, one of Aqua’s drag shows began. I have not seen a drag show in 20 years.

While watching, Mary arrived. She had a drink while I watched the first 2 performers. Beauties. Looked liked women. Voices feminine. I was certain both females. Asked Mary each time. Each was a man.

We moved on to the Side Bar. Glad we did. Laurie Thibaud having a drink. Till I got sick, I guested on Laurie’s radio show thursday afternoons. I have yet to return.

Time to eat. La Trattoria.

Tiffany bartending. We have known each other 25 years. Amazing!

Last night it was me and the lesbian wives. I had dinner with Donna and Terri at Hogfish.

Jake the third member of their household. A big dog. Has to be walked every day. Donna has been doing it. Up early. Rush home from work. Whatever.

No more. Terri can now walk Jake. I asked her how she could see to pick up Jake’s poop. She had worked it out. She placed her walking stick tight to the side of his butt. He would not move. When finished, she merely bent down and it was there.

I keep learning from Terri…..The blind can see…..Necessity is the mother of invention.

A few political observations.

The Democratic Presidential candidates are almost as quiet as the Republicans re Trump’s beating up the 4 young Congresswomen of color. People of color make up the largest voting block in the U.S. The Democrats silence is deafening. If they do not speak up now, that voting block will not be there for the Democratic candidate in 2020.

Trump’s campaign war chest overfloweth. His spending for Facebook advertising exceeds the combined spending of the 24 Democratic candidates. Note it is not Trump’s money. He never spends his own. Probably comes from the major corporations and rich persons he has helped with the tax cut and deregulation.

William Crystal is a noted conservative. A black hearted Republican. This time he does not stand with his party’s Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Crystal said on a talk show the other evening that Trump can lose the popular election by 5 million votes and still win the Presidency because of the electoral college.

He further indicated that it was the way Trump has aimed his campaign. Retain his roughly 40 percent die hards. Add a few more votes in certain states. And he would be reelected even having lost the popular vote by 5 million votes.

Today the biggest of Hemingway Days. The Running of the Bulls, finals of the Hemingway Look-a-Like contest, street band, and street feast. People, people, people.

The Running of the Bulls is at 1. The race begins at Sloppy Joe’s.

Everywhere I have gone in recent months, some persons have their lap tops out. My inquiring mind. What are you doing? Everyone is shopping. At Walmarts! I am then told how easy and much cheaper it is.

I tried Walmarts week. Signed up. Shopped. Order delivered in 2 days. No shipping cost because I spent over $35. Everything I ordered there.

I like the system. Not only because of the dollar savings, but also I do not have to carry heavy items home from Publix. A burden at my age. Several trips back and forth from the car to unload. Up front porch steps. Some bags heavy.

I am beat by the time I have everything in the house. I have to sit for a while before unpacking.

One complaint. I do not know where everything is on the Walmart site. They should have aisles so people eventually know where things are.

The U.S. Corps of Engineers is going to perform an investigation for unexploded artillery shells. Four wars involving the Fort. Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I and World War II. Over the years an unexploded shell has been found here and there.

The government moves as slowly as molasses. The request for the funding was made it 2008. Only approved now. If anything is found, it will remain a while. Funding applied for all over again with a long wait involved. At least 5 plus years more.

Just like hurricane relief. Funding has to be approved. Then allocated. Two separate steps. Each taking forever. There are Irma and Michael victims still waiting.

I feel better. I can tell by how I am writing. It was work for a while.

Enjoy your day!








    • I go back even farther –decades before…… Trump, calling the EC un-american…………of course that was before it put him in the Oval. Regarding Trump… no morals, no standard, no ethics, no couth….. and soon, if America is smart…no second term.

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