The best people! Mom and Dads! Today Father’s Day! Congratulations to Dads everywhere. Hope each of you is being remembered.

George Washington was a good father! What else could have been expected of him. One problem, however. He never fathered a child of his own. He had no biological descendants.  Yet he raised a number of children.

Martha had been married before. She brought into her marriage with George two young daughters. George raised them as if they were his own. Other children found their way into his life and he raised them all as if his own blood. He even raised the children of the children, who became his grandchildren.

George was especially helpful to the young ladies as they matured. His best advice came regarding their romantic involvements. He directed their attention to finding a suitable husband. Education was not important for the ladies. Marriage was.

His major disappointment were his “sons.” He pushed the necessity of obtaining an education. As hard as he tried, he could not get even one to finish college.

Washington had a second family. The American people. Governeur Morris eulogized Washington. Part of his remarks included the fact Washington was childless in the biological sense. He went on to say he was none the less a father. A father to all Americans.

I live and learn. Two things being reported today. One that Washington was biologically childless. The other a comment I never heard before concerning the Taj Mahal.

Recall I wrote about the Taj Mahal yesterday. Bess e-mailed a comment to the article. Her statement included: The Taj Mahal was “man’s greatest erection ever for the love of a woman.” I instantly thought….. Oops, a sex connotation! Checked it out to be sure. I was wrong. The statement has been said and written tons of times over the years. The “erection” specifically directed to the Taj Mahal building itself. It is in fact, the “greatest erection for love.”

The structure is located in northern India in the community of Agra. A popular visiting place. In 2019 alone, 6.5 million people visited the Taj Mahal.

Yesterday, an easy one. No tests. Enjoyed Lori’s company at noon. It was haircut time. Late by a week. Three weeks since my last. Lori was vacationing in Arkansas.

Lunch afterwards at Harpoon Harry’s. Ribs. Delicious!

Peter came over to say hello. I did not recognize him at first. He bartends at Don’s Place. We had an enjoyable conversation. It has been several years since I have been to Don’s.

The U.S. Open is being played in Los Angeles/Hollywood. Ergo play on TV was late. I was up late watching. 

Three players are in position to win. Fowler and Clark at at -10, McIlroy -9. They don’t tee off till around 5:30. I doubt play will finish till 10 our time.

Should be an exciting final round.

Blog being published late today. Sloan and I had some work to do. Ate up a couple of hours.

Enjoy your Sunday!




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