David Wolkowsky, a distinguished American, Philadelphia redeveloper, and father of modern Key West, enjoys a birthday today. His 99th!

Happy birthday, David!

I will be with David this evening for a small private party. It will be a fun time. Even at 99, David knows how to throw a party.

David and Truman Capote were friends. Ironically, Capote died this day in 1894.

David and Capote met just after David constructed the Pier House Resort Motel at the Gulf end of Duval sometime in the late 1960’s. Capote wanted to stay at David’s Motel. Insisted on seeing the rooms first. Settled into one.

Afterwards David invited Capote to his trailer on the grounds for a drink. David was living in a 45 foot, 2 bedroom, double wide trailer 10 feet from the water’s edge. Capote said he wanted to stay in the trailer. David was reluctant. Capote eventually won out. David moved into a suite in the Motel.

Capote spent the season. Wrote Answered Prayers during the stay.

David and Capote became friends during the time. Later, David built a private home on Ballast Key. Miles out in the ocean. He entertained many world luminaries there. Always served champagne, hot dogs and potato chips. One of his guests was Capote.

I am sure I will enjoy my  time this evening. I want David to know I look forward to doing it again next year!

Friday nights generally find me out and about. Not last night. I was at home sitting in a comfortable chair, engrossed in a book, enjoying a couple of drinks.

Affordable housing is a major Key West problem. I sense our political leaders do not really understand the problem. They recognize the need. However are blind to what “affordability” constitutes.

Yesterday’s Citizens’ Voice in the Key West Citizen made the point…..” Affordable housing one bedroom and efficiency apartments income criteria starting at $50,000 per year? What planet are you on? $50,000 per year is $25 per hour. I doubt many make.”

When I screw up, it’s royal! Gwen Graham is a Democratic candidate for Florida Governor. Never met her. Did not know she was running. She has spent little if anything in advertising in the Key West area.

Dorothy Downs has homes in Key West and Miami. She is good friends with the Grahams. She recommended I vote for Gwen.

I thought Gwen was former Governor and U.S. Senator Bob Graham’s wife. Saw Gwen’s picture. Young appearing. I thought the Governor had a second wife or a trophy one.

Did I blow it! Gwen is the Governor’s daughter! His long time wife Adele alive and proud as her husband is that Gwen is making the race.

I voted for Gwen yesterday based on Dorothy’s recommendation. I read this morning the race is a close one.

I wrote following voting that I had voted for the former Governor’s wife. A faux paux for which I apologize.

John McCain is an American hero that long will be recalled in our history. He is in his last days.

Typical of Trump, he was not kind to McCain before and is not now that McCain is taking his last breaths.

Our children and children’s children should be taught about McCain. A special person everyone admires and can learn from.

This past week has had to have been the worst of Trump’s Presidency. He got hit from all sides. Deservedly so. I view the week as the beginning of impeachment. Not there yet time wise. Guaranteed it is coming, however.

The President speaks of loyalty. All the time. Demands loyalty from those around him. Loyalty a primary concern. This week Trump learns what ever loyalty he thought he had was false.

Loyalty is based on respect, also. Few if any respect Trump. His “loyal” friends are turning on him every which way.

I viewed Trump’s visit to North Korea as a waste of time. I wrote and spoke of my feelings. I thought Trump ill equipped for such a meeting. I further thought Kim had bullshitted him. Especially re denuclearization.

Trump announcing a successful visit re denuclearization reminded me of Neville Chamberlain when he returned from Munich in September 1938. He was waving a signed agreement. Signed by Hitler as well as himself. Chamberlain cried out, “Peace in our time.”

It was reported yesterday that whatever the “agreement” was is not proceeding as Trump thought it would. Pompeo’s visit to Kim next week was cancelled by Trump.

I woke this morning to another piece of Trump news. He apparently had a meretricious relationship with his housekeeper and fathered an illegitimate child.

The Trump Tower door man was aware. He was required in 2015 to sign an agreement not to disclose the knowledge for which he subsequently received $30,000. The deal was run through American Media Inc. who released him recently from the non-disclosure agreement thereby permitting the news to come out.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Wow – some of your readers who were so sure that the Trumpster was going to win the Nobel Peace prize over this Korea thing must now be pretty embarrased about being so willing to celebrate so prematurely and so immaturely? Wonder if they’ll apologize to you or the rest of us?

  2. LOU: “I view the week as the beginning of impeachment. Not there yet time wise. Guaranteed it is coming, however.”

    Just curious, what do you expect to see as a result of impeachment?

    IF Dems take back House, impeachment will surely begin. But what then? Bill Clinton was also impeached. Big Whoop. There is no way that the Senate will remove him from office. Need 67 Senators to do that.

    As with Clinton, Nothing happened, actually strengthened his support, from both sides.

    Impeachment in the House will just be a big circus for the cameras. In the end, Trump will serve his full term and possibly, as a result of impeachment, get re-elected in 2020.

    • The main difference between Clinton and Trump is Trump made an issue of politics as a swamp and he the swamp cleaner. Now if you want to ignore that he IS the personification of that swamp that is your right, just don’t add insult to injury. He is akin to the preacher that talks about the sin of adultery and then becomes the adulterer. Trump didn’t have to become slime in the swamp, he always was and always will be, that is his nature.

    • Stop your Russian meme spin. Impeachment SHOULD be pursued if the crimes warrant it, to do otherwise would be irresponsible. The Clinton impeachment was seen as political BS and the results appropriate. Trump is a different case and if the vote in the Senate is seen as political, perhaps there will be consequences for that too.

  3. Gwen Graham was born and raised into a legacy of serving the State of Florida. Gwen grew up

    watching her father, Bob Graham, as an example of leadership during his two terms as

    governor and a highly respected US Senator and statesman. Her mother, Adele, was a

    dedicated First Lady. Gwen is a strong, capable, dignified and proven leader who will

    become Florida’s first woman governor! Like Key West Lou, get out and vote for

    Gwen Graham for Governor and be proud of your choice.

  4. Lou, Should Cristhian Rivera be Donald Trump’s Willie Horton? After all of Trump’s blowhard promises, he didn’t really do much to prevent the tragic murder of Mollie Tibbets, in Iowa by an illegal alien. The data shows that in 2017 he actually deported fewer illegals that Obama had the previous year.

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