David Wolkowsky’s 98th birthday being celebrated this evening. One of Key West finest! The Key West of today would not be were it not for him. He is properly referred to as Mr. Key West.

I will be at the party.

I have mentioned David often in this blog. Even wrote a lengthy article about him in KONK Life last year. Titled: David Wolkowsky. Read and enjoy. Learn much about the man. www.konknet.com/2016-03-04-3/.

Truman Capote died this date in 1984. David and Truman were friends. They became friends when Capote first stayed at David’s new Pier House Resort Motel.

The time 1968. David had recently completed construction of the Motel. The Motel that would grow into what is the fabulous Pier House today. Capote was a visitor. He wanted to see David’s best accommodations before he took one.

Following the selection process, David invited Capote to have a drink with him. David was living in a luxurious 45 foot 2 bedroom double wide trailer parked 10 feet from the Motel’s waterfront.

Capote told David he wanted to stay in the trailer. Capote had come to Key West for the winter. David finally acquiesced to Capote’s request. He moved into a suite in the Motel and gave Capote the trailer.

While living in the trailer, Capote wrote Answered Prayers.

A hero is like an angel. Appears when needed. Assuming you believe in angels.

A hero appeared on the Key West scene yesterday. Actually, a heroine. Jerika Rudolph. Eighteen years old.

Jerika was traveling om South Roosevelt Boulevard when she observed a Chevy Trailblazer jump the seawall and mangroves into the channel.

Jerika did not hesitate. Pulled over. Told the passenger with her to call 911. Ran across the street and jumped into the water.

She saw a man, woman and 6-7 year old child. The adults trying to break the windows. She got the woman and child out. the man was able to get out on his own.

From the time Jerika reached the car and extricated two of the passengers, the vehicle had already been carried 100 feet by the current.

Talking with authorities after the event, Jerika was asked if she was afraid. Never gave it a thought, she said. My concern was to get the people out.

The long awaited Duval Loop begins operation August 31. Part of a new Key West park and ride program. A bus will travel around the perimeter of Duval Street picking up and dropping off people who parked their cars somewhere and wanted to visit certain downtown spots. The ride always free. The aim to relieve congestion.

Hope it works. Parking and traffic impossible.

Hurricane Harvey making its way to the Corpus Christi area of Texas. A big one. Predicted to be a 3 when it hits. High water levels. Three feet of rain expected over a period of a few days.

You read correctly. Three feet of rain!

Hurricanes no fun. Believing discretion the better part of valor, I have always left when a hurricane was predicted. Returned a few days later when permitted to find damage beyond comprehension.

I stayed for a tropical storm once. Forget its name. The tropical storm was a disaster in itself. It hung over Key West without moving for seven days. I was able to get out of the house once. To my deck.

Windows boarded. Power off most of the time. No TV. Alone in the dark or with candles. Impossible to read. It made me wonder how Lincoln studied law by candle light.

The wind blowing loudly and incessantly. The rain beating against the house.

Food supply held out. Primarily peanut butter and crackers. Bottled water.

I sympathize with the Texans. The force of hurricane 3 will be a far more difficult and dangerous experience than a tropical storm.

Americans are a forgiving people. Time to forgive Pete Rose and permit him to be voted into the Hall of Fame.

Rose’s sin was he bet on baseball games. The serious sin, he bet on his own team the Cincinnati Reds while managing the team. Only to win, he said.

Rose was a star of stars in his playing days. Still holds the record for the most hits at bat during a career. Well in excess of 3,000.

Rose was banned in 1989. Twenty eight years ago. He has been humiliated and suffered enough.

The economy is good. Or, so we are told. Especially by Trump. It is. However, primarily for the already rich.

A recent Harris Poll indicates more than three-quarters of American households live paycheck to paycheck. Seventy eight percent.

Tough times. Too many Americans having a difficult time making ends meet.

Enjoy your day!




  1. I agree that Pete Rose is a good player and should be in the Hall of Fame. He was an arrogant PITA when he rented from us while playing in the minors. Other players would play with and help us kids. He couldn’t be bothered.

    The US economy has its problems and many do live hand to mouth. I hope you’re not implying that Mr Trump has anything to do with that. This has happened long before the last election.

    • “The US economy has its problems and many do live hand to mouth. I hope you’re not implying that Mr Trump has anything to do with that. This has happened long before the last election.”

      OK, but Trump has said on Twitter the following:

      “Highest stock market EVER, best economic numbers in years, lowest unemployment in 17 years, wages rising, border secure, No W.H. Chaos. (@realDonaldTrump on 8:28 AM – July 31, 2017).”

      So I TOTALLY agree with you Patrick, Trump had NOTHING to do with what he claims credit for on his crazy tweet. By his border secure tweet, I assume he thinks the border “Berlin wall” somehow grew on its own with Mexicans throwing Pesos at it.

  2. I didn’t mention a thing about Mr Trump tweets or statements, I would’t do that. And I’m glad you TOTALLY agree with me, its about time. [smiley face]

    • I think what Leanardo is trying to point out that if you, or anyone, is saying that if “Mr. Trump” as you call him, shouldn’t be held responsible for the poor US economy for some, then he equally cannot be given credit for the good economy for others. After all, he really hasn’t done anything, apart from taking credit for things he likes and blaming others for everything he doesn’t like.

      • Well, in the past 6 months the unemployment has dropped to the lowest in years, economy is getter better, people are going back to work, stock market is the highest ever, illegal border crossings are the lowest in years, coal production is up 15% and coal exports have increased 50% to the super green countries of UK, France and Germany. Oil and gas drilling is increased.

        • If you wish to give “Mr. Trump” credit for any or all of this, than you must be willing to accept the same markers for this in the future and you must also accept that he has NOT improved the economy for those who still live hand to mouth, who he specifically said he would help, and hasn’t. Said he would do that immediately and didn’t.

  3. Hey Lou,
    I expect and hope to meet you one day soon as I even enjoy your comments when not necessarily agreeing with them.
    However, as I am from a rather big baseball family, I do disagree with you on Pete Rose. He may have only bet on his team (Reds) to win, but also how often did he decide not to bet on them to win because of information he was privy to? That’s my main issue.
    Thank you.

  4. Our President just can’t do anything right according to some people. Our past President couldn’t do anything right according to some people. So be it. Thats every Americans right.

  5. Patrick – that’s pablum – and the more you spit out that stuff, the more you own this mess and the less you can be taken seriously on anything!!

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