A sad morning.

Sad for the people of the United States.

Republican Congressmen were shot at early this morning while practicing for a baseball game tomorrow morning. Against Democrats. An annual charity fundraiser.

Steve Scalise, the Majority Whip, was shot. In the hip. In surgery at the moment. Several others shot, including two police officers.

I am not a Scalise fan. He is a right wing conservative. However, that does not mean I want him shot. The philosophical battles between my side and his are fought in the halls of Congress and at the ballot box.

One observation. I place part of the blame on the venom and in your face bully type comments spewed by Trump. It invites reaction. In this instance, against Republican Congressmen.

All wrong!

An attack against a Congressman is an attack against me and against you. We are all Americans.

My yesterday a busy one. Running around all day taking care of the mundane.

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou last night. My podcast. Dwelt on Sessions’ testimony, the Cabinet meeting (the ass kissing one), and Boeing building or planning on building plants in China, Saudi Arabia, and India.

Forbes March edition reported there are 2,043 billionaires in the world. Their combined net worth $7.67 trillion.

Our national debt is three times that amount!

This Qatar thing is having effects. I once again blame Trump for emboldening the Saudis.

Qatar is one of the richest nations in the world. However a financial crisis is looming. The Saudis have shut off Qatar’s outside its borders bank transactions.

Another problem is milk. A problem of more immediate consequence. Milk. Milk is generally imported. Saudi Arabia and several other Arab nations have blockaded Qatar.

Local Qatar entrepreneurs have started a cow paradropping campaign. The Berlin Airlift on a minor scale.

The Key West Citizen carries columns by national columnists several times a week. One appeared today. By the Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker: Wishing for a Trump Tweetectomy.

Right on!

More than any other President, Trump has increased material for use by comedians.

Comedy Central’s Daily Show is opening this weekend the Donald J. Trump Presidential Library. The featured subject: Trump tweets. The Library is at 3 West 57th Street in Manhattan. It will be open friday-sunday. Admission free.

Some 20 years ago, a waitress at Square One had a sister who was afflicted with some rare disease. The sister was in Philadelphia. The waitress walked from Key West to Philadelphia to bring attention to the disease and to raise money to assist in finding a cure.


Another such venture. This one in the water rather than on land.

Three women are paddle boarding from Havana to South Florida. Hopefully, Smathers Beach.

One paddle board. three women. Each will take turns of two hours or less paddling. One of the ladies said, “Our arms are our engines.” Actually, the ladies cup their hands and use their hands to cut the water.

A vessel will lead them.

The trip is anticipated to take 25 hours.

Purpose: To bring two charities to the forefront. Ocean of Hope and Special Olympics 305.

Brave, tough ladies. Not an easy trip. Beside crazy waters and sharks, jelly fish could be the most significant problem. The ladies expect bites. They believe they can mentally as well as physically handle the pain.

Enjoy your day!



32 comments on “GOP SHOOTING

  1. Terrible! What kind of people would verbally and physically attack the opposite party because they do no have the same political views. The Democrats are self destructing. My prayers are with the injured and their families.

    • Cecpet…this is not an excuse by any means for this horrific display of intolerance. There is no place in our political system for such conduct. This is far from a left or right party issue. Did you not see any of the many Trump rallies where violence and abuse was directed at those opposed? Did you forget Trumps calls to “throw them outta here” while they were being pushed, punched and so forth? This problem is a little more than what it appears and the fish stinks from the head down.

  2. “An attack against a Congressman is an attack against me and against you. We are all Americans.”

    I totally agree that violence is never the answer despite the NRA’s apparent goal that everyone including the deranged gets a gun. As for blaming this atrocity on the Democrats? Really? You are suggesting an American political party physically attacked the other party? Facts anyone? Of course not but sounds mean and makes a supposed political point during a tragedy right? You do recall the Gabby Giffords shooting right?

    I bet it is a lone idiot with far too easy access to assault weapons who perpetrated this atrocity for some perceived personal insult, injustice or another. With all the mass shootings in the last few years it is hard to keep track of all the idiots and their crazy reasons for violence and cold-blooded cowardly murder.

    This last election and the hate and vitriol and outright lies and scapegoating of people and entire populations has only poisoned the nation further. The point was made constantly that we were NOT ALL AMERICANS and some are superior to others. I also pray that all injured recover fast and that nobody loses their life including the gunman who should stand trial for his crimes and be punished accordingly and that as a nation we can discuss why we alone among the industrialized world can’t stop shooting each other.

  3. The recent shooter was a 66 year old left wing personality supporter [ ardent Sanders supporter], a member of a number of anti republican groups and definitely a Trump hater that drove from Illinois to Virginia to exact some sort of weird revenge against Mr Scalise. Ambushing people at an event is as cowardly as things can get. Just because the weapon used may have been an assault STYLE rifle is immaterial. It is a shame he was shot and killed by police and not captured and tried. But, this will save the taxpayers some dollars. I would have been interested in hearing his reasons for what he did.

    • I disagree Patrick, having easy access to an assault rifle allows for more and bloodier mayhem. Hence overseas the crazies resort to using vehicles and knives. Why would you want a crazy to easily obtain a military assault weapon Patrick?

      • It wasn’t an assault rifle you fucking retard. Assault rifles are an actual thing. Try google. Assault weapon is a made up term for US law purposes. Words matter, cock gobbler.

  4. He asked other people at the practice who were watching “are they democrats or republicans?” He actually asked another congressman as the congressman was leaving the park and before he started shooting His FB page is very political and left. He campaigned for Sanders and hated Trump. Crazy whacko people on the left.

    • And then there is Dylann Roof, crazy knows no party but giving them all easy, easy access to guns is a bad idea. Why can’t we figure that one out?

  5. The shooter has a history of assault/ abuse/DUI/DWI and firearm discharge problems. The problem is not the NRA, the problem is allowing such a person to be allowed to keep any weapon after such problems. For that I would blame the local or state authorities.
    He approached several people at the ball game asking if the players were democrats or republicans.
    I think I can guarantee an assault weapon was not used. Most people [ including our politicians] don’t know what an assault weapon is. There has been nothing yet released as to the weapon used. It may have been an assault type/looking weapon.
    The gun is not the problem, the vetting process is the problem along with failure to follow up with personal issues.

    • No I agree the gun is a tool as is a car. But as you said, the vetting process is a mess with virtually nobody prevented from owning an gun in this country. To continue the DWI analogy, at least that offense is serious, very serious with severe consequences. As to owning a firearm, why is it we cannot have universal background checks of the national criminal databases for everyone and also a system that evaluates and prevents mentally impaired individuals from having legal access to guns? Can a convicted violent felon own a gun? Can a terrorist jihadist in waiting perhaps who spouts evil on social media but has committed no crime…yet be allowed to walk into any gun show or gun store or Walmart and walk out with a pistol/rifle and as much ammo as desired?

      Seriously though Patrick, as to an AR-15, what is that weapon’s purpose? Hunt deer or grouse…or people? And if the latter why does this nation alone in the western world permit easy access that that weapon? Why are we surprised when it is used as intended in a bad way?

  6. Louis, did you notice that there is a new brand and lower price milk at Winn Dixie? I bought it. Good taste, better price. Competition makes everything better. SE Grocers Essentials.

  7. I have mentioned this many times. I’ve grown up with guns. I support good background checks and not allowing certain people gun ownership. Not everyone should be allowed to a gun, in my opinion. I also believe in followups after a gun owner has problems, mentally or lawfully. This recent Illinois/ Virginia shooter had such a history that his guns should have been taken away some time ago. A felon cannot legally own a gun. Our country is afraid to turn anyone in to any law or medical authority for strange conduct. We have become so liberal [ for lack of another/better word at this minute] as to allow anyone any right they wish and we also have become so sue crazy that folks are afraid to make such calls. Its well known the areas with the most strict gun laws tend to have the highest illegal gun violations.
    The Armalite 15 is a small caliber semi-auto rifle. The military version of course is selective fire. As a civilian firearm it is no different from another semi-auto rifle. To the anti-gunners that do not understand firearms it just looks scary so therefore it needs to be illegal. The Armalite 15 is the most sold target/sporting rifle in the world at this time. They are a great gun, I don’t happen to like them.

    • “The Armalite 15 is a small caliber semi-auto rifle. They are a great gun, I don’t happen to like them.”

      I assume the parents and relatives of the victims in the Sandy Hook, Aurora Movie Theater, Orlando Pulse Night Club, San Bernardino and Umpqua Community College mass shootings may disagree with your view of that weapon. I note that the shooter in the Orlando incident used an Sig Sauer MCX and not an AR-15 but both weapons function identically as semi-auto assault weapons.

      And I personally am not an “anti-gunner” I am a retired law enforcement officer who saw first hand how stupid having this level of semi-auto firepower and magazine capacity in public hands was. And yes, I fired AR-15’s and they are the perfect target practice weapon, until the target in the sight is a human.

      Tell me why then if you concur that we should prohibit mentally ill individuals from purchasing any firearms and rifles how you feel about the current administration’s repeal of regulations restricting purchase of firearms by the mentally challenged, defined as individuals who cannot manage their own affairs? Obviously, they can manage an assault rifle right?

  8. I too am retired law enforcement. I too have used AR-15s. The target in the sight of ANY gun could be a human, it certainly doesn’t need to be a gun that happens to look like a big bad assault weapon.
    I don’t believe that any regulations are being repealed to allow ownership as you suggest. You’re going to have to show me where to go for that and I’ll look at it. But, If it does happen to be true, it shouldn’t happen.
    The antidote to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with one. It happens to work as it did today.
    Since the local authorities did nothing knowing this mans history, I’m still going to blame them seeing as this man seemed unable to manage his own affairs. He fortunately couldn’t manage his ‘assault’ rifle correctly. So far, the reports I’ve seen is that many seem to think it was an AK and not an AR. But, thats actually irrelevant.
    It should be known that if someone wants a gun they will get one by whatever means they can.

    • The bill was H.J. Res 40 passed back in February:

      “Congress on Wednesday sent President Donald Trump legislation blocking an Obama-era rule designed to keep guns out of the hands of certain mentally disabled people.

      On a vote of 57-43, the Senate backed the resolution, just one of several early steps by the Republican-led Congress to undo regulations implemented by former President Barack Obama. The House had passed the measure earlier this year. The White House has signaled Trump will sign the legislation.

      This rule, finalized on 19 December 2016 in the final days of the Obama presidency, used the implementation of the National Instant Criminal Background Check Improvement Amendments Act of 2007 to require the Social Security Administration to report to the Attorney General individuals receiving certain kinds of Social Security mental health disability benefits so that this information could be used in firearm background checks.”

      The individuals to be reported were disabled due to mental disability and also unable to manage their own affairs. In my book, also unable to manage a gun unless proven otherwise. You don’t get Social Security Disability benefits for nothing, at least you should not.

      Pure common sense but that is in short supply these days.

    • Patrick – you said “The antidote to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with one. It happens to work as it did today.” Can you explain how that deterred, worked or in any other way was antidote, to this incident? This instance PROVES the falseness of that platitude.

      This is a silly phrase that only sounds good to some people and your use of it in relationship to this incident is at best pretentious and shows you are only interested in blabbing silly platitudes, for political reasons.

        • ceceipt – weak argument, at best. A) It seemed to have been a slaughter to begin with. How many more people might have been killed had there been more good guys with guns? e.g. can you imagine the mayhem had the congressman all been armed and began shooting at who knows? Silly defenseless argument – keep drinking the coolaid.

  9. It didn’t take long. Some gun law changes are about [maybe] to take effect. From what I’ve just read the changes are good. These changes are coming thru the Trump administration and the NRA.

    The particular change you mentioned about the mentally challenged isn’t what I think you think. The background checks are going to change to allow for more investigation and better transfer of info between agencies. I think you know about the reluctance of some agencies to share info. These changes are meant to close any loopholes [ for lack of a better word] that may allow someone to own a gun that really shouldn’t be allowed to do so. Part of this change is to allow someone with some mental issue an easier access to medical help with that problem while not completely forever losing the firearms. The firearms will be confiscated until the problem is resolved and only returned if the authorities allow it.

    I’m glad you lead me to read that stuff. I like the changes.

    • The issue I see is that it requires adjudication by the authorities to enter a mentally challenged person into NCIS. You and I both know that is not going to happen.

      • We both know how the system works, this is supposed to change that. You don’t think it will change and I understand that, but, I’m hopeful it will change. Time will tell.

        • I agree. Let’s hope to see tougher and more thorough background checks and I also know full well that it is not a 100% answer as a determined maniac will always find a way.

    • Leanardo – To be clear, regardless of Patrick’s partisan obscurifications, was Trump’s repeal of Obama’s bill H.J. Res 40, in any way a good thing in deterring or preventing this or future incidents of this kind?

      • In my opinion, no simply because the NRA supported it and from what I read it eliminated a safety check on mentally challenged individuals in a manner that permitted them to demonstrate they were competent to own a firearm but assumed they were not. I mean in all others areas of life they needed were adjudicated incompetent and needed basically a guardian but but no in gun ownership apparently.
        To me that is totally illogical and dangerous. It is this presumption the GOP objected to and now has eliminated saying it was a violation of Second Amendment rights.

        In reality and in my personal opinion, given what happened yesterday and happens now way to frequently, we can never, ever be too safe or too conservative with reviews of prospective weapons purchases in the world we live in today. Especially given our totally liberal gun laws that permit purchases of all manner of weapons and ammunition to almost anyone with a pulse.

        • So under the Obama imposed bill, this guy Hodgekinson, or others like him, would have been less likely to have legal access to guns? And under that Obama imposed bill we as a country would have been more likely to have made a conscious effort to prohibit guns in the hands of mentally ill citizens?

          • The Obama regulation only covered people on Social Security disability for a mental disability and only if the disabled could not manage their own affairs. It was a logical link and a very limited one to me, but a step in a more prudent direction for ensuring guns do not fall into the wrong hands. Any sane and sensible regulation that has a direct factual link to the inability to function normally and responsibly and gun ownership seems wise to me and probably would save lives. No different than suspending a habitual DUI driver’s license if they cannot function normally and responsibly.

            Apparently that was too much for the NRA and the Republicans. Their straw horse was it took away due process rights but that is ridiculous given the “disability review” process that enables a person to receive disability benefits for a mental condition. There was immense due process as it is a very lengthy review to qualify. The door was open for any affected individual to demonstrate they could responsibly own a gun despite their disability and as they would be under medical care their treating physician could easily verify this fact or not based on their actual unique treatment, prognosis and status. Not made-up political rhetoric. That to me is common sense and given the individual voluntarily sought disability benefits in the first place it is their choice to continue with the benefits or not if having no prohibitions to gun purchases are of such paramount importance to them. But then you would have to ask why that is wouldn’t you?

            I mean quite honestly Michael, thousands of people in exactly the same situation are legally prohibited from driving a motor vehicle due to their medications and/or condition. Why is driving different than buying and possessing a gun given the severity of the repercussions of driving a motor vehicle and owning a firearm?

  10. Suck a dick you fucking cunt dripping. It was a frigging liberal turd – just like you, you pansy ass little bitch. Nothing to do with Trump at all – other than you fuck whores can’t get over your losing.

    Donkey fucking asswipe.

  11. Leanardo – of course it’s sensible and reasonable. It is also quite possible that it was repealed by Mister Trump, simply because it was an Obama bill and nothing having to do with merit.

  12. Louis, I rather like a president with a business background instead of that of career politician. Hopefully, President Trump’s sons and daughters will continue in that position after our great President Trump (taking care of political business) has completed his 8 years. Let’s hope.

    • Hmmmmm…something is fishy here, Lynn sounds a lot like DM. Even calling in you Louis. Split personality, a little Sybil action going on????

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