Finished my tv/internet show prep yesterday afternoon. The main story to be presented involved supermarkets, ag-farms, genetically modified seeds, increasing cost of groceries, and laws protecting the grower as opposed to the consumer. Guaranteed interesting!

Did The Key West Lou Legal Hour earlier this morning. Spent a lot of time on supermarkets, genetically modified seeds and Monsanto. If you missed the show, it is You Tubed. Will appear beginning next Friday. Enter Lou’s Legal Hour. All other shows available now on You Tube.

No bocce last night. Some of the courts had 3 foot in diameter puddles. All had water soaked clay at the ends. Too bad because I was psyched to play.

It was six o’clock and no where to go. Decided on Don’s Place. Stayed and drank with my team mates.

When I rose this morning, there was a full moon shining on the water off my deck. Beautiful! A God is good event.

Key West gets a lot of strange demonstrators. Far out types.

This morning I observed at the intersection of US 1 and Northern Boulevard a man sitting on a folding chair on the intersection’s island. His hair was green. His face covered with a dark gray cloth. Made him look like one of the combatants in the Syrian War. He had in his lap what appeared to be a gas mask.

I assume he was there to protest the chemical weapons problem in Syria.

Enjoy your day!

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