The Friends of Key West Library present a lecture series each season. I attended my first such lecture last night. I am going to try to make it a monday night routine.

The lecture was at St. Paul’s Church at 6 pm. The lecturer a Jonathan Santlofer. Santlofer both an artist and writer. He occasionally combines both talents in one work.

I was impressed with the lecture. Enjoyed it. Plan on going next week. Definitely! Larry Smith is guest lecturer. His talk will concern music.

My day started earlier. I sat out on the deck getting some sun for an hour. There was a cold breeze coming in off the ocean. If I can cut the wind, the cold has no effect. I was able to. There is a corner of the deck with the house on one side, the wall behind me and the tiki hut on the other.

The lecture was over at 7. I was walking down Duval heading for the Chart Room. I decided to stop and have a drink at one of the establishments on Duval before arriving at the Chart Room.

I opted for Coyote Ugly. The last time I was there was opening week about two years ago. I had not returned since. I did not like it then, I did not like it last night. The place is dreary and dark. Five young guys at the bar. Two young lovelies dancing on the bar clad in tight jeans. I did like the two girls dancing on the bar.

I did not even order a drink. Instead crossed the street to Irish Kevin’s. Love Irish Kevin’s! A long bar. An entertainer singing and playing the guitar.

The thing I like most about Irish Kevin’s is that some very attractive young ladies end up on the stage and expose their breasts. I am a dirty old man. I was not disappointed last night.

Then on to the Chart Room. One drink. No one I knew at the bar. I was not in a chatting mood. Drank up and left.

It was across the street to the Hot Tin Roof. I sat at the bar and had dinner. Risotto. Excellent! Watched some basketball at the same time.

Mary Lou and Charlie were at the end of the bar enjoying dinner with a lady friend. Chatted with them briefly. The friend extremely attractive. I paused for a second when introduced to her. After dinner she came to where I was seated and we exchanged a few words. I definitely would like to meet her again. I do not remember her name.

Key West is a dog friendly  town. Most bars and restaurants permit dogs. I discovered last night, the Hot Tin Roof does also. Seated two stools away was a young couple. The man holding a small dog on his lap. The dog neither moved nor made a sound.

I was getting in my car in the dark parking lot when I heard…..Louis, Louis. Looked up and there was this gentleman. 50ish. White hair. Introduced himself as Dan something. I believe he is a tourist. He is back to school to get a doctorate.  He is also a writer. He wanted to talk with me sometime this week. He suggested lunch and said he would call me.

Tonight my blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me at 9 my time for some interesting observations. Topics include what recovery?, keep your eye on Greece, the Venezuela coup stopped before it even started, a glaring government inconsistency, and more.

Enjoy your day!





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