Sacramento, California a great place to be poor. By poor is meant on welfare.

What follows is liberalism the California way.

A pilot program was instituted this past May. Sacramento has seven public housing communities.  One community contained 300 residents.

Sacramento has purchased 8 electric cars for use by the residents. A mini fleet. Cars to be shared. Maintenance and insurance provided. Total cost $1.3 million. Furnished by grant money.

I believe free medical is a right. My belief does not extend to cars. A step too far in my opinion.

Last night, the Chart Room first. English Peter was there. Also known as Captain Peter.

Peter originally from the British Isles. Fought for the U.S. in Vietnam. Now, a U.S. citizen. He has traveled the world. Generally alone in a small boat operated by him. Many the interesting and hairy tale he has to tell.

Peter found his way to Key West years ago. Became instantly known and liked. Such is his personality.

Peter left Key West several years ago. Moved to Washington State where he had a home. He is in Key West for a couple of weeks visiting old friends. Said he leaves when his money runs out.

Peter still looks the British gentleman. Tall and thin. White hair. A white mustache. And best of all, a British accent.

The only change in Peter is his weight. He has lost a few pounds. A kidney problem.

Sometime in the next few days, we are going to dinner together.

Stopped at Tavern ‘n Town on the way home for dinner. Salmon. The best on the island!

George bartending. We have become friends. A hard worker. Originally from Manila.

Jodyrae Campbell and husband Brian have fallen on bad times. First, George came down with cancer. Then their home burned to the ground.

There is a fundraiser for them tonight at La Te Da. should be packed. Jodyrae will liked. A singer. A few years ago, Fantasy Fest Queen.

I mentioned Mark Brann the other day. The individual who got in a fight with a lover, was stabbed in both eyes, had a piece of wood shoved down his throat, and otherwise beaten. He died yesterday. Boy friend will face a murder charge.

The preceding definitely not Key West. A shocking crime without precedent.

Pot smoking swiftly becoming a big time business. Whether medical or recreational.

A company called Bud Trader can be found at it is the world’s largest online medical marijuana marketplace.

Bud Trader is going commercial with its advertising. Nationally. Network and Cable TV. Sometime this month.

It is anticipated Bud Trader’s sales will boom. To be expected. Bud Trade’s website already receives 10 million page views a month.

On this day in 1969, Woodstock ended. Three days of music and hippie fun came to an end. In the vernacular, the grooviest event in music history. Peace, love and rock ‘n roll.

One problem however. Four hundred thousand tried to get out of the event at the same time. No way! It took 3 plus days to get everyone on the road.

My Facebook video today a bit off track. However, interesting. A for real conclusion based on a study. Titled: Female Orgasms Better in Communist Russia.

I will be doing the video later this afternoon. Key West Lou Live. Take a look. Not a joke. The New York Times posted an op-ed on the subject a few days ago.

Enjoy your day!

14 comments on “FREE CARS FOR THE POOR

  1. Wow! $1,300,000 for 8 cars? That’s $162,500 per vehicle. Gotta love California! Damn the deficit and debt, Tesla’s For All!

    They Could have given each of the 300 folks in that community $4,300. Or purchased each of them a used Kia. But we should not demean the homeless by forcing them to drive sub-par used cars when there are perfectly good luxury vehicles to be had.

    What a country we live in.

  2. Looks to me like “Zipcar” is the true beneficiary of that deal (wonder who that lobbyist was) and it’s unclear as to if the $1.3 mil grant money was just for those eight cars or some larger electric car deal, in California’s push to have more electric cars on their roads. It’s also not clear if what restrictions were as to the use of these cars. And no one is suggesting they were free “Teslas for all” or even Teslas, for that matter. BTW, California hasn’t had any real deficit problems for years and this particular program did not effect the states debt at all, nor was it paid for with consumer tax dollars. This story has however been a huge favorite football with the alt right press since it was released in May, which by itself might suggest a lifted eyebrow’s worth of ‘truth’ skepticism.

    • California is in great fiscal shape, taxpayers are not supporting the “grants” and I have a bridge to sell in Brooklyn, which you can pay for in “grant” money.

  3. Well, According to (at least) the 11 Jan 2017 USNews & World Reports, depicts were predicted “…for the first time in four years…” That was also reported, in the 10 Jan 1917 LA Times, both easily googled. Even Breibert reports (12 Jan 2017) “…California will suffer its first deficit since 2012” and Fox News similarly. So….

    and the “ZipCar” program was funded from Cap and Trade funds, directly related to the electric car push.

    So, Luke, Patrick, etc. Get your facts straight. And please Luke, the Brooklyn Bridge is not yours to sell!

  4. Patrick – Yes I read that, it as dated 10 January 2017 and is a statement of total debt, NOT deficit. California has operated on a balance budget, deficit free, since 2012, at least until this year. My point is, this is not a state that has been struggling or irresponsible with it’s spending, as some of the replies on this blog seem to want to imply.

    • Part of the right-wing propaganda machine is to demonize California. You simply cannot have a left-leaning state doing well, especially far better than a deep red state like Kansas which had a Republican Governor basically destroy its finances. California, of all the 50 states, is the best prepared to realistically become a separate independent nation. It has the sixth-largest economy in the world right after the UK.

      Every time, I’m in California is appears to be booming. My son lives in San Diego and loves it, though it is pricey. But so is DC and NYC.

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