Spent yesterday primarily researching. By dinner time and time for me to be on the road, I was tired. Opted to remain home and watch TV.

Fred and Wilma. For our purposes today, a Keys story. For most of the world, a television show.

Let’s begin with the TV show. Fred and Wilma stars of The Flintstones. A 1960-66 pre-historic couple living in modern day surroundings. Great comedy!

Not the Fred and Wilma I am dwelling on today, however. My Fred and Wilma are part of the Old Seven Mile Bridge.

The Old Seven Mile Bridge was completed in the early 1900’s as part of the Florida Keys Over Sea Rail Road. Connected Marathon and Little Duck Key. The Old Seven Mile Bridge was basically wiped out by the Hurricane of 1935 and Hurricane Donna 1960.

The bridge has been closed to motorists and pedestrians for years. Finally, a rehabilitation has been undertaken. It will take till 2021 to complete repairs.

A sturdy tree has grown in the road bed of the Old Seven Mile Bridge. No one sure where it came from, how it got there, etc. The best guess is that the tree sprouted from bird or osprey droppings.

The tree an Australian pine one.

Note there is no friendly soil for growth purposes on the bridge.

The tree is named Fred.

Everyone loves Fred.

Christmas time Fred is decorated holiday style. Brightly.

The bridge has a problem. It is inaccessible these days. It can only be reached by parachute, jet pack, or scaling a 100 year old pylon from a boat bobbing in water more than 20 feet below the roadbed.

Fred is not alone. Another and smaller tree sits several hundred feet to the south of Fred. Called Wilma.

I would guess Fred and Wilma were so named because of the early 1960’s TV show, though I am not certain.

As you are driving north over today’s Seven Mile Bridge, take a look to your left. You will see Fred and Wilma. If traveling south, look to your right.

Tiger Woods. An athlete!

This is the weekend of the Masters. After 2 days, Woods is in second place. One stroke out of first.

There are a ton of young players at the top of the score board. Only a few near him age wise.

Woods won his first Masters in 1997 by 12 strokes. He was 21 at the time. Twenty two years later, he is with the leaders at this point.

Woods has had a tough career because of personal and health problems. He has gone through a lot. He has recovered. Has already won at least once this year.

Las Vegas and London odds favor Woods to win this weekend.

It is tougher competition in recent years for Woods. The young players of today are as good as he was 20 years. Woods set the standard, the kids adapted.

I will be pulling for him to win tomorrow.

Took a couple of breaks yesterday while researching. Spent some time watching the Masters and an old movie on TV.

The movie was a 1940 one staring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Too Many Girls. A stupid film about a southwestern college, the football team, and young love.

Van Johnson was in the movie. Spotted him immediately No talking part. Merely part of the crowd. Did some dancing. His name was not listed in the credits.

It was his first film. He was always in the front of a group or dance line. Smiling and waving his arms.

Four years later, he was the star in Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo. Starred in many films over the years. Even into his later yeas. He died in 2008.

Two other films of note were Caine Mutiny and The Last Time I Saw Paris. I especially enjoyed the Paris film. Johnson played a heavy. His co-star was Elizabeth Taylor.

Johnson is viewed as one of the last matinee idols of what has been described as Hollywood’s “golden age.”

Oh, Donald! Will he ever stop screwing things up, threatening , not caring about cost, legality meaningless to him, etc.?

His newest ploy is to get even with the sanctuary cities. He is threatening to dump the immigrants on them.

Neither practical nor legal. He has been told by his people the cost would be out of sight to accomplish.

He also would be violating U.S. domestic laws. Diverting money for political purposes to settle political scores is not allowed.

Then there is the Posse Comitatus Act. It has been mentioned he would use U.S. military already at the border to move the migrants and establish procedures to be followed in so doing. The Posse Comitatus Act prohibits the use of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines to enforce the domestic laws of the U.S., except where expressly authorized by the Constitution or Congress.

The circumstances involved are not expressly permitted under the Constitution. Congress will definitely not pass legislation permitting it. His actions would never gain muster through the Democratically controlled Congress.

The man is destroying our country!

Enjoy your day!



  1. The migration swarm at the border is a real problem. It is just another symptom of World overpopulation. It will get worse.

    • I’m not so sure it is a real problem, at least not in the sense it is made out to be. After all, up until this past week or so it was at it’s lowest point in decades. With Trump’s need to create a problem (crisis?), one has to wonder if the sudden increase in this last week or so, isn’t just another one of his many, many stunts.

    • “The migration swarm at the border is a real problem. It is just another symptom of World overpopulation. It will get worse.”

      Just what the Protestant Natives said of the Irish as they arrived at the ports. Any Irish Americans care to comment?

      • “No Irish Need App;y” was a common business practice across America in the late nineteenth century, even as late as the the early twentieth century. Also true up to the 1960 Kennedy election where Irish people were still being publicly smeared as a group. But as my Irish great grandfather once told me, “they were only coming here for economic reasons,” trying to flee the unbelievable hardships back home. It seems to me I remember that was similar with Jews being turned away at the beginning of WWII, as well. Any Jewish Americans care to comment?

  2. I feel sorry for all the migrating people from south of the border, but the life boat will only hold so many before it sinks and we all die.

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