Florida judges are unionizing. Would you believe? Understandable. They feel overworked and unloved.

In those respects true.

Overworked. Florida judges do not have the staff State judges in other states have.

Underloved easy to understand. Recognition for a job well done comes via the pay check. Florida judges are underpaid. However, most civil servants in Florida are.

This is what the judges want: Better working hours, better working conditions, better pay, and to be treated with respect. They claim they are no different from men and women hauling their lunch pails into a factory every morning.

The desires of the judges are based on the complaints that follow.

Many court houses are old. Many cluttered with asbestos. Pillars obstruct the view of litigants.

Judges do not by law have a specified number of vacation days. Their pay is set by a Legislature that values them little.

They are vilified on the media. Accused of legislating from the bench.

They are required to sit for long hours listening to bad lawyers who earn much more money than they do.

Finally, judges are attacked on blogs for being self righteous, pompous, and incompetent. Most are.

What to do? It’s a tough life.

The truth be told, becoming a judge is retirement for a lawyer. He/she will no longer work anywhere as hard as he/she did while practicing law. The pay might not be great, but they knew it before they went on the bench. It was their choice to work less and easier in lieu of making the big bucks.

I am glad I am retired. My conclusions would bring me nothing but aggravation for a long time from judges.

Spent a few hours at the Chart Room last night. Quiet.

Chatted the whole time with Debbie and Eric from Rochester, and John.

The Pier House has named John Employee of the Month. He received a trophy and $100. I was not aware till last night. Debbie and Eric told me. I congratulated John. He is deserving. He was embarrassed by the whole thing. I would expect that from John. Reflects the type of person he is.

Woke during the night and could not get back to sleep. Watched an old movie on TV. Wild Orchids starring Greta Garbo. A silent film made in 1929.

I usually do not like silent films. Need voice interaction. This movie seemed to be different. As I watched it, I kept thinking…..Terrific!

Researched the film this morning. “Silent” not exactly correct. It was a “non-talking  silent film.” The difference was an orchestra score that could be heard, as well as sound effects.

I suspect the movie was made and yet to be released when talking films came out. The studio probably threw in the orchestra and sound effects. Voices themselves would have been too hard to incorporate.

Per the usual custom, dialogue was still via title cards.

Whatever, watch the film if you can. Thoroughly enjoyable.

We all are aware Florida’s Panhandle was destroyed by Hurricane Michael. Recovery efforts have been slow. The primary reason the federal government is slow with the bucks.

Residents of the Panhandle believe they have been forgotten.

They have.

Trump fails every time a natural disaster occurs. He can find the bucks to build a wall that will never be. However, he can’t find the monies to help American citizens.

Saturday, the Panhandle had a forest fire. Like California, except on a much smaller basis. The fire cause the dead trees not yet cleared. Michael trees. Twelve homes had to be evacuated.

My podcast tonight. Tuesday talk with Key West Lou. Join me at 9. I guarantee I will be ranting and raving about some perceived injustice. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

A new month, a new cause. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Today is Equal Pay Day.

The numbers clearly indicate women still have a long way to go.

U.S. workers age 16 plus…..women earn $32,000 to a man’s $42,000. Legal occupations…..women earn $59,000 to a man’s $107,000. Physicians…..women earn $61,000 to a man’s $102,000.

The only place where equal pay for equal work appears close is in the food preparation and service area. Like McDonald’s. Women earn $13,000 to a man’s $16,000.

A decided gulf at top jobs. Close but not equal at the poorest paying jobs.

Virginia Slims has a long way to go re equal pay.

Enjoy your day!






  1. Go Unions !!!!
    Maybe Trump feels the same about the Panhandle as he does about Puerto Rico, the people should be doing more to help themselves.

  2. Lou,
    I don’t always agree with you but you are spot on about the panhandle. Panama City and Mexico Beach were basically wiped off the map. I live 70 miles from there and we were lucky it missed us but we feel for our friends. From the first few days after the hurricane to this day it is locals helping locals. When no vehicles could reach the worse hit areas our fishing fleet sent boats loaded with supplies. The local hospital was destroyed. The schools were badly damaged. The ones helping are other local hospitals and schools. I know because I have friends who have been going over there every day to help. The comment above saying the people should be doing more to help themselves is an ignorant comment. And if Trump believes that then he is ignorant as the person who wrote the comment. You saw it in Big Pine Key Lou, people taking care of each other but it would be nice if the Feds did more than throw paper towels. And it would be nice if people would educate themselves instead of making stupid comments.

  3. Steve,
    I almost never agree with you but you are spot on about the panhandle. But Trump is way to busy helping himself to worry about the problems in the Panhandle and elsewhere. Helping himself build a fortune, that is.

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