Fat Albert was a mainstay over Cudjoe Key for more than 30 years. Fat Albert was a white Air Force blimp. Tethered to Cudjoe. Part of the military radar system.

Once there had been two blimps. One was taken down several years ago. I do not recall the name of the one that went first. My recollection is that Fat Albert had become obsolete and was taken down by the Air Force in 2013.

A reader in this morning’s Key West Citizen Citizens’ Voice asked…..Where is Fat Albert? The person who wrote in said he was driving on US 1 and he discovered Fat Albert was gone. Where is it, he asked.

Sometimes that which we see every day, we stop seeing. It is there, but we see it so often that we fail to see it.

Did the writer fail to note that Fat Albert has been gone some three years? Or, is Louis wrong and Fat Albert did not come down in 2013?

If you know, let me know.

My yesterday started with a visit to my heart doctor. One scheduled in haste. I experienced chest pains during the night. Doctor ran some tests. Found nothing. There is going to be more tests. A stress test among them.

I felt fine yesterday. Feel fine this morning. Pains did cause me concern.  The nitroglycerin made it go away the two times it was experienced.

Such is life at 80.

Nothing was going to stop me from the excitement of the Syracuse/Dayton game. I opted to watch it at Don’s Place. Toni joined me to watch the game. Toni is a die hard Kentucky fan. Toni is into basketball. I enjoyed being with her during the game. Good company.

Met Cecil. The name does not fit him. A tough appearing guy. Cecil a Syracuse fan, also. He graduated from LeMoyne College.

The ‘Cuse distinguished itself yesterday. The second half was not expected. Could not have been imagined. Syracuse blew Dayton out in the second half. Syracuse won 70-51.

If I was going to get a heart attack, it was during the excitement of the second half.

Syracuse plays Mid Tennessee tomorrow at 6:10 pm. Mid Tennessee a #15 seed beat Michigan State a #2 yesterday. Mid Tennessee is not to be taken lightly.

I decided not to push my luck. I was home mid afternoon. Did not go out in the evening.

I did do some research however for this week’s KONK Life column. The title of the article alone will blow you away. I am not sharing it at the moment.

I was under the impression that the US Air Force did not have its combat beginnings till World War I. I was wrong. The first US Air Combat Mission began with the invasion of Mexico in 1916. The US was trying to capture Pancho Villa.

Today is a significant day in history. In 2003, the war with Iraq began. Bush 2’s war. “…..to defend the world from grave danger.” Bush’s words. He told us Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.

I am one who believes that had Bush not opted to invade Iraq, the Middle East would not be as it is today.

A final observation. Those who comment to this blog do not always agree with each other. Generally, diametrically opposed. Sometimes the exchanges get heated.

Not yesterday when it came to the Syracuse victory. They stood as one in their excitement!

Enjoy your day!

5 comments on “FAT ALBERT

  1. “I am one who believes that had Bush not opted to invade Iraq, the Middle East would not be as it is today.”

    So true, but then the Necons would never have become rich enough to afford their ranches in the US and South America. The taxpayers have to pay for the big wars to finance their dreams after all. The really sick part is the misuse of our military and their families. Hey, no problem as they own the news and there is always FOX which as we all know is always “far and balances.”.

  2. The US Army Signal Corp used Curtiss JN3 [ Jennies] after Mexico invaded in 1915/6. The Signal Corp was the aviation section of our Army until the Army Air Corp was started. The Air Force didn’t become its own entity until 1947.

    Hind sight seems to always be 20/20.
    I too was not in favor of the war. But, all intelligence agencies said there were WMDs which turned out be true [ they were transported to Syria and are still being used]. That war was voted on and approved by our congress, hillary even voted for it and her husband voiced his approval.

    • Basically an indictment on our oft vaunted intelligence then. I too recall the UN testimony and PowerPoint show. Very convincing, only a total illusion of course. However, I believe that the Neocons needed an excuse, any excuse to invade and they got one.

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