Big event tonight. Mallory Square, 6-9. Taste of Key West. Twenty fourth consecutive year.

A charitable fund raiser.  Works through SMART Ride 61. SMART Ride is the annual Miami to Key West bike ride. The Ride specializes in providing assistance and health services to individuals living with HIV/AIDs.

A fun event. If you enjoy eating, and who does not, Mallory Square is the place to be. Restaurants and food vendors from Key West and the Lower Keys offer the best their culinary talents can provide.

Eat your heart out!

The delectable foods for you, the funds for a group in need.

Opted for a quiet sunday evening. Chart Room around 5. Glad I showed up. I was John’s only customer. Later, the bar filled up.

Left after 2 drinks. Needed food again. For whatever reason, my refrigerator is always bare. I was in dire need.

I have been back into my diet for a month. Lost 12 pounds already. Last year, I lost 62 pounds. Gained 15 back. Decided to get rid of it before it became an ordeal.

It’s working again! I probably will go a few pounds over 15.

Turned on the TV while eating my dinner consisting of next to nothing. There was Gone With The Wind. One of my favorite movies.

Two lines have always stuck with me. Rhett Butler’s “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” And Scarlett O’Hara’s  “As God is my witness, I’ll never be hungry again.”

Both powerful in their respective settings.

My sunday afternoon noteworthy, also.

Tiger Woods winning the Masters. Thrilling! Brought a few tears to my eyes. A wayward life and body ailments brought his career to an end in the last 10 years. Woods never thought he would play again.

He won a tournament late last year.

Yesterday, he won again! A bigee! The Masters.

God was good.

Tiger went wild. The crowd cheered him. I cried.

I was channel switching. Watched Mayor Pete speak. An amazing individual! A breath of fresh air. His words and calm delivery remind me of John and Robert Kennedy.

As they did, he represents the new face of America.

Mayor Pete speaks the truth. Simply. Calm, yet with passion. He is intelligent. Did not speak down to the crowd. You never felt he was lying.

Youthful. Not a white old man with white hair.

Mayor Pete wants to take the U.S. in a new direction. Change the Nation’s course.

As he said, his winning would not be of an election. Rather, an era.

He impresses me. Not ready to commit yet, however. Would like to hear them all.

Michael Snyder is a conservative columnist. He refers to himself as conservatist. Sometimes, he deviates. To the middle. And on rare occasions goes over the line into liberal country.

I enjoy his writings. You have heard me refer to him in the past.

A recent column involved “Florida men.” Some 30 different factually correct happenings. From Snyder’s perspective, stories that prove America is in for more trouble than we thought.

A quote from the article: “When times are one of the darkest that the light is needed the most…..America is in desperate need of a new direction.”

Does not sound conservative to me. Even if it is, he is stating the obvious. We need new leadership!

An American tragedy. The U.S. has many. Some seem to fall between the cracks and get little attention. From government and the media.

Veteran suicides.

Twenty veterans a day die as suicides. No one seems to be paying attention. These former military persons did not have to stand in line when they signed up. However, they do stand in line now when medical care is required.

The press has to get into this first. Raise the volume so everyone can hear. Only then will the government pay attention.

Trump campaigned he was for veterans. He still talks about all he is doing for the vets.  Mostly lies, of course.

Our veterans are a forgotten breed.

I have never liked Stephen Miller. He and Bannon walked hand in hand initially. May still be doing so on the silent.

Miller sits in the White House at the right hand of Trump. He is the one controlling Trump’s immigration policies. Also the individual who writes most of Trump’s speeches covering important matters.

As a practical matter, Miller is a fink. Historically he reminds me of Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

Depicting Miller, interesting. He is an immigration warlord…..in a Rasputin type role…..knows how to keep his fingerprints/spots off the bodies of fallen rivals….put the knife in the back of Kirstjen Nielsen…..architect of Trump’s cruel immigration policies.

Miller knows he is in a position of power. Exercises it. If people do not jump high enough when he says jump, they become yesterday’s news.

Thank you Donald for providing America with the opportunity to experience Stephen Miller.

Dueling Bartenders at Aqua tonight for me. I am dieting. Taste of the Town not my thing at the moment. I would rather hum, sing along with Rick Dery and then enjoy a quiet dinner at La Trattoria.

Enjoy your day!





  1. Steve Bannon says that God gave us Trump to save America in our hour of need. Bannon is in Rome trying to overthrow the current Pope.

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