Elsa, Elsa, give us your answer, do ? I’m half crazy waiting to hear from you.

True, sort of.

A strange storm on the way. Supposedly will hit Key West tomorrow night. At worst a category 1. Probably a tropical storm. Thundershowers, as well as winds 60 mph.

There is a “crazy” involved. No one seems to be paying nay attention it it, except for governmental officials. The State and Monroe County have designated Key West and other southern Florida areas as being in a State of Emergency.

The locals may have been around a bit too long. How many hurricanes were going to be disasters and then changed course or petered out as they approached. After a while, you become immune to the warnings. This appears to be one.

There are exceptions. We took Irma seriously, thank God.

During the past 2 days, I have not found one person who has prepared for Elsa. No special grocery shopping. No filling the bathtub with water. No flash lights purchased. Simply, no concern. Everyone thinking the same. Merely a tropical storm with lots of rain and wind for a few hours. Sixty miles per hour can be handled.

I must confess I did do one thing. Topped the gas tank yesterday. In the event I had to get out of Dodge. It would be too late, of course.

Key West is in the center of the cone. Brave souls, are we. It could move west and brush Key West. Or, and doubtfully, turn suddenly east and never hit any part of Florida.

Whatever, I hope a boat or helicopter does not have to come by and take me off the roof of my house.

Today, Independence Day. One of special joy hopefully to all Americans.

We celebrate our nationhood. Our birth. With fireworks, family reunions, concerts, barbecues, picnics, parades, and baseball games.

There is a question as whether July 4 is the correct date for the celebration. A drafting problem on July 2. Not everyone was happy with language involving slaves. A few Founding Fathers had not yet signed the Declaration.

Hamilton did the necessary paper change work. It is claimed every one who had yet to sign did so 2 days later on July 4. Thus such day becoming the celebration of the birth of the U.S.

However, historians believe the actual completion of signing was approximately one month later on August 2. How July 4 became the special day, I do not know.

Whatever the day, it is one worthy of celebration!

Our responsibility during present times is to make sure we keep what those fought so valiantly for in the 1770’s. Things are becoming very uncertain.

Trump has the tongue of a snake. If even the good Lord said something Donald disagreed with, Donald would attack the Almighty.

Trump spoke in Florida last night at an Independence Day celebration. He said at one point, “Biden is perhaps the most unpatriotic President in American history.”

I was concerned. Why? The statement did not make sense.

The reasoning behind it involved the Biden administration’s canceling of a planned fireworks celebration at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota due to concerns about transmission of COVID-19.

In the same speech, Trump advised his reason or excuse for the preparation of his and his company’s tax returns by using tax schemes. His attempt to lay the groundwork for a cloak of legality to his and his company’s tax returns.

Trump implied tax schemes were no big deal in avoiding the need to pay taxes on homes, cars, or school fees.

There is a rumor that Trump’s children may “flip” on him. Whether such is the case or Trump will flip on his children, there is a certainty. One will turn against the other. For a multitude of reasons. The only open question remaining at the moment is when?

The economy scored a biggie for June. The economy added 850,000 jobs.

The last time the economy grew at this rate was in 1984 under Reagan.

With the regard to the 850,000 new jobs, Biden said, “The sun is coming out.”

One of the first responders at the Surfside tragedy was a firefighter. He was searching for survivors when the body of his 7 year old daughter was found. What could be worse!

Florida Governor DeSantis announced yesterday that the half of the building still standing was coming down. Soon! A fear exists that Elsa will take it down. Ergo, the need for a planned demolition.

DeSantis said the building would be down by tomorrow night. He said professionals at the task were already laying the explosives.

The worst of the worse. A 10 year old boy in Shelby, Michigan has had 4 amputation surgeries. He has lost his 2 hands and left leg.

The boy came down with COVID-19. He recovered. Ten days later, he was diagnosed with MIS-C. MIS-C is Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome. Found only in children. Following recovery from COVID-19. Vaccinations have nothing to do with the disease.

There have been 80 MIS-C cases in Michigan thus far. The disease has something to do with blood clotting. First a COVID-19 recovery. Two weeks later a lack of energy. Followed by complaints of headaches. Finally, a high fever.

Citizens’ Voice carried a comment by a local yesterday: “Key West is overflowing as it is. Can you imagine our over-crowded downtown with a huge cruise ship vomiting its passengers?”

Enjoy your Fourth of July holiday!


  1. Perhaps a casual glance at the Declaration of Independence will answer your question as to why we celebrate Independence Day on July 4: “ In Congress, July 4, 1776. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America . . .”

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