Yesterday’s Senate Committee Hearing was a perfect example of how inept our government has become. Four witnesses. All major figures. All bad. All unresponsive. Two terribly so.

An example of how our country is falling apart at the seams. Responsibility forgotten. A nation cannot survive unless everyone pulls together when it comes to basics.

Answer questions asked, unless there is a legal reason not to do so. There was none yesterday.

Today, Comey. He will be more responsive. Many say this is Comey’s day. I disagree. It is America’s day.

Rained like hell yesterday! Flooding all over!

This morning’s Key West Citizen has excellent photos of the flooding at Front and Duval Streets and Simonton and United.

Supposed to be rainy through the weekend. This afternoon and tonight heavy again. Then moderating off.

Wind warnings for this afternoon. Forty mile per hour winds. Not the time for boating.

Key West Pride week begins today. Runs through sunday.

Several days of festivities. The parade sunday afternoon. Always spectacular! Runs from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic.

Key West is one happy family. Gays and straights intermingle. No one concerned. No one even thinks about a different sex preference.

Key West has had a gay mayor. Even a gay elected leader of the Chamber of Commerce. He was known as the Gay Master. Made BD/SM gear.

A gay master bd/sm manufacturer as head of the Chamber of Commerce would never have flown in Utica. People too uptight.

I mentioned Qatar and Iran yesterday. How Saudi Arabia and several other Arab states are on their backs. I attributed the move to Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia two weeks ago. From my perspective, emboldened the Saudis.

Trump lacking in background knowledge and basic common sense the cause. He did the embolding.

No mention in yesterday and today’s papers re the ISIS attack in Iran and Saudi Arabia’s blockading and threatening little Qatar with invasion.

Was my Trump observation wrong? Or, have the Senate hearings re Russia, etc. blocked out all other significant news?

I read somewhere that people don’t change, they reveal who they really are. We are seeing it with Trump. Many of us knew he was unstable. It is more evident now that he has taken office.

A great religious figure died this date in 632 AD. Muhammad. One of the most influential figures in history. Today Islam is the world’s second largest religion.

Enjoy your day!




  1. “I read somewhere that people don’t change, they reveal who they really are. We are seeing it with Trump. Many of us knew he was unstable. It is more evident now that he has taken office.”

    Yes, he is an unmitigated disaster. But what is even worse and shows patriotism and perhaps even this nation are in deep trouble is the fact his supporters are brainwashed, stupid or, more likely, ignoring the fact their choice was a really, really bad one because they hate Democrats more than commies. We either wise-up or our ship is sinking, for all of us.

  2. Name is Leather Master, not Gay Master. It’s a shop on Appelrouth Lane. You’re wrong so god damned often it hurts. And it’s the Key West Business Guild, not Chamber of Commerce. I don’t know what you spend all your time researching–internet porn I suspect–but it is absolutely time wasted.

    • The writing corrected came from my recollection. Not researched. From 15-20 years ago. I have not been on Appelrouth in that time. A perfectionist I am not. Somethings I recall clearly and write. Sometimes I am wrong. Sorry it offends you. If I researched everything, I would have no time to write. I do this blog daily, a podcast tuesday evening and a live video everyday on FB. Plus trying to get out another book. What you get is the best I can do. If you do not like it, do not read what I write.

      • It would take seconds to Google. You have the time. I appreciate the fact that you write daily. I know that takes work and discipline. But I’d suggest, as this is your primary life activity, you do a better job. As much as you critique the media, perhaps you should do some self reflection. And you haven’t walked down Appelrouth in 15 years? You’ve written about it before in the context of Jewish merchants in Key West. If I was retired and writing about Appelrouth, I’d pull on my Crocs and cargo shorts and walk my fat ass down the half block. Just a thought.

    • Thank you for your most appreciated comment. More intelligence put in like this from yous and yous most helpfuls friend like others will be of major importances in futures. We have biggest fights ahead and needs yous seperior thought.

    • Diana, disappointed with Comey yet not with Trump? So sad that so many got hooked on Trump smack. Fear not, those of us who resisted “fixing” will fix it, just sit back and watch.

  3. Louis, Oh, I’m also disappointed with your blog commenter Charles. He must be getting paid by Soros to blog comment anti President Trump stuff.

    • Diana, all in all I feel compelled to give Lou a pass. His continued affiliation with yourself lacks wonderment. Usually he displays better judgment. One more thing, get some new material the Soros thing is way over-played and so “yesterday”.

  4. Louis and Charles – One might say that Charles is so ‘yesterday’ as are most socialist libdems. So ‘yesterday’.
    Make American great again as President Trump and his great
    team are doing.

  5. Vladimir – hopefully you will use your Soros paid money for something you like to do – go get drunk or stoned. haha. loser.

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