Jair Bolsonaro is Brazil’s recently elected President.

An authoritarian.

Trump evidences similar tendencies. Trump can take us to Bolsonaro’s ways. Not there yet. He is a step behind Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro won with Evangelical support. He is frequently compared to Philippine President Duterte.

A few Bolsonaro quotes let you know the man.

“I am in favor of dictatorship, a regime of exception.”

Killing “…..some 30,000…..if some innocent people are going to die, fine, in any war innocents die.”

“I would not employ a woman with the same salary of a man.”

“I’ll give carte blanche for the police to kill.”

“We are going to gun down all those Workers Party supporters.” The Workers Party his opposition. He spoke these words at a rally while mimicking shooting a rifle.

Beto O’Rourke and Ted Cruz in a battle in Texas. Respectfully, I consider Cruz political slime. Trump suggested Cruz’s father was involved in the Kennedy assassination. He also insulted Cruz’s wife. Today, Cruz’s head is up Trump’s ass.

A relatively recent happening solidified my thinking of Cruz. Cruz said O’Rourke was illegally funding the caravan. A Trump type  statement. Not true.

The actual facts. Asylum seekers already processed and awaiting a decision are sheltered in churches in the Texas border area. Not part of the caravan. The caravan still 1,000 miles and one month away.

One of O’Rourke’s staff offices used prepaid cards to buy baby wipes, diapers, water, fruit and granola bars for those awaiting decision re their asylum requests. Less than $300 involved. If more, if $3,000, not a crime and most certainly not funding the caravan.

Which brings me to Trump’s way of thinking re the migration caravan. The President should read/recall certain Biblical quotes.

Matthew 25:38: “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”

Proverbs 14:31: “Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.”

Last night’s first stop was the Chart Room. Packed. Locals and tourists.

Met Lorne Davidson again. Met him last year at the Chart Room. From northern Florida. He was with Diane. Met her before, also. A friend of Sheila’s.

Steve, Cindy, and David at the bar. Good Key Westers all! Love them! We enjoyed good conversation.

The three are oracles of wisdom when it comes to Key West. They have been here a long time. Last night, Steve and I engaged in a long talk about the Key West of the 1970’s and 1980’s.

The most important and exciting thing I learned from Steve last night concerns his sister Sam who lives in Seattle. Reads this blog everyday.  Lived in Key West for 2 years at one time.

Love you, Sam! Keep reading! Look forward to meeting you when next you visit Steve and Cindy.

A long talk with Paul and Stephanie. From Detroit. They have been visiting Key West since 2006. Now own three time shares at Banyon Court. One week three different times of the year.

Paul is a tool and die maker. Stephanie a dental assistant. They have a son 22 who is completing college.

Enjoyed my time with them.

Then to the Blue Macaw. Basically empty. Second night in a row. The rain could be the reason. Blue Macaw is an outside restaurant and bar.

A big parade sunday afternoon. The Super Boat Parade. Signifying the beginning of Super Boat Race Week. The boats magnificent. Huge power boats. Multi-million dollars in cost. The races a rich man’s sport.

My lesbian wives Donna and Terri celebrated their tenth anniversary yesterday. Married for real! Loving congratulations!

They were leaving for Tampa when I spoke with them. Terri’s cancer checkup scheduled.

People are confused as to why I call them my lesbian wives. One person recently told me she thought I was actually married to the two.

The true story is that when Donna and Terri were to be married, I was supposed to be Best Man. The day before, I had a pain, went into the hospital, and lost 25 percent of my colon.

Missed the wedding. For some reason, I mentioned at the time I considered them my lesbian wives and the label took hold.

The Turtle Hospital in Marathon a wonder. Top professional full time care. Turtles with strange maladies flown from all over the world to the Hospital.

The Hospital’s motto: Rescue, Rehab, Release. They do!

A little World War II history.

Roosevelt was unhappy with Japan. Japan had invaded Indochina. He wanted them to not only stop the war, but get out also. To evidence his seriousness, he seized all Japanese assets in the U.S. and closed the Panama Canal to Japanese vessels. Roosevelt also cut off all oil supplies to Japan. A death knell for the island nation.

Japan was led by a tough group at the time. Tojo and his followers. They were offended by Roosevelt’s actions. They gave the order to bomb Pearl Harbor.

An interesting fact is that the order was given on November 3, 1941. Thirty four days before Pearl Harbor was actually bombed.

The order to bomb was known as Top Secret Order No. 1.

My question is why did we not know of the imminent bombing of Pearl Harbor. I assume the U.S. had intelligence people. Thirty four days and no one knew.

Difficult to understand.

In an hour and a half, it will be 12 noon. I will be glued to the TV set. Syracuse playing Wake Forest.

For the first time in 20 yeas, Syracuse has a decent team. It has been a long time. The team 6-2 so far this season.

Enjoy your day!

19 comments on “DEMOCRACY’S NEXT STEP?

    • Ambiguous, as always Patrick, just another grenade, or are you commenting on something Lou said? Japan or the Caravan, either said to be an invasion, right? Hard being a know it all, isn’t it?

  1. There is evidence that the planned invasion of Pearl Harbor was know well ahead of time and ignored. The radar station saw and reported the approaching aircraft which was also dismissed and ignored.

    Being informed is not hard, it results from reading, studying. Being able to think for yourself is all part of the mix. Patrick. Signed posts are not loading

  2. I guess that’s why we were so well prepared and ready for them? Is that why we lost just about the entire pacific fleet, all at once? Is the fact that we still call it a “surprise attack” just another failure of Obama, or does it have something to do with the Clintons, maybe George Soros?

    Thanks for your condescending lecture on the subject, Patrick! It goes a long way in proving what you know about what is truth.

    Sorry to hear your signed posts are not loading – must be everybody elses fault, either that or a russian conspiracy singling out just you. Please don’t take your ball and go home.

  3. It is useless to show the lies and hypocrisy of Trump, his base is “lost”. The Evangelical leadership have shown their lack of understanding, or at least willingness to live by, the teachings they claim to follow.

    America needs balance and Blue must dominate the House at minimum. Trump and his campaign team broke the most serious promise to America. The circus was not an act and Trump will never be presidential. Personally I am certain he is mentally unbalanced.

    • W
      e have seen that it does work, at least up until when Trump took over the Presidency. Since his take over, it has not worked, at least not as a real democracy. There is no reason it will get any better unless there is a change with a different balance in power (but that will take a fair election). Only then will we see if our system of “checks and balances” will work.

  4. It should be useful as it was probably addressed to the previous remark. Seems like most folks would be able to figure that out. But, I don’t want to speak for anyone. This country is not a democracy, never was and hopefully never is. Hopefully most know what we are.

    • This is an old FOX news meme, where their pseudo intellectual hosts and guests tried to make the case that we in the United States were not democracy, but rather a republic.

      Properly educated PoliSci majors know this is not the real truth and can easily and persuasively argue that the two (a democracy and a republic) are NOT mutually exclusive and that we in the United States are really both.

      Don’t let this pedantic Patrick person peddle his pseudo arcane and from a practical point of view, irrelevant or misleading at best, grenade troll, for no worthwhile reason, other than to start an argument and then pontificate with some sort of imagined superiority on a subject that has no bearing on anything in or about to be discussed on this blog.

      Patrick is grandstanding again, probably just hoping to get Lou to but him a drink when he’s here next week.

  5. The one always trying to start an argument is Ken. There is a response to a comment. Ken is merely a foolish ‘grandstanding’ troll spewing his liberal progressive bull because he refuses to accept another point of view.

    • haha – think we can’t see from the posts who brought it up in the first place and for no apparent reason? And what’s all this point of view BS, you were wrong on ALL accounts, so suck it up fool.

  6. I don’t know why anyone pays any attention to Patrick, he’s always trying to start a fight with some false pretense. It was only a week or so ago he was saying “The Pitt shooter was just your basic right wing AR15 guy and not a Trumpster,” when clearly that was a bogus claim. He then tries to to blame everything on liberals (libtards as he often likes to smear them) and goes away crying that no one here ever wants to accept ‘his’ different point of view or that Lou is blocking his replies when he’s caught in a undeniable lie. This goes on over and over. He really is just a troll.

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