Key West gets relatively little rain in December. In fact, December is one of Key West’s driest months. Except this year!

It has been a wild ride!

Normally, Key West averages 1.8 inches for December. This year through December 21, 6.4 inches.

One news report at the end of November described the December projection as “a few rainy days.”

Was the report wrong!

Note the averages set forth for this December are only through the 21st. Yesterday turned out to be one of the heaviest December rain days in my experience. It poured all day. Heavy and down straight.

I have lived in my present home 3 years. Never any flooding. Yesterday there was for the first time.

Around 5, I opened the front door intending to go out. No way. My street was flooded. Five inches. Water coming up and covering sidewalks, moving into driveways.

If it was that bad where I live and a first time thing in 3 years, it would be worse on US 1 and most streets in Key West.

Cannot find an actual total for yesterday. I would project it at 5-6 inches.

The rain was not coming off the ocean. Off the Gulf. Unusual.

No rain early this morning as I am writing. Weather report advises light showers ending at noon. The worse of the storm is out over the Atlantic.

Key West was not the only area affected. All of South Florida. Heavy flooding. The Fort Lauderdale Airport was closed. Seven inches had fallen saturday night. Hollywood had 8 inches in a 24 hour period.

Tourists come to Key West to party at night and lie in the sun by day. No sunny beach days in a while.

What do tourists do?

The bars! Afternoon and night! Packed!

Makes sense.

Many will try the museums. A problem involved, however. Lines to purchase tickets mostly by standing outside.

I read a comment by a women who frequents Key West this time every year. First time rain. What would she do today? A problem. She’s pregnant. Acknowledged no drinking for her.

This morning’s KONK E-Blast carries a picture of the first Douglas School for African American children. A 2 story white framed building. The student body seated on the lawn in front.

The picture was taken in 1870. The Civil War had ended in 1865. Separate but equal technically became the law of the land via the Plessy v. Ferguson 1896 Supreme Court decision. Yet it was being practiced in Key West as a practical matter 5 years after the Civil War had ended.

In 1975, the TV series Caribe was being filmed in Key West. Stacy Keach was in Key West  for the filming.

There is a saying…..I would not trust that person on a stack of bibles! I would find it difficult to believe a Saudi Arabian Muslim on a stack of Korans!

The Saudis announced one hour ago that 5 Saudis had been  sentenced to death over the murder of James Khashoggi. Fifteen had been tried. Ten released for insufficient evidence.

I continue to hold Saudi Arabia responsible for 9/11. They are our friends. Gave us $4 a gallon gasoline.

Smart. Know how to handle people. Were up Trump’s ass during his visit there.

The trial apparently was not public. I was not aware of it till this morning.

The world is entitled to know all the facts claimed.

The Saudis are like Trump. They lie.

As another saying goes, I sense something stinks in Denmark here.

Trump and Kim “lovers.” Trump met with Kim face to face 3 times. Kim says Trump reneged on any deal at the last minute the third time they met. Kim wants sanctions removed. Trump has been reluctant.

Kim apparently has reached the end of the line. He has been promising a “Christmas gift” if nothing done by December 25.

Trump says he is not concerned. Lending a sense of I have everything under control. I hope better than he has had other things under control.

The worst threat would be a missile fired on the U.S. North Korea may have finally developed the capacity. The missile a nuclear warhead bearing one.

A good way for Kim to get the message to Trump that he is not screwing around.

Following their first meeting in Singapore, Trump announced, “There is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea.”

Reminded me at the time and continues to remind me of Neville Chamberlain’s return from Munich. As Chamberlain got of the plane upon arriving home, he waved a piece of paper that apparently Hitler had signed and said, “Peace in our time.”

Hitler invaded Poland shortly thereafter beginning World War II.

Justice. An interesting term. Comes in various ways.

On this day in 1941, Wake Island surrendered to the Japanese. On this day in 1948, former Japanese Premier and Army Chief Heduki Tojo and 6 other Japan war leaders were executed in Tokyo.

What goes around, does come around!

Syracuse beat North Florida 82-70 saturday night. A good game. Syracuse had never before confronted defense problems with which the team had to deal.

North Florida is a 3 point shooting team. Prior to the Syracuse game saturday, North Florida was #1 in 3 point shots made nationally.

North Florida played their usual game. Took 47 3 point shots. Fortunately, only made 17.

Tomorrow night…..Santa Claus!

Christmas Eve my favorite holiday. Love the decorations, the kids going crazy over Santa Claus, the 7 fish meal, etc.

My children had a Santa Claus visit every Christmas eve. I continued the tradition in Key West with Robert and Ally. They are now 15 and 14. No longer believe in Santa Clause.

I will miss his visit.

Enjoy your day!



24 comments on “DECEMBER RAIN…..WILD

  1. The fight for Wake Island in the Pacific was like a modern day battle for the Alamo fought by a small group of Americans against a vastly superior enemy force just after Pearl Harbor.

    • …and the Japanese invaders were like the Mexicans trying to retake Wake Island, territory that was rightfully theirs? No, I don’t think so. Furthermore, unlike the Mexican Army at the Alamo, the Japanese did not win in the 1941 battle, nor did they slaughter all of the defending locals. Not really like the Alamo at all.

  2. Trump thinks we’re stupid… evidenced by the lies he tells and BS he spouts. He thinks Americans will believe anything he spouts. His claims vis a vis Kim and Putin are examples. And he thinks we’ll believe it was a “perfect call.” I call BS.

    Well… Mr Trump. You can’t fool all or even most of the people much of the time. Now the evangelical magazine, Christianity Today has called him out accusing him of gross immorality and ethical incompetence. The article is on line and I commend it to everyone to read.

    • Yeah, and remember when he said that if the House impeached him the stock market would crash? The day the House impeached him, the market actually went up! This guy just says what ever he wants and the delusionals believe it. What’s the matter with them?

  3. Breaking news: Hunter Biden is ‘linked to multiple criminal probes involving fraud, money laundering and a counterfeiting scheme. Stay tuned.

  4. Interesting. He does have to give sworn testimony about his finances next month. If he’s Arkansided before that testimony, Joe will drop out of the race leaving Hillary her window to jump in and save the day.

  5. TROLL – A person whose sole purpose in life is to seek out people to argue with on the internet over extremely trivial issues.

    The typical troll is an attention whore who posts stupid comments onto websites in an attempt to get a reaction towards him (usually negative) and in an attempt to get someone else to acknowledge their pathetic, insignificant lives since they don’t receive that sort of attention in real life.

  6. It has just recently come out that Hunter Biden is part owner of the Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant in Washington DC, where Hillary Clinton has her child prostitution ring of “PizzaGate” fame. It turns out that Hunter got the money he invested here from his dad Joe Biden, the dishonest Democrat Presidential Candidate, for his Bar Mitzvah. These Bidens are all crooked.

  7. You are both wrong. Trump has little to do with the rising economy that has been going up here and all over the World for the past ten years, including those dreaded Obama years. If HRC was President, as she was elected to be, the economy would still be doing the same thing.

  8. Well then, if it was OK for Trump to be president with two corrupt sons, why not Biden with a son who hasn’t really done anything wrong?

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