The best laid plans…..

Never made Salute’s and Martin’s yesterday. Got into car to drive to Salute’s. Battery dead.

I had the same problem sunday night. Left the lights on for four hours.

Called AAA each time. Took five minutes to get to me sunday night. Put the hand held charger on the battery and I was on my way.

Yesterday, it took AAA two hours to get to me. Great service provided wiped the delay from my mind. Arnold’s does AAA’s work in the lower keys. The fellow yesterday spent a half hour checking out the battery. I had not left the lights on this time.

At the end of the half hour, I was handed a computer print out. A battery cell dead. Needed a new battery.

The car was running. He said if you turn it off, it will not start.

Changed my plans immediately. Canceled Salute’s and Martin’s. Drove down to Sears. No problem. Had the battery in stock. Would take till around 5. It was 1 at the time. I was like # 1,864 in line!

I anticipated this.

I had telephoned Donna and explained my dilemma. She was there for me. Picked me up at Sears and drove me home. Picked me up at 6 to get the car. Terri with her this time. My car was just going in for repair when we arrived at Sears.

Donna and Terri waited. Car was ready at 7.

Love these girls! My lesbian wives! If not for them, I would have been sitting in Sears’ little waiting room from 1 to 7.

We had already planned to do Back Door with Mark Watson. We finally got there two hours late. No problem. Drank the first one quickly to get caught up.

John, Tim and Todd at Back Door also.

I left before 9. Wanted to watch Trump and his immigration talk.

He was in Mexico in the afternoon. No one knows the conversation that took place between Trump and the Mexican President.

I found Trump’s talk chilling. There was no softening. My friends who love Trump, the man is dangerous. His deportation task force will be similar to Germany’s Brownshirts in the early 1930s.

It did not rain yesterday, either. Humidity very heavy. Could be cut with a knife. September still awaits us. Humidity will be heavier.

The GM mosquito fight is becoming a big corporation versus people situation. Remember, only little Key Haven is the site for the testing.

It was announced yesterday that Oxitec’s parent company Intrexon had formed a PAC (Political Action Committee) to lobby voters to vote to hold the Key Haven trial. Ingtrexon has also hired a Tallahassee public relations firm to address the issue on Oxitec’s behalf.

We stand alone in Key Haven. The Mosquito Control Board stands with Oxitec. Most of the County, also. Most people who do not live in Key Haven do not care that Key Haven is the site for the testing. As long as it is not their neighborhoods.

My KONK Life column hits the stands today. New Face In Price Gouging And Political Influence. It also was linked this morning to my Key West Lou website.

World War II started on this date in 1939. The Germans invaded Poland. Poland went down to defeat in a few days. No wonder. Hitler came in with tanks and planes. The Polish army had one million men. Their offense however was a cavalry.  Poles on horses were no competition for a modern mechanized force.

A doctor visit at 10. Have to hustle.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I live in new town, key west and they can release the Oxitec mosquito’s in my propery anytime.
    If everyone had your viewpoint , we would still have polio, yellow fever, etc
    Someplace, someone has to be first to try

  2. “The GM mosquito fight is becoming a big corporation versus people situation. Remember, only little Key Haven is the site for the testing.”

    My understanding is that the Oxitec has released these modified mosquitoes on the Cayman Islands. I wonder how that is going?

  3. Louis, doesn’t your dead car battery make you realize this – sell that canal house and get your body over to KW and dump the little bug car – walk is more reliable and fun and healthy.

  4. Does anyone go to Sears for anything any more?
    end quote

    Apparently some still go there for batteries. [smiley face]

    Auto repair in Key West is a problem. Sears repair work is atrocious,
    but the rest of the island isn’t much better. Most folks that know have to travel to the east. [ Some would say north].

    I still like some Craftsman tools.

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