The anti-gravity treadmill has an attached TV screen. I have become addicted to The Price Is Right. Never watched the show before the treadmill. Yesterday, no Price Is Right. Instead, the available stations all carried the opening of the Cuba Embassy in Washington.

An impressive event. More so because of its significance. Another step closer in the U.S. relationship with our neighbor. I was moved the moment the Cuban and U.S. flags were raised simultaneously in front of the Embassy.

It is probably because Key West is only 90 miles from Cuba. I have a great interest in the renewal of the relationship. I wanted to write a blog marrying everyday Key West events with Cuba. I found a Cuban organization that was putting together a Cuban/U.S. blog. They only wanted Cubans or persons of Cuban extraction however. I continue looking.

Went from the treadmill to Roostica for lunch. Had a luncheon meeting. I continue to be impressed by the business Roostica does. Quality and prices have to be the main contributing factors.

Spent the afternoon researching tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. The show interesting once again. Not because of me. Rather due to events which occurred this past week. Like Warren Buffet buying a Greek island , China moving its ass, the hourly and daily cost of the Afghan war, the newest way to transport cocaine, Trump, examples of how banks control us, a United States of Europe, and more.

Join me for a quick moving half hour. Nine my time.

The Chart Room first last night. Only David and me. Then to the Hot Tin Roof for a bite to eat. Four “Chart Room regulars” at the bar. I have noticed recently a fall off of regulars at the Chart Room. For example, most are at the outside bar at the Galleon friday nights.

My imagination?

Today the start of Hemingway Days. Exhibits at the Custom House and Tennessee Williams.

Today special in another way. Today marks Hemingway’s birthday.

On July 20, 1985, Mel Fisher hit the Atocha mother lode. $400 million of gold, silver and emeralds. God bless America!

One of the two divers making the find was Andy Matroci. He is still alive and kicking. He lives on Eagle Street in Key West and captains the J.B. Magruder salvage boat.

The last day of the British Open exciting. Especially the four hole playoff. Zach Johnson the winner.

Johnson moving when interviewed afterwards. A humble religious man. Thirty nine, he was not ashamed to cry. He is a first class representative for professional golf.

I overslept. Have to move my ass. A haircut appointment with Lori.

Enjoy your day!


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